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[WTA] 15 Capping Supremes

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Hello Defenders! I'm auctioning off all my extra capping supreme armors. There's 14 towers and 1 DPS.

I'm also now accepting tinker assault runs (4 afks) for people without cubes/coal.

Currency/bidding = 10 assault runs > 6 Coal > 1 cube

Minimum bid is a cube. Minimum bid increase = 3 coal/5 runs.

Thanks for stopping by.

A3 - 1 cube (ichika)(b/o 3 cubes)
A9 - 1 cube (Bearr)(b/o 4 cubes)
A10 - 0 cubes (b/o 3 cubes)
A11 - 0 cubes (b/o 3 cubes)
A14 - 0 cubes (b/o 2 cubes)

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