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Introducing the Chromatic Streamer Support Program!

[CG] Andrew



If you follow our social media channels (and you should be by now) you may have noticed that I have been streaming a little more frequently during the week on our Twitch channel. I like to do this so that I can better acquaint myself with our streaming community, and have some fun while doing so. Live streaming is how I originally broke into the gaming industry, and is still something that I am still very passionate about. As such, I have been wanting to start a program to say thanks to our streamers, and today I am doing just that!

Here is a link to a very short form to fill out to sign up. That's it. Just fill in your Twitch channel and current email address (yes, you will actually need to check it) and stream any Dungeon Defenders game for a total of at least 20 hours every 2 weeks (Update: 40 hours every month) and I send you a few codes. These codes will usually be for in-game cosmetics that we are featuring in our games. You can use these codes for yourself, or to giveaway to your own communities however you see fit! The amount of codes received may vary each period, and each streamer in the program will receive the same amount.

This program is our way of saying thanks to you who already stream our games, as well as hopefully encourage a few new faces out there to begin. My hope is that this just the start of a program that will continue to evolve alongside our players and games! 

The first 2-week block starts today and runs through 3/28. Codes should be in your email within a day or two of the end of each 2-week period. 

Thanks, and have a good stream!


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Love this idea! I am actually just about to return to streaming DDA (my twitch name is Fallen Pumpking but I cant change my old name here. I will definitely sign up for the program!

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im very active streamer for DD1 not being able these past few weeks as my PC was moved for decorating but im sure to come back :smileface: 


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