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DDA Kings Game & Tavern Storage PTR is now available for testing!

[CG] Philip



This update is open for PTR testing! The update is centered around bringing some long requested features and quality of life to the game. The addition of Tavern Storage for players to more effectively store items, and Player Titles for various Kickstarter tier rewards and Gameplay wise we are also bringing back King's game from DD1 and testing a new enemy schedule system for Survival and Mixed mode.

How to Join

We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join!

PTR Reward

Given this is a smaller PTR test and the different nature of it we won’t be offering a new reward, but you are able to earn any of the previous PTR rewards if you are missing any.

We’ll be offering a smaller choice of rewards in the survey as we'll be rotating the different rewards in the PTR as offering tons of different rewards complicates sending out the rewards.

This includes the following rewards:

  • Egyptian Eagle Wings
  • Crystalline Corgi
  • RGB Pumpkin Mask
  • A Giveaway entry for a Pizza Wings Transmog (3x Winners)

New Map - King's Game


This was a very popular DD1 map and has been highly requested to return to DDA. We'll be bringing this map back as closely as possible to the original including the Dice Pet that was an iconic reward from the map. The PTR Survey specifically will ask about what you would like to see the Dice Pet do as well as ask if you would like to see the special tiles return.

Tavern Storage


Tavern Storage gives players a way to store items outside of their inventory. This increases quality of life by allowing you to have cleaner inventories when going into gameplay maps and additionally greatly reduces load times for multiplayer. Players will start with a set amount of storage space of 999, and will be able to unlock more by acquiring rare consumables throughout the game. Though those consumables are not part of the PTR.

With this change, we will be reducing the size of the normal inventory as we want players to be utilizing the extra tavern storage available while benefiting from increased load times for multiplayer.

Player Titles


Player Titles were a reward offered during our Kickstarter, BackerKit and Xsolla pre-order days. Adding this will allow players to display a title below their nameplate for other players to see when playing in multiplayer.

There are also a handful of player titles that are tied to achievements. That way if you didn’t get any of those rewards you will still be able to have access to titles. That said, in the PTR you won’t have access to Kickstarter, BackerKit and Xsolla titles.

New Special Enemy Schedule System

Currently only available in Survival and Mixed Mode, but this is a new schedule system to help evenly spread-out the special enemies throughout the wave, ideally without the many flaws of the current system causing enemies to come out too quickly or delay the wave waiting to spawn. This should help with the issue players were seeing with having to wait for ogres or sirens at the end of the wave to spawn.

What’s Next?

Due to the update being a relatively small update, the PTR will run through Tuesday as we collect data and make any adjustments needed before doing a full release. The goal is to release this prior to the DDA anniversary release on May 28th.

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