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2023 DDA Community Feedback Survey & Roadmap

[CG] Philip



DDA Community Feedback Survey 

With the Episode 2 Part 2 update live we wanted to take some time to gather feedback as we plan and prepare for future DDA updates this year. As such we’ve created a Survey for players to fill out to steer the direction of things and ask some questions about various game related topics.

Survey Link: https://forms.gle/zenPttoDaA8LdHA86

If you fill out the survey and you can enter in for a chance to win one of the following rewards:

  • Golden Corgi Pet Transmog (All Platforms)
  • Pizza Wings Transmog   (All Platforms)
  • Rifted Corgi Cover Transmog   (All Platforms)
  • Golden Fish Sword Transmog   (PC, Xbox and PlayStation)
  • DDA DLC Item of your choice (Has to be available on your platform)

The Survey will run for 2 weeks, after which the survey will be closed and we'll pick a winner for each of the prizes above! Winners will be reached out on the platform selected in the survey.

Updated Roadmap


Additionally we’ve taken some time to update the road map with some of the upcoming features we are working on. A lot of these have been features that are long overdue or have been highly requested.

Can check out the full site at: https://app.loopedin.io/dungeon-defenders-awakened

The goal moving forward is to try to release smaller more focused updates containing individual groups of features or maps instead of doing large bundled episode updates. As for a team our size trying to make, test and release multiple maps, a hero, new features, bosses, etc can often lead to some things being forgotten about and we want to limit that as much as possible.

That said, let's talk about some of the items listed.

Tavern Storage

As the title says, Tavern storage will be an additional inventory space that players can transfer items from their inventory into the Tavern Storage, This feature will be a nice QoL for many players, as it solves a handful of problems and frustrations. Such as the following:

  • Having cleaner inventory by moving long term items into the stash, and making new items easier to identify and keep track of.
  • It will mean reduced load times when joining games in multiplayer as there’s less profile data needed to be transferred to other players.
  • Generally just means players can store more items too.

Crystal Core Transmog

This feature doesn’t need much introduction. As in DD1 players will be able to swap the Crystal Core model to one of their liking and show it off to other players when hosting a game. These will be earned through gameplay as well as we’ll likely have some specific ones available through Supporter Bundles like how we do with Hero Costumes.

In-Game Titles

While this isn't a very exciting feature, it’s one that is long overdue. For those that supported us through Kickstarter, Backer-Kit or Xsolla will receive their In-Game Titles according to their reward tiers. Outside of that we plan to also add additional titles that can be earned through gameplay or other means.


This is something that we are still actively wanting to include into the game to allow players to transfer saves from PC to consoles or vice versa. There’s a lot of work that has already been done here but there are still things we need to figure out without it working per platform. Once we know more we will post info but this is high on the priority list now.

Player Shops, Tavern Keep Shop and Marketplace Map

These features all tie into one another but with the addition of trading, a lot of players have been requesting the ability to run player shops similar to how they were handled in DD1. We agree and want to further that idea by creating a dedicated marketplace map where players can join and find multiple players shops at the same time, Hopefully with increased player count to further make the experience more enjoyable.

The Tavern Keep shop is also just another no-brainer addition to the game and will help early game players, but we also want to take a look at how we can innovate the concept to allow end-game players to take advantage of the system too. More information will be provided as the features are developed.

New Maps & Heroes

As we stated previously we don’t plan on doing huge episodes like updates, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any new content in the form of Maps & Heroes. We got 2 maps in the works that we will be releasing as individual bonus maps hopefully in the near future. As for heroes we’ve got something in the works but that will be longer term and will be added the roadmap once things are moving along.

More Quality of Life

Quality of life is one of the main strengths that DDA has to offer and we want to continue improving that as much as we can. As such we are exploring some ideas such as the following:

  • Public / Private Multiplayer Match Toggle
  • Rune Level Selection
  • Inventory Management Mid Combat Phase (Vote in the survey above)


Our goal here is to finish up the other remaining Kickstarter tasks like Cross-Saves and Player Titles before doing more investigation on the remaining work here. Unfortunately this is a large task and there will be a mountain of work to do here so we want to tackle the easier tasks first to improve the overall experience for players.

What’s Next?

Well really this whole post is what’s next. That said our goal is to try and release smaller updates or in-game events about one a month starting in late May. Though there may be skip months here and there depending on how development goes or if we want to group things together.

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