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DDA Early Game PTR Testing is live on Steam!

[CG] Philip



This is going to be a bit of a different PTR, Instead of testing new features this PTR is aimed at testing out early game changes. What that means is that going into the PTR you will be given a new profile and not a copy of your live game. Obviously this PTR is not going to be for everyone and this is really aimed at people who enjoy providing feedback to try and help improve the game.


How to Join

We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join!


PTR Reward

Given this is a smaller PTR test and the different nature of it we won’t be offering a new reward, but you are able to earn any of the previous PTR rewards if you are missing any. To get a reward you must play the PTR and fill out the survey located on the pause menu.


You’ll be given the choice of reward in the survey. This includes the following rewards:

  • Forest Ally’s Wings
  • Eagle’s Wings
  • Crystalline Corgi
  • RGB Pumpkin Mask
  • A Giveaway entry for a Golden Corgi Pet Transmog


Early Game Changes

We've heard a lot of player feedback about the early game and so one of the main goals for these changes is to increase the difficulty of the early game to help better match the power level of players and entertain players who want a harder experience. At the same time our goal is also not to make the early game too difficult as some players do want a easier experience.

That said here are the following changes

  • Hard is now unlocked from the beginning.
  • We’ve shifted all the difficulties down from Easy to Insane, What this means is the following:
    • Easy - The difficulty of what Medium used to be.
    • Medium - The difficulty of what Hard used to be.
    • Hard - The difficulty of what Insane used to be and slightly harder.
    • Insane - Is what Insane used to be but with higher enemy scaling to be a new middle ground between Hard and Nightmare.
  • Insane is now unlocked after beating Easy, Medium or Hard on Campaign Summit.
  • We’ve changed how progression unlocks work, the way it works now is the following:
    • If a map is unlocked on any difficulty, you can play that map on a higher difficulty without having to play it on lower difficulties first.  This should allow more freedom to play maps at the difficulty you want to without having to go back.
      • Example: If you’ve beaten The Throne Room on medium, you can play Endless Spires on any difficulty you have unlocked (Insane, Nightmare or Massacre) assuming you meet the requirements.
  • Removed gear level requirements until nightmare to allow players to equip the gear they are getting as they progress.
  • Decreased Nightmare Level requirement to 60 from 70
  • Decreased Massacre Level requirement to 80 from 83.
  • Added some new difficulty explanation popup for when you open the map select for the first time.
  • Maps are now hidden on the map select if you don’t have the difficulty unlocked and it explains why the difficulty is locked.
  • Increased IPWR on Swords and Polearms to help bring them in more in line with Staffs and Crossbows.
  • Greatly Reduced the amount of stats that item effects provide in the early game 
    • Ex: Armor was giving +50 Fortify on a piece that only gave +10 Fortify.


Known Issues:

  • Rift Bosses haven't received health or increased difficulty changes.


What’s Next?
The PTR will run for over the weekend as this is a short playtest and doesn’t need long playtimes to test. After this we’ll look at the survey data and make any adjustments needed.


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For Etheria!

Chromatic Games

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Recommended Comments

Ok thx for the PTR guys.

Phil this is my feedback you can check whole progression on twitch channel name: czmax667 

I did hard campaign - with speed transition to insane - then nightmare and then i skipped the grind towards Massacre that was the end of stream.

here are the points:

1    After reach 60 NM is not unlocked - and it does not say why - i suppose its because you nood to complete summit insane (YES you still have to do Summit)

 The message in map selection for NM and Massacre - should be "Nightmare / Massacre difficulty unlocks after beating the summit on Insane/Nightmare and after reaching level 60 for nm and 80 for Massacre"

2    Crystal HP - in hard it has 1500 hp, which is very low - i would make it 5000-8000hp - as monsers have high dmg
3    Crystal HP - on insane has 4000 hp it should have at least 15-18k

4    Metropolis mana issue - we have only 160 mana on wave 1 - this can be hard for new players - it provides significant challenge. I would keep 160 on hard or insane but easy or medium should have at least 260 mana

5    Transition from hard to insane is too easy - it should be harder 

Same for insane to NM transition way too easy.
6    XP issue - there is very low difference between hard and insane XP granted. The multiplier should be higher.
    Campaign Hard/Insane
    example Metropolis hard gives - 91k xp
    metropolis insane gives - 120k xp - its only 1.3 multiplier
7    Survival
    That involves campaign - once you start survival on higher acts i did foundries and forges - the XP is just flying - one run from 1-25 made my char goes from 50 - 71lvl
  Survival in NM gives 200k xp per wave which is extremely low

    Wave 41 gives same amount of xp as 25 - on ancient mines nightmare its 875k since wave 25 which is quite low I think you should be rewarded for higher waves by a little XP. 
     Then here comes the next problem if you did not do summit on insane Nightmare will not open as mentioned in 1.

8   I am in wave 14 ancient mines survival nightmare and yet I have not see na single mythical piece
    First mythical wave 17 
    All high tier legendaries from survival NM needs level 80 eventhought you are level 72-75
    All tiers legendary, mythical, transcendent and godly need lvl 80 minimum I dont think that is good. Mythical should need 70-75. Trans 80 godly higher.
9    When you complete map on hard and click on insane to do it for next map  - next map is still on hard not insane.

10. The loot  - There is some problem with loot level requirements - you have lvl 80 required for legendary high rolled, for mythical, for trans and for godly.

This is 4 tiers of loot needed lvl 80 minimum. For mythical level requirement should be nightmare so maybe 70-75. For trans 80 and for godly much higher.

The biggest problem I see is legendary gear needs lvl 80 its higher tier but still it should be available sooner then the grind for Massacre.




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