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DDA Survey Feedback and Action

[CG] Andrew



Thank you for taking the time over the past month to fill out our DDA feedback forms. During this time we compiled and aggregated this data so that we could ensure that we address as many of the community’s concerns as possible, while also staying reasonable in what we can accomplish. Here is our action plan going forward at this point. We do anticipate that there will be more additions to this list, but we wanted to make sure that we came back to the community with the plans we currently have. Also, in another effort to be as transparent as possible, we have linked the results of our survey here. The only changes we have made are the omission of comments referencing specific people as well as any inappropriate comments.

** This list is not final, and things are likely to change overtime **

Pre-Episode 2

Siren Rework

  • The Siren has always been a controversial enemy. Originally our goal was to provide a unique challenge that incentivized the player to either be very active, or require specific build preparation. After considering the feedback, we’ll be reworking the Siren to have more of a traditional enemy feel. This will include allowing towers to target them, as well as removing their ability to give elemental resistance to enemies. In exchange, they will be getting a new set of abilities. This should alleviate some of the frustrations our players are experiencing. 

Rifted Dark Elf Warrior

  • It has been pretty clear that players are often confused or frustrated with the Dark Elf Warrior’s ability to not be targeted by non-fusion towers. Going forward we’ll be removing this restriction as we continue to investigate what a more permanent solution looks like. 

Session Browser

  • As mentioned in a previous post, we are actively working on restoring the session browser starting with PC in the coming weeks. Console session browsers are still a work in progress and we will keep you updated as with updates as we have them.

    Episode 2

    New Content

    • This will include all of the traditional episode content: New maps, heroes, enemy, and boss. So far we’ve revealed The Bazaar and Lost Metropolis. We’ve also teased the first hero, The Outcast, being a Summoner remake. We want to make sure we stay faithful to the original Summoner, while also making them a little more…balanced. We will be gathering more community feedback so that we can hit the mark on what you feel is important for this iconic Dungeon Defenders hero. Finally we’ll be looking into revealing even more content over time.


    • As outlined in the forum post, the goal with Runes is to provide the players with a new system that creates more hero and defense build diversity by letting you pick and choose what runes you will use to specialize your builds. These will also serve as a new item type to hunt for and unlock and as well as incentivizing trading.

    Rifted Reworks

    • Our goal here is to take the feedback from the survey and to iterate on the Rifted modifier in order to provide something that more players are happy with. Currently, it is very clear that players believe there are good and bad parts of Rifted. We have a few ideas in the works here, and will be coordinating these with the community and gathering more feedback on which path will be the best going forward.


    • This has been a huge request since the launch of DDA and is something we definitely want to implement. This is also a significant undertaking. We really want this to get in and we’ll have more info on this overtime as we get closer to Episode 2.


    Hero & Tower Balance

    • We’ve received a lot of feedback in this area including but not limited to: Hero survivability, hero DPS, Walls being weak, Harpoons and Traps needing some love, and some towers being too strong. We are keeping all of this in mind as we continue to iterate on the overall balance of the game.

    Weapon Balance

    • Our main takeaway from the feedback was that players want more weapon choices that are viable in the endgame. We’ll be looking at how to best balance various weapons to still be relevant in the endgame, not just the last boss weapon set.

    Pet Balance

    • We think that it is important to acknowledge the removal of builder pets by saying that our goal was to provide players the freedom to use any pet on their hero without sacrificing their ability to build. That being said, we will be looking at pet balance so that we can expand the list of viable pets, with a specific focus on combat pets. We’ll continue to investigate what we can do to incorporate more defense themed pets and how we can lessen the loss of builder pets.

    Loot changes

    • This topic had some wide array of opinions on where we should go with modifications to the loot system. We currently aren't looking at doing an overhaul to the existing system, but instead we hope that the changes mentioned here should make the loot experience feel better. Overall, the loot complaints we are seeing revolve around Rifted or how loot is acquired. That being said, there are improvements we want to make like better defining or adding loot tiers, and other ways to distinguish between good and bad loot.

    Episode 2 and Beyond

    ** These features may still come with episode 2 but are currently unknown in timeline**

    Boss Rush

    • This has been a popular request throughout the community. At this point we don’t exactly know what this looks like, but are actively exploring this idea. We will update you as we have a more tangible path forward here.

    Endless Survival mode

    • After looking through all of the survey results, it was frequently mentioned that you would like to see some kind of infinite mode where you could truly test the limits of your build. Currently we are not looking to create any kind of Onslaught system, but instead allow players to push their Survival builds as far as they want with increasing difficulty each wave. Rewards here are a little tricky. We want to be very careful not to introduce power creep or trivialize endgame loot grinding, so we’ll be investigating ways to encourage players to complete the harder waves while maintaining balance.

    Customizable Cores

    • Core customization is another highly requested feature, and is something we will be exploring. However, this requires additional UI elements, unlocking systems, and art/content to go along with it. Overall, we’d love to have yet another way to allow players to set themselves apart from one another, however this would pull our attention away from other potentially more important tasks. We will keep you updated on our decision making process here as we move forward.

    More Assault Maps

    • From our feedback, Assault challenge maps have been a very popular request. Previously, we have considered adding a full Assault Challenge game mode on every map. However, this isn’t practical on smaller maps like Deeper Well. Also, the time needed to set up a single map is more than we would like. That said, we are looking to add more assault maps where it makes sense, and provides a fun gameplay experience.

    More Challenges / Loot Changes

    • We are aware (especially after your feedback) that the current rewards are quickly outclassed and not viable for endgame. This is a tough challenge. If the rewards are more viable than what you get in other game modes, then it invalidates those rewards. We do agree that challenge rewards should have a purpose and is something that we will be investigating even further.

    Quality of Life Improvements

    • We will be improving the general quality of life of DDA as we move forward in this process, which will include loot, pets, rifted mode, etc. This is definitely a topic we will want to hear more specifics from the community on, and we will be releasing another targeted survey to further dive into specific concerns.

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    Tzhx guys. Take masteries from DD2 as a challenge - it is done already just move it to DDA - best mode ever:)

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    I'm actually pretty fine with the Siren but it would be interesting to see the changes that's would be going in. I'm good with it either way. (Seriously though, can we have the OG Siren in DD2 then? :P)

    Most of it sounds good, I'm definitely looking forward to those. Though yeah, while I still prefer having pre-episode 1 gear system back but with post ep-1 QOLs (which is what I eventually leaned towards more after playing enough of episode 1), hopefully future changes can make the current loot system worth it.

    Another things is that I hope Survival Endless would be engaging for endgame. I don't know how to do that, but what I would want is that it won't be boring like the journey from wave 1 to 23 where everything is the same.

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    No mention of split screen?  Hopefully it's still on the list of things to do.

    Aside from that, the only thing I would mention is in regards to the Endless Survival mode.  I'm not sure you really need to bother with rewards that exceed the end of standard survival.  Perhaps endless Deeper Well could eventually drop stats that you'd find on whatever the current "last" map is, but I don't think it needs to go past that.  Even without stronger gear to incentivize, it would probably end up being a decent farm for gold.

    It might just be because I've played Bloons TD too much, but Endless was more of a personal challenge or curiosity.  You didn't do it to be rewarded by the game, you did it because you were enjoying playing that map and wanted to keep going, or because you wanted to see just how far you could last.

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    A step in the right direction, am glad Chromatic are taking feedback seriously.

    Keep the good stuff coming :)

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    I remember like it was yesterday, my 03 brothers and I playing Dungeons Defenders together, this game marked our lives. With the announcement of the DDA we were excited to be able to play again, but the team simply abandoned the local split-screen co-op mode. There is no news, no forecast... I only bought the game for that reason, please listen to the community on this issue.

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