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DDA Episode 2 Part 2 PTR is now live!

[CG] Philip



The Episode 2 Part 2 update is ready for PTR testing! This update brings a brand new hero to the Dungeon Defenders Universe, The Guardian! As well as 2 new maps, one of which will be the Boss Map, and lastly more Runes. This will wrap up the Episode 2 update as a whole as we prepare to look at what’s next for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!


How to Join

We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join!


PTR Reward

You’ll be given the choice of reward in the survey including a new set of wings!. This includes the following rewards:


  • [New!] Egyptian Eagle Wings
  • Forest Ally’s Wings
  • Eagle’s Wings
  • Crystalline Corgi
  • RGB Pumpkin Mask
  • A Giveaway entry for a Golden Corgi Pet Transmog


New Hero, The Guardian!


The Guardian is a protector of many ancient tombs and temples around the world of Etheria. With the Old One’s army rising up across Etheria, the Guardian has decided to join the heroes in their battle!


General Features

The Guardian is a melee hero that will use a Sword and Shield in combat. She will offer both defensive and support capabilities with her kit. With that said let's get into the abilities.


Primary - Basic Attack

  • Her primary attack is a melee attack with her sword similar to that of the Squire.

Secondary - Shield Slam

  • This attack can be charged up by holding the input and released at any point. The longer the ability is held the more damage that will be dealt up to a limit. Once released the ability will release a cone of damage in front the guardian hitting all enemies within range.

Active Ability - Divine Judgement

  • Divine Judgement is a powerful ability that will summon energy from above and come crashing down onto enemies dealing massive damage.

Buff Ability - Divine Protection

  • While active nearby heroes will receive additional armor. Additionally increases the guardian's movement speed and a portion of any damage the Guardian deals to enemies will be used to heal all nearby heroes inside the radius.


  • Defense 1 - Holy Bulwark (2 DU): The Holy Bulwark is still a WIP, as such in the PTR will be just a simple blockade for now. That said, our goal here is to allow the Holy Bulwark to protect nearby defenses by taking any damage they receive instead of the tower being hit taking damage.
  • Defense 2 - Empowering Shrine (3 DU): This special shrine will offer nearby heroes additional damage and increased mana regeneration.
  • Defense 3 - Owl Perch (3 DU): The owl perch is the most trustworthy ally to the guardian, and will fly around the battlefield going from target to target dealing damage to all in its path. The Owl will not stay on one target and will not hit the same target until it returns to the perch.
  • Defense 4 - Holy Cannon (4 DU): The Holy cannon will shoot flaming cannonballs at targets dealing damage to a small AoE around the target but most importantly applying a stacking damage over time effect. 
  • Defense 5 - The Obelisk (4 DU): The Obelisk is the support defense of the Guardian’s kit, when an enemy is within range it will apply a AoE Debuff around the target slowing targets within range, additionally the primary target will take damage over time.


New Act 5 Maps!

The Forsaken Temple

This long abandoned underground city was once a great shrine to the Night Owl.The Heroes should be wary of what secrets and evil lies ahead.


This will be the new Act 5 Boss map, during the PTR there will not be a boss at the end of the map. We want to leave something for surprise for the full release.


Castle Armory

The Old One's forces have breached the Castle Armory, the Heroes must defend this area in order to keep the weapons from falling into the wrong hands!


This is a recreation of the original Dungeon Defenders map and will serve as the encore map for Act 5.


More Runes!

We are still in the process of making some of the new guardian runes but there are some additional runes that have been added for other defenses. Here’s the new ones and where to find them.

Reflective Screech - Siren Rune (Drops on The Forsaken Temple): This rune increases the range of the siren’s armor buff range per rank, additionally it adds a protective shield that will reflect projectiles from ranged enemies similar to reflect field.

Static Shock - EV Energy Cannon (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune will apply a slow to enemies hit by the Energy Cannon, each hit applies a new stack onto the enemy.

Empowering Ring - Warden Mushroom Circle (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune give heroes that walk into the mushroom circle a lingering damage and movement speed buff.

Raging Shrooms - Warden Shroomy Geyser (Drops on Lost Metropolis): This rune will give the shroomy projectile a chance to enrage enemies upon being hit.

Paralyzing Smite - Guardian Divine Judgement (Drops on Forsaken Temple): This rune will make enemies hit by Divine Judgement stunned for a limited duration.

Deadly Gaze - Guardian Obelisk (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune will make The Obelisk apply a DoT to all enemies within the obelisk's debuff range dealing a % of tower damage per second.

Known Issues / Missing Features:

Hopefully our goal is to add most of these into the PTR as we release various patches during the playtest.

  • The Guardian’s Balance is very much work in progress
  • Defense Tooltips
  • Lots of placeholder images for Guardian, Items, etc
  • More Guardian Runes
  • New map pets
  • Boss Weapons drop but don’t do anything special currently
  • The Holy Bulwark currently doesn’t have a special ability and is just a blockade currently

Hotfix Note Location:


What’s Next?

The PTR will run for about a week or two as we collect data and make any adjustments needed before doing a full release. After this update is live we will likely be handling future updates differently, moving towards a smaller consistent update releasing features and content as ready.

Social Defenders

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For Etheria!

Chromatic Games

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