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The Episode 2 Part 2 update is live on PC, Xbox and PlayStation! This update brings a brand new hero to the Dungeon Defenders Universe, The Guardian! As well as 2 new maps, one of which will be the Boss Map, and lastly more Runes. This will wrap up the Episode 2 update as a whole as we prepare to look at what’s next for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!

Rifted Guardian Costume Login Reward!

Starting today if you login between now and May 2nd at 1 PM EST you'll unlock the Rifted Guardian Costume.ZeKLQ4VXblNzp4k0zUXa97YYZb5-YnEqXB4-k79C

This can be accessed in the Transmog UI by talking with the blacksmith.

Egyptian Costume Bundle!

We are excited to announce the release of our newest DLC cosmetic bundle! Players have been asking for costumes that actually change the look of their heroes and so we’ve done just that!


This egyptian bundle is for Huntress, Warden, EV and Summoner. These bundles go a long way to help fund us to continue making updates for the game and not have to charge for gameplay related features. With that said, Let's move onto the actual content of the update!


New Hero, The Guardian!


The Guardian is a protector of many ancient tombs around the world of Etheria. With the Old One’s army rising up across Etheria, the Guardian has decided to join the heroes in their battle!

General Features

The Guardian is a melee hero that will use a Sword and Shield in combat. She will offer both defensive and support capabilities with her kit. With that said let's get into the abilities.


Primary - Basic Attack

  • Her primary attack is a melee attack with her sword similar to that of the Squire.

Secondary - Shield Slam

  • This attack can be charged up by holding the input and released at any point. The longer the ability is held the more damage that will be dealt up to a limit. Once released the ability will release a cone of damage in front of the guardian hitting all enemies within range.

Active Ability - Divine Judgement

  • Divine Judgement is a powerful ability that will summon energy from above and come crashing down onto enemies dealing massive damage.

Buff Ability - Divine Protection

  • While active nearby heroes will receive additional armor. Additionally increasing her movement speed as well as a portion of any damage the Guardian will be used to heal all nearby heroes inside the radius.


Defense 1 - Holy Bulwark (2 DU): 

  • Description: The Holy Bulwark is a unique blockade that protects nearby defenses by taking any damage they receive instead of the tower being hit taking damage. The Holy Bulwark cannot protect other Holy Bulwark’s.
  • Fused: Gaines 30% Rift Armor.

Defense 2 - Empowering Shrine (3 DU): 

  • Description: This special shrine will offer nearby heroes additional damage and increased mana regeneration.
  • Fused: Decreases affected hero ability cooldown by 25%.

Defense 3 - Owl Perch (3 DU): 

  • Description: The owl perch is the most trustworthy ally to the guardian, and will fly around the battlefield going from target to target dealing damage to all in its path. The Owl will not stay on one target and will not hit the same target until it returns to the perch.
  • Fused: Becomes fusion element.

Defense 4 - Holy Cannon (4 DU): 

  • Description: The Holy cannon will shoot flaming cannonballs at targets dealing damage to a small AoE around the target but most importantly applying a stacking damage over time effect. 
  • Fused: Becomes fusion element.

Defense 5 - The Obelisk (4 DU): 

  • Description: The Obelisk is the support defense of the Guardian’s kit, when an enemy is within range it will apply a AoE Debuff around the target slowing targets within range, additionally the primary target will take damage over time.
  • Fused: Becomes fusion element.


New Act 5 Maps!

The Forsaken Temple

This long abandoned underground city was once a great shrine to the Night Owl. The Heroes should be wary of what secrets and evil lies ahead.


This will be the new Act 5 Boss map, but be warned rumors say The Dune Eater lurks below the liquid gold. This map will also drop a new pet named Zephyr which will shoot tornados at enemies that stop when they hit an enemy and linger for a couple seconds.


Castle Armory

The Old One's forces have breached the Castle Armory, the Heroes must defend this area in order to keep the weapons from falling into the wrong hands!


This is a recreation of the original Dungeon Defenders map and will serve as the encore map for Act 5. This map will drop the Mini-Ogre which is a minified version of the normal ogre. The Mini-Ogre will melee and throw snotballs at enemies with large AoE.

More Golden Pet Unlocks!

There are also now Wave 100 Golden Pets for Bazaar, Forsaken Temple and Castle Armory. Lost Metropolis will get one once the pet has been finalized and added.


Level 110 & New Loot Tier Supreme!


This update allows players to go up to level 110! Alongside that with a new Boss comes better loot, and as such we've added a new loot tier called Supreme! Any item above 4550 quality (Shown in the top right of the tooltip) will become Supreme and require level 110. These items will also drop with 3 item effects, allowing you to further tune your builds.


Additionally we've changed how item tier is determined. Tier is now based off the quality of an item instead of IPWR. This will provide a even playing field for all items as IPWR was not a equal across different types of items. This means that some of your items may shift up or down in item tiers, but should remain the exact same power level as they were before.

12 More Runes!

We've added a handful of new runes for players to collect. Here’s the new ones and where to find them.

Guardian Runes:
Paralyzing Smite - Guardian Divine Judgement (Drops on Forsaken Temple): This rune will make enemies hit by Divine Judgement stunned for X Seconds.

Retribution Aura - Guardian Divine Protection (Drops on The Outpost): This rune will make enemies reflect X% of the damage dealt to the Guardian back to themselves.

Divine Absorption - Guardian Holy Bulwark (Drops on Foundries and Forges): This rune will make the Holy Bulwark heal X% of the damage it receives from protecting other defenses. It will not heal itself from direct damage.

Empowering Friendship - Guardian Empowering Shrine (Drops on Royal Gardens): This rune will increase the hero damage the defense gives by X% for each player inside.

Flaming Owl - Guardian Owl Perch (Drops on Tornado Valley): This rune will give the Owl a fire DoT to apply to enemies dealing X% Tower Damage every second for Y Seconds.

Radiant Outbreak - Guardian Holy Cannon (Drops on Glitterhelm Caverns): The Holy Cannon has a X% chance to transfer its DoT Stacks to another enemy upon the enemies death.

Deadly Gaze - Guardian Obelisk (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune will make The Obelisk apply a DoT to all enemies within the obelisk's debuff range dealing a % of tower damage per second.


Other New Runes:
Reflective Screech - Siren Rune (Drops on The Forsaken Temple): This rune increases the range of the siren’s armor buff range per rank, additionally it adds a protective shield that will reflect projectiles from ranged enemies similar to reflect field.

Immobilizing Ray - EV Proton Beam (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune will apply a slow to enemies hit by the proton beam, each hit applies a new stack onto the enemy.

Empowering Ring - Warden Mushroom Circle (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune give heroes that walk into the mushroom circle a lingering damage and movement speed buff.

Raging Shrooms - Warden Shroomy Geyser (Drops on Lost Metropolis): This rune will give the shroomy projectile a chance to enrage enemies upon being hit.

Exploding Aura - Monk Strength Drain (Drops on Forsaken Temple): This rune will make The Strength Drain aura cause enemies killed within the aura to explode doing X% of their max HP as damage.

Bugfixes / Changes

  • Fixed issue with Sirens being able to attack cores on Endless Spires from the staircases.
  • Fixed issue with Ancient Dragon being able to be slowed and CC'd.
  • Fixed Entangling Roots Rune from stacking the debuff multiple times with itself.
  • Spider & Shroomy projectiles should be more accurate and not hit ceilings as much. 
  • Adjusted Shroomy Pit Targeting location to be a bit higher so it can see over ledges easier.
  • Fixed issue with Flash heal not working on clients and gamepad.
  • "Add to Trade" option no longer shows unless you are trading.
  • Fixed issue with returning players who skipped Summit Campaign on Easy, Medium or Hard having to replay the map to resume progression.
  • 105 Item Level gear has been reduced to level 100 instead.

What’s Next?

With Episode 2 wrapped up, it’s time to start looking at what’s next for DDA. We’ve already got a few things in the works, one of which being Tavern Storage which we’ve teased in the discord. We are excited to reveal the other features in due time. That said we will be taking a step back from releasing large updates and releasing more bite sized updates as things become ready.


Social Defenders

To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels:

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


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Awesome update and what we all were waiting for! Keep up the awesome work you guys are really the best indie studio out here  :) 

(note: still waiting for splitscreen coop) 

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(1 Das mit den Trophäen dass die auch alle angezeigt werden weil man immer irgendwo anders rein joint die Trophäen übernimmt vor dem anderen  Spielern ) (2 bitte entfernt diesen Godmode glitch der ist kacke immer wenn man mit jemanden spielt entweder kickt er dich oder das Spiel Kick dich selber denn gelangt man einen hauptmenü den startest du deine eigene Lobby und dein Leben ist einfach 200 und das hat man gefühlt eigentlich immer das einzigste was  bei hilft das Spiel neu zu starten das ist manchmal echt nervig ) und bitte kein blöden Kommentar schreiben weil ich das jetzt hier geschrieben habe das alles macht keinen Sinn mit diesem >GodMode< zu spielen weil du kannst kaum Sachen upgraden alles dauert 10.000 mal langsamer und der Scheiß muss weg 😇

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Hallo liebes Dungeon Defenders Team habe folgendes Problem bin auf der Playstation 4 Slim unterwegs und das ist so wenn ich die neue Map mit dem Boss auf Mix Mode Spiele das ist normal aber spiele ich das denn Überlebensmodus fängt es mega an zu lecken alleine und mit vier Spielern gar nicht erst spielbar und wenn ich bis zum Boss komm dann Crash das Spiel Hilfe :(

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