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DDA Future and the Community Task Force

[CG] Andrew



Let’s talk DDA. It has been a year since we have released a significant update. We’re sorry and we will do better. However, apologies don’t mean anything without action, so we want to lay out a path forward that keeps our community engaged and us accountable. With that, we bring you the DDA Community Task Force.


DDA Community Task Force 

Internally, we have recently reorganized some of our structures to incorporate a small dedicated team to more readily and quickly respond to issues specifically on DDA. This team is headed up by Phil (of Funday Friday and Corgi fame) and he will be leading a handful of us to better cater to the needs of players. 

What does this mean? This means DDA will be receiving MUCH more frequent updates with significant changes to the game. These changes could include: Large meta-shifting rebalances, game mode revamps, attack speed cap partial or full reverts (yes, seriously), or other community requested features. We definitely expect to miss the mark on some of these changes, but with our increased ability to adapt we will be able to take risks that we have previously been afraid of taking. 

So now what does the future of DDA look like?



Two of the most apparent issues with DDA are (1) that players generally don’t have enough incentive to play game modes other than Survival, and (2) there is not enough variety in high-level, endgame play. This is something we want to address, while also adding features that the community wants to see. This first group of changes will attempt to address the following: 

  • Endless Survival

    • Giving players more challenges to push their gear to the limits and optimizing their builds to see how far they can progress.

  • Pure Strategy Rework

    • Adding engaging goals to make playing it feel special and give better rewards.

  • HUD Party Bar

    • QoL feature to see who is in your party at all times, with relevant information like Health, Level, and Ready Up Status.

  • Weapon & Pet Balance Iteration

    • Taking a closer look at itemization to find areas we can make more engaging and allow players to have more options.

  • Cutting Attack Rate Caps in half 

    • This will start with PC, with performance investigations for Xbox and PS.

  • QoL Changes to Bonus Waves

    • Scaling up the difficulty of the entire map as opposed to just 1 additional hard wave.

Note: We will start making the first round of these changes this month. We expect these adjustments to be significant, so there will be another PTR available for testing as well. 


Episode 2

We have some content in Episode 2 that is ready, and some that is not. In order to bring you some of the finished content sooner, we will be splitting it in two. The first half of Episode 2 will include:

This first part of Episode 2 will drop in around late September or early October with the second half of Episode 2 coming in November. If this proves to be successful, we may also decide to spread Episode 3 out over several smaller updates as well to make sure that we continue to give our players continuous, fresh content.


Updated Timelines

In order for this DDA Community Task Force to be effective, we will need to update the game much more frequently. Right now we anticipate this to include 1 or 2 updates per month, as well as a much more utilized PTR. We will make sure to communicate any changes through our social channels so that you always know what is going on and can give us feedback at every step. And speaking of feedback...


Community Surveys

We are very happy with the DDA surveys that we have been running over the past few months, and these will continue going forward. Because of your input we have made several changes, including everything from this past PTR, which will now be heading to live servers. You have given us so much thoughtful feedback, great ideas, and even some light-hearted trolling and we want to keep this up as we iterate on DDA. With this post we have launched our newest survey, regarding some of these upcoming changes.

Survey here!


What’s Next?

This update, we wanted to make sure that we kept the focus exclusively on DDA and our upcoming plans. However, fans of DD2 and DDGR fret not! We are still working diligently on all of our titles and have new and exciting updates in the works. Thanks for your understanding, and make sure to follow our channels below to stay in the know for all of our upcoming updates.


Social Defenders

To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels:

For Etheria!
Chromatic Games

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One of those key points - Really excited to see this reverse! DDA needs to out do DD1 and if you guys can achieve this -power to you. 

  • Cutting Attack Rate Caps in half 

    • This will start with PC, with performance investigations for Xbox and PS.


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Phil and Andrew I just really want to say keep up the pace you started now that is all we need.

Give us EP2 - give us what you promised deliver - get our feedback - we are more then happy to test all of this for you - then release it to production

Keep the tempo you now started with updates, communication, feedback collection, dev stream focused only on whats coming and discussion with us.

if you keep doing what you doing now DDA can be great game.

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game needs ascension because you need something to keep you going after you have finished all content and you should add a shop for cosmetics so you can earn money 

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As far as the multi-part episodes, I don't think anyone would object to them being 4 or even 6+ parts.  Each map can be it's own release, which will lead to players playing that new map multiple times, instead of releasing all at once an endgame grind only working with the last map in the list.  And each hero can get a dedicated release so players can get drawn back in to experiment with them and level them up.

Point being, it's more important to have something new released faster than to have a lot of new things in a bulk update that's spaced out.

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Has there been any update regarding the local co-op? My wife and I are still holding off getting DDA until we can play together. So many great memories with DD1 local co-op. Once added we are buying on both the switch and PS4.

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On 8/8/2022 at 5:52 PM, T_Dot_24 said:

Has there been any update regarding the local co-op? My wife and I are still holding off getting DDA until we can play together. So many great memories with DD1 local co-op. Once added we are buying on both the switch and PS4.

Nothing new yet.  Still being worked on, but no dates or anything.

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As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, "DDA Future" and the "Community Task Force" do not appear to be widely recognized terms or concepts in any specific context. However, I can provide some general information that might help if these terms have gained significance or emerged after that date. Get tips for fixing the email problem from here.

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