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DDA on PlayStation May 3rd!

[CG] Andrew



We know it has been a while since we have had any new information to bring you on the Dungeon Defenders Awakened PlayStation release. Today we happily end that drought — DDA will be released on PlayStation 4 and 5 on May 3, 2022!


We’ll keep you posted on any news as we get closer to our release!

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With DDA coming to both PS4 and PS5, does this mean there will be two versions on Playstation (or is this simply a reference to the backward compatibility feature of the PS5)?


If there's two separate versions, will backers of the PS4 version have access to the PS5 version? Will there be cross-progression or a save import feature on the PS5 version?

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On 4/6/2022 at 12:38 PM, Quantum_Tryhard said:

When will we be able to pre-order DDA? And will pre-download  be an option as well?

May 24th, at 10:00 AM Eastern maybe May 23th

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When will we, which preordered long ago through the Kickstarter, be receiving our keys?

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