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FUTURE DD1 Development



It has been a while since the last Dungeon Defenders 1 update from the Community Development Team, which after years of high-quality content and features being developed for the game unfortunately came to an end. However, enthusiasm within Chromatic Games surrounding DD1 extends to this day, and we are super excited to announce that the game will be receiving a new light. A handful of developers have decided to return to working on a new update for the live version of the game with the help of the community again. This includes some members of the CDT returning as well as some new faces.

What you can expect from this update is similar to what you have seen previously from the Community Development Team. This will include new maps, items, bosses, and features. We are planning to add some of the content and features present or previously worked on for Redux.

We will be monitoring community feedback on the changes we make, as well as looking for new features that you all want to see added to the game.

In the past, Redux was meant to be this new light, but it didn’t pan out the way we wanted due to the major split in communities and other issues. Redux is not going away with this new development, but the development will be paused for the time being.


As mentioned earlier this project is not a full company effort and is just a tiny subset of the company that is working on this purely on our time with help from some community members. This effort at first will also be on an our time basis approach to order to not effect development in other areas if possible.


So if all of this sounds enticing, you might want to know “when?!”. We don’t typically announce dates for things like this, but in full transparency, the plan is to have an update out by sometime in October with select items and features from Redux as well as some new stuff.


If this update goes well with the community we will look at expanding the scope of our future updates with new content.. We would like to keep Dungeon Defenders 1 updates happening for as long as possible, but it depends on how the community feels about these new developments.

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Its a big doubt it will happen, but as someone who was playing DDRedux as I thought that was the future of the title and made a lot of progress would I be able to backport my character? 

Also unrelated: still hoping a public release of the updated tools will be released for more community efforts. 

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Will more then likely just be PC. 

I do not believe progress will be able to go from redux back to DD1


Pretty pumped for this though and super excited that the notification is out now and i can talk about it. Got some cool stuff in the works

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Oh great, where can a post my actual feedback about this game?

I think I try it here and hope this will hit the right persons.

Let me fast introduce myself.

I'm Pat, started with DD on PS3 at the launch of the game and switched over to PC a few months later though to major Bugs in the EU Version of the game.

So I played from 2012-2015 activ until I quited it at the end of 2015, cos I was frustrated about it and dont wanted to spend so much time on it anymore.

I also was DD Eternity Beta Player and played later the full game until the message came that it wont be anymore supported.

About 7 year later I bought  DD-Awakening and was really disappointed that at that time the matchmaking didnt worked anymore and I only could play it alone.

I think everyone know that this game is more fun when playing it with other gamers together.


So it became that I came back to DD1 and found a pretty much whole new game.

The apprentice doesn't suck anymore, new pets, "new" maps from Eternity found there way to DD1 ect.

The return was pretty hard cos the game was changed so much that the old builds with my mostly "Trans-Armor" Builders didnt worked anymore.

And whooooohh the new maps from the CDT had such a higher difficult than they got in Eternity, even Moonbase seemed now harder than before.

So I needed to build up a new apprentice and needed to do a lot of farming until i was able to beat one the new maps.


First what I want to say is that I find it great that the community continued doing Trendy's Work.

But the balance of the game got interrupted. Its great that the App is finally usefull, but the Squire became useless.

Its so worse that the Harps are not longer "aggro" the ogres enough that they still going for the Cores even when they got hitted.

It tested it on some maps to be sure it wasn't a bug only on one map. I noticed in a few levels when a few ogres are on the way to the Core that they ignored being attacked from Harps and continued there way to the Cores.

I find it really sad that the Squire became so useless now. Its cool that the App is now stronger than before but the Squire should be minimum as good as the App.


The biggest thing what bugs me in that game is still the RNG.

Yes its now dropping more Sup,Ult, Ult+,Ult++ than before, but I honestly think the quality of the armors are not worth the naming.

Hell I see so many bad Ult Armors that get owned by Myth and Trans Armors that its just a shame to call them Ultimate.


I still know that the RNG was even years ago one of the biggest complains players wrote about.

I think Trendy also tried to fixed it but in the way how this RNG workes they couldn't do so much about it.


And guess what, after now arround 4 months of activ playing and spending several hundreds of hours more in that game I'm still again at that point were I want to quit again.

Because I dont see any progress in becoming stronger.

The most fun I had with that game was with the tinkering of new builds and get better solutions, but for that I need to get better, better armors that offers new ways to build.

This game fells to me like this lootbox games a lot players simply hate, it is even worser here u get double Items you have no use for.

You need to spend many hours of grinding to get the next box where probably only crap is in.


I really hope that the updates which will come will fix it or gives use solutions against it.


As Example:

When its true that the RNG cant changed in the way its more rewarding. Why we cant have a new "forge" were you can reroll your shitty Ult++ for lets say 50b mana again until the RNG drops you better stats that would be a real upgrade for your existing armor set.

The Endgame in this game is even more broken than when I quited the first time.

I really like the game, but spending hundreds of hours in that game with pretty much zero reward is no fun.

I know this would cause an disturbance in the Force, eeehm I mean trading market.

So maybe cubevalue wouldn't be needed anymore.


Just some thoughts from me.










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Great news however will you be able to implement a way to use our redux progress on DD1 if this is the case? many people have spent countless hours on ddr :c

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Good news for the crowd oblivious to Redux's existence.

Unfortunately for the long-term Redux players like myself, backporting data to Vanilla seems highly unlikely. There are major backend differences between the two, on top of all the gameplay features and changes Redux brings.

For one: many preexisting weapons and pets obtained on Ascension difficulty are coded as if they were totally different items. This is why the two pet collection achievements do not count pets acquired on Ascension.

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WOW thanks for you effort guys, i love this game.

If i can suggest something besides content, there is a problem creating online game when you have more than 1 Network device, (with windows sandbox from win11 activated, i can't play the game).

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