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DDGR Dungeon Dash Final Standings!

[CG] Andrew



It has been an incredible launch for Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue, including our inaugural Dungeon Dash speedrun competition! After going through and verifying all of our competitors' best times, we are now proud to announce our top 10 speedrunners!

1st:   TTVLewictic           14m 39s
2nd:  Arymer                   15m 22s
3rd:   Pinguinio                15m 32s
4th:   Pind Diesl Smurf   17m 08s
5th:   Kishida                    17m 32s
6th:   Win or Feed           17m 51s
7th:   TrafkZ                      18m 09s
8th:   NaC| `NeckeD        19m 17s
9th:   Elandui                    19m 26s
10th: Anuon                     20m 13s

We will be reaching out to our winners over the next few days with their prizes. Thanks again everyone for your support and participation, and we can’t wait until the next Dungeon Dash!


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