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[PC] Time to revisit our roots part 1 - Deeper Well 10-12/10-15

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I've not done an event before, so read through the whole post - is some of that just copy/pasted straight from elsewhere? Cos you say it will be in ranked, but then in the rules bit it says open =)

Also that bright blue font is impossible to read on a light background!

we normally play the events on open because we use custom maps but this week is a standard map that everyone has so it'll be played on ranked

also be sure to properly sign up with this format

SID - (example) M1LLER_T1ME
SID link - (example) http://steamcommunity.com/id/M1LLER_T1ME

the bright blue says this - "The Challenge - Level 0 Huntress's only - must be itemless and weaponless when starting the game. We will be playing on Ranked. Make sure to keep your gear. You will need this as you progress through this series of events. No other skins but base ones."

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