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Dungeon Defenders Awakened PlayStation Update - May 24th Delay

Chromatic Games



We’re writing to give you an update regarding our upcoming PlayStation release. Everything has been locked, loaded, and ready to release for a while now. However, due to powers out of our control, the launch got pushed back due to certification obligations and delaying when we're able to get keys for Kickstarter, Backerkit, and Xsolla backers. This means the ones who have been with us since the beginning, would be coming in late. We don’t feel this is the right way to honor the pledges and want backers to start off on the same foot as other players that purchase the game on release through PlayStation.

As a result we’re delaying our launch until May 24th, at 10:00 AM Eastern. We’re sorry for the late notice on this, but it’s something we just found out this week and have been working on getting all of our potential options mapped out, with this being the safest route that guarantees Kickstarter backers are playing on day 1.

While this is bittersweet news, we also want to thank everyone for their feedback with our latest surveys, and we will have more to come for upcoming features (including heroes) to get your input as we develop them. One of the things we’re currently plugging away on getting up and running again is the Session Browser so Defenders can find others to play with once more. We should have this feature re-enabled for PC and Xbox in the coming weeks, with Switch and PlayStation coming later as their certification processes are a bit more thorough.

That’s it for now, but once PlayStation is live, we’ll finally be out on all platforms, with more updates for DDA to come!

For Etheria
Chromatic Games


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:( i was looking forward to playthis game  in 3day ps im a Kickstarter backers and Xsolla backers was 4 pc i thank 

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Well that explains why I didn't see it in Playstation store for pre-orders lol. I did back them on kickstarter for the Playstation version so I'm fine with this. I mean we did wait this long, what's another few weeks. 

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Take your time, I would rather everything be solid when I jump into this, hopefully it will have a platinum trophy!!!!! (not an easy one, make me work for it!!!

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Will can't wait until DDA to come out on PS4 in May 24th I'm going have fun. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

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If this game gets 1 more delay I'm washing my hands with it and moving on. This is ridiculous. Over 2 years now. Ridiculous.

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DD1 & DD2 player here!!! It was over 2.5 years for the DDA to come out on PlayStation.

Thanks for you guys hard working on this game. :Emoji_Monk:

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