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DD1 Update 9.0.0




With great anticipation the new Dungeon Defenders 1 patch 9.0.0 update is now live! We are excited to hear about what the community thinks of this new development and the patch itself. A special thanks to the community member that helped make this new Development possible : Thales, Escev, Jeol, Tbolt, Moose, bee, Harry, Gigazelle, Alhanalem, Sam, and all previous CDT efforts in the past. A huge thank you to the community testers and anyone that participated in the beta!


This update has changes in the save file format and upon loading this update your save file will no longer be compatible with older game versions.

Patch Notes : 

New Maps

All new maps have trophies that you can unlock for your tavern, with a second trophy for completing on Nightmare.

The Striking Tree

  • Campaign Rewards - Staff of Flowers, Forest Rifle, Turtle Shell Polearm, Leaf Blade and Elf accessory set

  • Survival Rewards - Jade Serpent, Fairy and Jade Island. 

  • Generic versions of all of this map’s weapons drop on survival for the map, the same way as Eternia Shard maps


Spooky Buccaneer Bay

  • Campaign Rewards - Demon Sword, Devil’s Spine and new Spooky accessory set

  • Survival Rewards - Little Wizard, Evil Eye and Pumpkin Skeleton on a Treadmill

  • Generic versions of all of this map’s weapons drop on survival for the map, the same way as Eternia Shard maps

Challenge: Halloween Invasion

  • Rewards - Moon Staff, Witch’s Broom and 2 accessories from the new Spooky accessory set. 1 set of rewards per account


Challenge: Tavern Incursion

  • 6 Player map in the style of Temple of Polybius.

  • One extra life per player on Hardcore up to 3 lives, with a button at the start to remove the lives for an extra reward

  • Rewards - Jeweled Bident and Calamity Blade. 1 set of rewards per account




  • Added a new mask drop to the map rewards

Arcane Library

  • Added Fedora accessory

  • New accessory set bonus for Fedora and Librarian Glasses

City in the cliffs

  • Changed survival quality to Aquanos quality

Challenge: Temple of Polybius

  • Polybius pets drop at map completion. They work like guardians but can be upgraded to boost up to 6 towers

Crystalline Dimension

  • Buffed accessories to max accessory quality to be on par with other maps

  • Made accessories drop twice for everyone, even split screens

  • Made shields drop like on Omenak, where they are a random additional drop

Crystalline Resurgence 1-3

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Embermount Volcano

  • Buffed accessories to max accessory quality

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Emerald City

  • Added Emerald accessories with it’s own set effect

  • Sandstorm effects now are disabled on ultra low and low graphics qualities 

Flames of Rebirth

  • Buffed accessories to max accessory quality

  • Added Sword of Embers to challenge reward

Infested Ruin

  • Removed melee attack from Mini Wasp Queen Pet

Karathiki Jungle

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Magus Citadel

  • Buffed accessories to max accessory quality


Talay Mining Complex

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Tavern Defense

  • Added Party Horn with the same quality as Librarian Glasses from Arcane Library

  • Buffed Party Hats to be on par with Fedora acc from Arcane Library

  • Confetti set bonus now needs party horn and party hat

The Tinkerer’s Lab

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Tomb of Etheria

  • Added missing 10% bonus movement speed to Spear of the New Kingdom

Winter Mire

  • Made Ban Hammer give a 10% movement speed bonus

  • Made Candy Cane give a 10% movement speed bonus

  • Made Winter Flame give a 10% movement speed bonus

Huntress, Apprentice, Squire and Monk Guardians can now be upgraded to boost up to 6 towers.



  • Added Inventory Quality Sorting button

  • Ultimate Crystalline Defender and Experience Orbs are now both tradeable and droppable.

  • Added a Damage Number Size Slider

  • Improved Graphic Settings 

    • Native support up to 4k (3840 by 2160)

    • Support for changing graphic settings in-game (Low, Medium and High)

    • Option to disable outlines

    • Ability to change the size of damage numbers across the entire game

  • Added item recovery on all maps

  • Players can send much longer messages now, up from 64 characters to 320

  • Added a built-in emulator to the game. Old emulators still work, so you can just keep using your current input settings.

  • New assignable bindings for controlling the built-in emulator. By default, they are:

    • Bindings=(Name="F2",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer1")

    • Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer2")

    • Bindings=(Name="F4",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer3")

    • Bindings=(Name="F5",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer4")

    • Bindings=(Name="F6",Command="QuickAddSplits")

    • Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="KickAllSplits")

    • Bindings=(Name="F8",Command="ToggleSplitScreen")

  • Added dropped armor Icons to minimap

  • Added difficulty based coloration to the Harbinger mob

  • Added item censoring feature. It can be turned on or off in the options menu or with the default binding while in your item box / item info screen:

    • Control + C

  • Added boss timer skip feature. It can be used with the default binding:

    • Bindings=(Name="V",Command="BossTimerSkip")

  • The game now unpauses all emulator characters if anyone resumes while an emulator character is present to avoid getting stuck at the pause screen.

  • Reduced save frequency for redundant data, such as scores causing a save whenever an enemy is killed during a wave.

  • Added simple damage numbers feature

  • Overall game engine upgrade that should improve performance

  • Changed Siege Mech (Omenak) enemies to have four equipment drop chances

  • Changed Magic Missile enemies (Magus Citadel) enemies to have two equipment drop chances

  • Guardians now won't try to boost an already boosted tower (unless their boost is better)

  • Ability cooldowns reset on entering build phase

  • Added keybinds to select heroes on the main menu hero selection screen (0-9)

  • Lowered poly teleporting trigger volume's retrigger delay


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with Wasp pet, Spear of the New Kingdom and Winter Flame on certain bosses

  • Fixed some spots that mobs end up stuck on infested ruins

  • Improved default network bandwidth and lowered network update intervals

  • Made Enchanted Bishop colorable

  • Removed double dropped equipment circle color on Spare Christmas Lights, Rudolph’s Spare Nose and Rudolph’s Spare Antlers 

  • Fixed a bunch of invalid enemy entries in the player stats UI

  • Fixed an issue where the map list snaps to another location

  • Fixed Crystalline Dimension only dropping 1 accessory for host

  • Control + T no longer adds untradeable items to trade

  • Fixed Wasp enemies taking more damage than intended from Lightning Towers

  • Placed Crystalline Dimension back on Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards

  • Fixed black screen issue on poly

  • Fixed Ogres spawning slowly at the end of wave in Wintermire survival.

  • Fixed an issue where the omenak brooch showed up as bracers

Misc Changes

  • Removed Discord integration to improve game stability

  • Changed the ranked home screen to have more useful links

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Recommended Comments

I really liked the mechanics of adding players with the F3, F4, F5 keys.

The new maps, pets and accessories are really cool.

I would like the console versions to have the same support as the PC version.

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