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[PC] Protect the Forge (11/16 - 11/22)

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Ping... Ping... Thunk, RINGGGG

The blacksmith's are hard at work in the foundry.
They are slaving away on a sword.
A shrill scream rings out from the valley.
The monsters have broken the accord.

Here they come with fire and brimstone.
To annihilate all who reside in the forge.
They attack with weapons made of bone.
Upon the dead, they do gorge.

Draw up ye weapon dear sire.
Let us here crush them.
Our resolve shall never tire.
In protecting our sacred gem.

Sign up here for next weekend's event.
Map link will be posted here when it is ready for practicing, along with the assigned difficulty.

Winner's may receive a second item. So make sure to practice just in case.

Make sure to read the rules.

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