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need help with a ranged dps

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Jester and Monk are popular for ranged DPS. Jester can carry two weapons and upgrade fast. Wheel o Fortuna is very useful once you get used to rolling it. DPS monk can be useful but a good portion of the damage comes from a pet so you will still need to be within a certain range to be useful. So if you the most range then jester may be the way to go. Huntress will work as well.

Stats are similar to barb. Look for armor and weapons with high damage, health and ability 2.

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Ranger can use the Outlander costume and has more hp than huntress, so I would rather go with ranger than huntress. outlander suit enables ranger to fly for short periods of time: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Outlander_Costume

Series EV can use two weapons and get better stats than apprentice or huntress, so this could be an option too. You can make EV fly with a bounty hunter costume: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Bounty_Hunter_Costume

My main choise for ranged DPS character is still a monk. Hero boost just works as it allows you to do insane damage as well as heal at the same time. Monk weapon for ranged damage would be obsidian sparus.

I agree that Jester is a good option too. Lots of HP, moves very fast, quick at upgrading defences and can use all weapons + wheel of fortuna. I usually use jester to upgrade defences and after that switch to monk or barbarian, depending on a map.

Stat distribution is of personal preference. I like my heroes alive, so I put everything in hero health. I also always upgrade resistances when I can. Hero attack and hero ability 2 comes next. For monk, I also have gear that enable ok hero ability 1.

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