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The Session Browser is Back Patch

[CG] Andrew



Today we are putting out a small, but very impactful, update where we are happy to welcome back the Session Browser on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox! (that feels reallllly good to finally type out btw) In addition to bringing back the browser, we are also enabling the DDGR hero costumes, changing the Dark Elf Warrior, and fixing some frustrating bugs!

Session Browser is back!

This feature is back, you’re once again able to find other Defenders to play with. We’re sorry it was gone for a while, but it was out of our hands and took a lot of work to get back up and running. This is currently live for Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox with Switch coming at a later date.


Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue Costumes!

As promised in our release of Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue, we’ve provided five free costumes that were released in DDGR for DDA! You should be able to select them through transmog once you have the update.

image (14).png


  • Removed the Rifted Dark Elf Warrior Cloaking mechanic
    • This means that towers will be able to target and attack rifted warriors without needing to be a fusion tower.
  • Greatly increased the transparency of the Reflect Field’s texture to be less distracting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Aim Assist was targeting defeated enemies
  • Fixed a bug where Inventory Stats points would mess up when you swap heroes on the stat page
  • Fixed a bug where XP/Radial Bars were not properly showing values
  • Fixed a bug where applying stat points changes in some cases would get rejected and return to the unspent pool
  • Fixed a bug where heroes would sometimes display -1 health
    • Let us know if you see this in game. We believe we fixed this, but it’s hard to reproduce on our end.
  • Fixed a bug where the secret room stairs didn't have collision, causing you to fall through


What's Next?

We’re currently working on getting these patches for Switch. Because of the changes we had to make to multiplayer, the Session Browser requires custom setup on each platform with their own requirements. We’ll keep you posted as to when those are coming out. We are continuing to work on DDA, using your feedback to greatly influence the things we work on, with more surveys on the way to get more of your feedback. We’re wanting to get more small patches out between now and Episode 2 that address some issues that have been outlined as we continue our work. There’s also more updates for DD2 and DDGR on the way, there’s so much we’re doing that we can’t wait to get out to all of you!


Social Defenders

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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games

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When we going to have the local multiplayer back?? This is very important thing to follow up =/ 

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