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DD2 Update 5 Hotfix v2

[CG] Andrew



Today we are redeploying our most recent DD2 update. The original version of this patch caused significant server issues that we believe to be resolved with this hotfix. In addition to the original patch we have added a few extra changes as well (which I have italicized for easier parsing). Thanks again for all of your patience while we're working to resolve these issues.

Abyss Lord Changes


  • Changed the Abyss Lord hero damage multiplier to 5.
  • Changed the right click scalar of the Abyss Lord to from 3 to 2.
  • The Abyss Lord can now hold right click to auto activate their charged attacks (Helps prevents clicker spam).
  • Changed right click cast time to be a base 1.25 instead of 1.5 to match the animation better.


  • Abyss Stone - Abyssal Stone now has a 10s cooldown, but the damage scalar has been increased.
  • Direct Command - Direct Command now has a 20s cooldown but can affect multiple towers at once within a radius, and affected tower abilities now scale off of their tower damage.
  • Abyss Fountain Heal - Changed healing fountain to a static heal percentage to allow it to be viable for all setups.

Abyss Lord Shards

  • Power Overwhelming - Ability power increases from 30% to 50%
  • Shattering Stone - Now works and has been buffed from 400% to 2500%


  • Added the ability for Squire and Countess to use axes
  • Added the ability for Flame Eater and Prickly Shield chip to roll on axes
  • Last Stand chip & Rise from the Ashes now give 1.5 seconds of invincibility after reviving
  • Protective Downgrade now gives 1.5 seconds of invincibility to the affected tower after reviving
  • Genie King’s Blessing Shard mana gain increased from 2 to 3
  • Reduced Elder Wyvern damage resistance buff by 10% for both regular and elite
  • Elder Wyverns and Ancient Wyverns can no longer buff each other
  • Increased Jester Box health on C9 Jester's Revenge
  • Increased C8 core and subcore health to Onslaught Floor 100 level
  • Increased C9 core and subcore health to Onslaught Floor 350 level
  • Changed C8 mastery to have a 50 ascension talent cap and C9 mastery to have a 100 ascension talent cap
  • Reduced the proc rate of the Double-tap shard to match fire for effect
  • Tweaked the Phoenix AI on embermount
  • Reduced Elvish Artillery Cannon damage by 10%
  • Reduced the potency of Mercenary’s Mark mod from 200% increased damage to 150%
  • Increased Demonic Scythe passive damage by 300%
  • Increased Dagger Throw cooldown from 2 seconds to 8
  • Reduced Fan of Knives damage by 40%
  • Reduced Mercenary Melee Swing Multipliers by 30%
  • Reduced Backstab Shard by 14%
  • Increased Cooldown of Combat Preparation from 15 to 20 seconds
  • Adjusted Flak Cannon max rate from 2.0 to 1.5
  • Increased Oil catapult projectile AoE by 25%
  • Increased Elder Dragon Burn damage by 100%
  • Reduced Hero Damage scalar on Bouncing Phoenix from 1000% to 500%
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower & Harpy tower to no longer rest when shooting
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower to frost damage
  • Changed the Glacier shard to now be frost damage
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower to now target ground enemies
  • Increased the Hailstorm damage scalar by 150%, but increased the max rate to 0.24s 
  • Changed the flame burst tower to now upgrade projectile damage range when upgrade 400 to 800 max 
  • Increased the projectile size and added slight homing effect to harpy projectile to further increase its accuracy

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some bosses weren't properly tagged as mini bosses
  • Fixed an issue where some mastery challenges weren't working
  • Fixed an issue where Call to Arms’ tower damage buff wasn't working on fissures
  • Fixed upgrade cost on Auto-Repair System being too high
  • Fixed the Display value on the Tamer’s Gambit shard
  • Fixed an issue where Valiant Charge and Sweeping Strikes were not hitting Siege roller weak point
  • Fixed an issue where Valiant Charge wasn't being counted for focused ap
  • Fixed an issue where bosses on the Wildest West could be counted twice
  • Fixed an issue on the Wildest West where you had to kill the entire final wave on C9 instead of just the bosses
  • Fixed an issue where the golden fenix wasn’t dropping the correct ability
  • Fixed an issue where the golden fenix egg name was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with the Empowering Aura shard where it was reducing Ability Power instead of increasing it
  • Fixed an issue where the Adept / Apprentice Tornado VFX was scaling its size
  • Fixed an issue where rings could be synced to progression in player shops
  • Fixed an issue where the default card hero index was wrong in the hero inspect screen making the first hero card blank
  • Fixed an issue where controller inputs weren't showing the tooltips in the hero inspect screen
  • Fixed an issue where loot was dropping on the boss wave of embermount
  • Fixed an issue where some Mana-related mods didn't properly work for the countess
  • Fixed an issue where the toggle loot popups didn't apply to certain popups
  • Fixed an issue where stackable items would switch selection focus on use on pc
  • Fixed several issues involving the Demon Lord boss fight where it would become impossible to complete
  • Fixed an issue where Jester Box on Jester's Revenge could be stunned
  • Fixed an issue where Powder Shot had the wrong chaos tier icon
  • Fixed an issue where Titanic Slam wasn't in the correct shard pack
  • Fixed an issue where pet reroll boxes were not stacking
  • Fixed an issue where the special death VFX wasn't working on Abyss Lord siphon
  • Fixed an issue where the lower chaos tier warning pops up on the same chaos tier items
  • Fixed an issue where the Inspired Shout shard was not giving Armor
  • Fixed an issue where the Cybermancer skin couldn't be purchased from the create a hero screen
  • Fixed an issue where the sticky bomb pet ability could hit friendly targets
  • Fixed an issue with the Mark of the Phoenix mod’s proc chance being over 100%
  • Fixed Hardened Servo tooltip at low levels
  • Fixed an issue where base xp values weren't correct on Wild Westival C8 / C9 expeditions
  • Potential fix for outside phased lanes on Wild Westival
  • Fixed an issue where cores could overflow health on wave transitions
  • Fixed a logic issue on reward popups
  • Fixed an issue where the damage thresholds on the demon lord wasn't working with 3 & 4 players active
  • Fixed an issue where the dragon's nest tower wasn't doing any damage

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Changed fissure target attack vfx
  • Towers and dummies now use a bigger integer to display cumulative damage over 2 billion
  • Sky Guard Towers now displays their projectile damage radius
  • Revamped all of Embermount Volcano’s lighting and post processing to help display death pits and various other features
  • Changed the collection UI to properly show map progression on certain challenges and updated descriptions on certain challenges
  • Changed the function of goblin insurance to a toggle and not a press and hold action
  • Reduced amount of enemies that can appear at any given time on Lost Temple. Should help with performance and make things slightly more manageable.
  • Renamed Critical Servo/Chip to Crit Chance Servo/Chip
  • Dryads can now melee attack while flying


  • Added Hypno skins for Countess and Mercenary!
  • Hypno Bundle is now officially called "Mega Hypno Bundle"


Note: If you have previously purchased the All Heroes Hypno Pack and don't receive these new skins please email our Customer Support team at support@chromatic.games

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