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DD2 - The Anime Update



New Pets

  • Chainsaw Corgi - Premium Pet
    • Unique Pet Ability - Chained Saw - Fires a flying saw blade that deals 1500% hero damage and returns to the player dealing damage on the way back. Cooldown 30s.
  • Cyborgie - Premium Pet
    • Unique Pet Ability - Whirlwind - Increases speed by 50% and attacks deal 155% bonus electric Hero Damage for 6s. Cooldown 45s.

New Skins

  • Anime Adept Skin
  • Anime Countess Skin
  • Anime Mystic Skin
  • S.T.R.E.A.M.E.R. 1000 Engineer Skin

New Flairs

Screenshot 2023-04-13 152709.png

  • Otherworldly Drakin Wings
  • Otherworldly Drakin Head
  • Otherworldly Drakin Tail


Screenshot 2023-04-13 152506.png


  • Anime Bundle
    • Anime Adept, Anime Countess, Anime Gunwitch, Anime Huntress, and Anime Mystic costumes. This bundle also includes the Chainsaw Corgi and the Gundam Corgi Pets.


  • Engineer can now use Steam Blast and Orbital Cannon while running and jumping.
  • Reduced Drill Hold (Engineer right-click) damage scalar from 3.5 to 2.
  • Reduced the Range increase of the Enhanced Throw Shard by 15% and Damage by 50%.
  • Reduced the base and scaling of the damage increase from Kinetic Energy Shard by 40%.
  • Reduced the base damage increase from Broad Head Arrows by 35%.
  • Reduced the damage of the Magnetic Knight Tower by 25%, and fixed its upgrade scalar.
  • Magnetic Knight Tower now deals 5% decreased damage after every hit maxing at 50% damage reduction.
  • Increased the damage scalar of the Sentry Turret by 10%.
  • Made nimbus electric corruption attack now target more than 1 enemy.
  • Slime Pit changes:
  • Increased Damage scalar on slimes form 13.6 to 15
  • Now oils enemies by default
  • Corrupted slimes now gain 350 move speed in addition to increased damage.
  • Fixed the scaling of Earth Guardian’s Dagger.
  • Reduced the maximum power of the Overload mod from 60% to 35%.
  • Orc Chieftain can no longer be slowed.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where the wildest west map last wave wasn't working properly for C10.
  • Adjusted aim offset of the ballista, poison dart, and harpy towers.
  • Removed left over quest from the collection UI.
  • Removed phoenix sound from the turtle pet ability projectile.
  • Removed the ability for the turtle pet to roll tormented thoughts.
  • Removed loud Drakenlord sound effects.
  • Fixed targeting issues for Wind/Cyclone Shapers.
  • Fixed Minibosses on Chaos X Tornado Valley.
  • Fixed Boss Wave for Chaos IX and X Onslaught schedules.
  • Fixed Mod Transfer for gloves.
  • Fixed Ranged Pylon Not dropping.
  • Removed Mods on all Halloween weapons.
  • Fixed Sentry Turret petrifying with only poison attacks.
  • Fixed a potential issue where sorting could desync the inventory.
  • Potentially fixed an issue where the magnetic knight’s attack animation was desynced.
  • Fixed an issue where Overlord wasn't exploding on dead targets, and prevented it from attacking the same target.
  • Increased particle boundary box for railgun vfx to prevent culling (hopefully fixes ghost shot problem).
  • Fixed Ranged Frost Goblin slow not being tagged properly.
  • Steam Blast is now unlocked at level 1.
  • Fixed Earth Ring not being tagged as a stun.
  • Adjust vfx bounds for the rail gun to hopefully prevent some ghost shots.
  • Fixed a potential issue where controllers can sometimes navigate to the buff icons or hero icons on the main player UI.
  • Fixed several pathing issues on Hidden Caverns maps.
  • Attempted update/fix for getting wonky ghost items and dupes with stash sorting and moving items around.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cyberdragon required gato materials to upgrade
  • Fixed Dead Road Subcore spawners on Chaos X.
  • Combat Prep and Heroic Presence now show up on buff bar
  • Cleaned up Tamer’s Gambit Shard values for the ungilded variant.
  • Removed core health requirement from spectral assault daily and changed description.
  • Fixed an issue where the Jester’s Revenge daily quest showed up more than intended.
  • Fixed black text on mods for Bling King Bow and Lunar Portal Staff.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lunar Portal Staff and Haunted Halberd right clicks weren’t working correctly.
  • Fixed Ranged Pylon, Double Eruption, and Steel hurricane not dropping.


  • Increased the game’s bandwidth allocation.
  • Increased tick rate to 30 from 20.
  • Onslaught now rewards defender medals like expeditions for previously beaten floors.
  • Increased incursion medals to what expeditions have.
  • Added new Caverns Projectile VFX for all weapons but canister.
  • Remade fire and electric tower vfx on the magnetic knight tower to properly disappear during firing.
  • Added idle vfx to the magnetic knight tower and sentry turret.
  • Added idle sfx to magnetic knight tower, sentry turret, and rail gun tower.
  • Removed VFX on Electric Discharge.
  • Adjusted sound radius and volume of the magnetic knight tower.
  • Added Duration to Anti Heal Chip and Servo descriptions.
  • Changed the camera position of the mercenary to better view flairs




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