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DD1 Update 9.1.2



A small hotfix update to fix some things in the 9.1.1 and 9.1.0 releases along with some balance changes.

Features :
- Added accomplishment and trophies on the tavern for Arcane Lib, Dread Dungeon, Emerald City, Flames of Rebirth, Pirate Invasion, Spring Valley and Temple of Polybius, all on Nightmare only
- Added some new tables on the third floor of the tavern
- The tavern's item recovery should not affect items inside the tavern anymore
- You can now have 240 items on your tavern floor
- You can now trigger having tables on the empty center on the second floor of the tavern on the new Bucket and Mop on the basement

Balance :
- Made supreme and under eyes get more damage per upgrade
- Made bow of hearts unable to damage enemy cores - Moved pet rock back to wave 30

Spooktacular Bay :
- Moved west flight nodes closer to the map to avoid the volume djinns were getting stuck on
- Changed collision for last kraken
- Moved killzone so third kraken cant be killed with it

Buccaneer Bay :
- Added a box inside the opening closest to spawn to prevent the building camera to go inside the wall
- Moved all windows on main building a bit up
- Added a hanging shelf on top of the entrance closes to spawn
- Moved hay stacks down on the wall to let minions be built there again
- Made the ceiling collision prevent the building camera from going up

Lover's Paradise :
- Added killzone under forge to kill stuck mobs
- Made Boss Mech Gentleman take tower damage
- Made Boss Mech Gentleman target priority have towers at -1
- Made Boss Mech Gentleman force untargetable targets
- Fixed Lover's Paradise achievement typo

Bug Fixes :
- Swapped back Eye Patch to old archetype with coloring
- Fixed custom chest drops not always dropping
- Tentatively fixed an issue where a phoenix spawns when going into build phase on the Flames of Rebirth challenge
- Clamped tower range to max projectile distance, also made towers not target enemies that ignored tower damage
- Fixed slippery core and projectiles on Spring Valley
- Fixed issue with workshop maps that forced difficulty defaulting to easy
- Removed duplicate TI trophy on the tavern


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