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Pre-Episode 2 Patch 1 Notes

[CG] Philip




The Pre-Episode 2 Patch 1 is now live on PC, Xbox and PlayStation! Switch will get this update at a future date once it’s gone through certification. This patch adds many highly requested features and changes from the community.


Let’s get into all the great changes in this patch!


Siren Rework 

The Siren has been a point of frustration for many of our players and has received a rework. The reworked version will be targetable by towers and have two abilities and a normal ranged attack:

  • Ability 1 - Mitigate damage to nearby enemies. 

  • Ability 2 - Target players/defenses with a casted explosion that will cause damage if the player does not move away before the cast completes. 


Make sure to keep an eye on defenses and cores as The Siren will now attack anything in her path without needing to be provoked.

Note: Currently there is no difference between normal and rifted and is still considered a Rifted Enemy in both modes.


Pet Transmog

Do you want your Corgi to shoot fireballs? Well now they can! Pet Transmog can be accessed through the blacksmith and you can now transmog your currently equipped pet with any pet that you’ve unlocked.




New Fusion Pets

What better way to welcome the addition of Pet Transmog than to add more pets to collect!




In this patch we’ve added 4 new Fusion pets for you to collect!

  • Act 1: Steam Robot

  • Act 2: Little Wizard

  • Act 3: Dragon

  • Act 4: Angry Cloud

Players can obtain them by playing Rifted Survival on any act map except for the encore maps. Bonus Waves will roll between the map's pet and the Fusion pet (50/50 currently). We expect to add more in future patches.


Defense Range Decal



For those that have played DDGR, we changed the defense range decal to a clearer and nicer looking blue range indicator that more concisely communicates your range without overriding the environment. We’ve brought this over to replace the green glow that is currently presented. Overall we think this should provide players with a less obstructive view of their defense range.


Changing enemy Elemental Resistance from 100% to 75%

Enemy Elemental Resistance has been lowered from 100% to 75%. This will not change how towers work. Elemental Towers will not target, Auras will not damage, and Traps will not trigger or damage elemental enemies.


Item Culling Changes

This change makes it so that instead of drops always replacing the lowest IPWR item on the ground once the max drop limit has been reached, it will now instead keep 20 Armor, 10 Weapons and 10 Offhand drops on the ground and replace an item of the same category. Pets and Accessories are no longer culled and will stay on the ground.


Rifted Enemies now drop Fusion Gear

Enemies now have a small chance to drop Fusion Gear when playing rifted. This isn’t meant to be a major source of Fusion Gear but will help players breaking into rifted to make sets easier.


Centered Perspective Camera Option

This was an addition that was done in DDGR to allow players to have a centered camera view and has been a popular request in the community. This can be enabled in the gameplay settings for users that prefer that camera angle.


Smart Upgrade and Repair

This new system will allow you to upgrade and repair defenses like never before! When enabled in the gameplay setting (Enabled by default). Each setting can be toggled on or off independently of each other.


Smart Repair will attempt to repair nearby defense to the reticle starting with the lowest health percentage. 


Smart Upgrade will upgrade nearby towers to the reticle in the order of their priority fully before going down to a lower priority tower. Two towers of the same priority will alternate between the lower upgrade level. The priority list is now:


  • Overclock Beam

  • DPS Towers / Traps / Auras

  • Blockades

  • Everything else

  • Reflect Field


Example 1: If you have a Harpoon Tower and a Spike Blockade, the Harpoon Turret will get upgraded fully before the Spike Blockade receives any upgrades.

Example 2: if you have 2 Harpoon towers and a Spike blockade, it will alternate upgrading the 2 Harpoon Towers to full before targeting the Spike Blockade



  • General

    • Item Effects

      • Irradiate can no longer activate on target dummies to allow users to more easily compare actual DPS values as irradiate.


  • Squire

    • Spiked Blockade

      • Health Increased from 1160 to 1392

    • Slice N Dice Blockade

      • Health Increased from 1225 to 1470

      • Damage Increased from 7 to 7.7

    • Harpoon Turret

      • Damage Increased from 60 to 73

      • Projectile is no longer destroyed by map geometry

    • Bouncer Blockade

      • Health Increased from 1087 to 1304

      • DU reduced from 2 to 1

    • Bowling Ball Turret

      • Damage Increased from 70 to 84

  • Apprentice

    • Elemental Barrier

      • Health Increased from 1160 to 1392

    • Magic Missile Tower

      • Damage Scaling Increased from 1.6 to 1.75

    • Lightning Tower 

      • Damage Increased from 20 to 22

  • Huntress

    • Explosive Trap

      • Damage increased from 375 to 412

      • Range Increased from 200 to 220

      • Rate Increased from 10 to  8

    • Inferno Trap

      • Damage Increased from 65 to 78

      • Effect Rate Increased from 0.65 to 0.5

    • Thunder Spike Trap

      • Damage Increased from 1500 to 1800

      • Rate Increased from 8.5 to 6.8

      • Can be overlapped with other Thunder Spike Traps outside of a small radius

  • EV

    • Blocking Field

      • Health Increased from 882 to 1058

  • Warden

    • Roots of Purity

      • Health Increased from 825 to 990

    • Shroomy Pit is now Shroomy Geyser

      • Use the new and improved Shroomy Geyser to yeet Shroomies to your heart's content!


Quality of Life

  • Warden's Sprout ground target changed to a projectile.

  • Updated Defense Range indicators to be more user-friendly.

  • The ‘Sell All’ hotkey returns as Left Ctrl + S (Hold) for keyboard and Left Thumbstick (Hold) for gamepad while in the inventory.

  • Added ‘Force Ready Up’ on the Escape UI for consoles.

  • Transmog items that can no longer be obtained will now be hidden on the transmog UI.

  • Updated item effect descriptions to say "Increases {stat name}" instead of giving the actual description of the stat.

  • Updated Stability's item effect description to say "Reduces Knockback from enemy attacks."



  • Entitlements no longer give items, but will now just unlock the transmog. Entitlements that were given as items are now sellable, but will not be tradable. Additionally those items will also be locked when logging in to prevent accidental selling.

    • Note: Any entitlement items sold at this point will be gone forever.

  • Added Social Button Bar to Main Menu.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few issues to help with multiplayer disconnects.

  • Fixed an issue where the spawn door had some weird textures.

  • Fixed an issue where hackers can see non hacked games.

  • Fixed an issue where defeated enemies on the Tactical Map would still display despite being defeated.

  • Fixed issues with item effects spawning projectiles at the wrong location.

  • Fixed an issue where leaving a game that was lower difficulty than what your Tavern was previously set to would cause you to have difficulty scaling issues until hero swapping.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting your last transmog could result in a crash.

  • Fixed an issue where the client would occasionally crash when culling an item.

  • Fixed an issue where the session browser displays 9999 games found instead of 0 when no games found on initial open.

  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the Session Browser when there are no sessions will hide the X Games Found text instead of saying 0.

  • Fixed an issue where the Siren icon on the Tactical Map was too small.

  • Fixed some additional backend issues with Session Browser with games not showing up in specific cases.

  • Fixed issue where Ping was not shown in the controls UI.


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On Xbox I am experiencing a bug with the test dummies in the tavern. My difficulty always seems to be set to easy even though I only play massacre and I do so much damage to the dummies that it always displays -1.073B like it's a data overflow. The notes also state bonus waves are 50\50 for the new rifted pets and I have run ~15 dungeons and have yet to get one rifted version from any bonus wave between 2 maps so I suspect something is wrong there. I'm enjoying every other change so far, keep up the great work guys!

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