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DDA PlayStation Update

[CG] Andrew



We’re currently in certification for our PlayStation 4 and 5 release of Dungeon Defenders Awakened. The intention of this message is to outline where we’re currently at and to get your input on what you’d prefer regarding the release of this port. We’re sending a survey out directly to people who have pre-ordered this to make sure that their voices are heard directly about the following matters.


At the end of November, we were notified that the systems we use through PlayFab would no longer be supported March 1st, as they had updated their systems and would not be supporting our legacy version past that date. As a result, we’re currently working on overhauling our entire multiplayer setup for Dungeon Defenders Awakened across all platforms, doing everything we can to make sure we’re transferred off the legacy version before that deadline (otherwise multiplayer systems just stop working). After weeks of working with PlayFab support, we were not able to get an extended window to use our current systems. We weren’t expecting to have to overhaul to the degree that we are, but if we don’t, multiplayer just stops working.


What does this mean for PlayStation?

Currently we are in the certification process for how the game currently runs. Part of this process is how multiplayer functions on PlayStation, making sure connections work, and that there’s not any kind of major issues. When we update our multiplayer systems, we’re going to have to go through the certification process again to get this newer multiplayer system approved. This can take a considerable amount of time. We’re reaching out to players to get their preference on what we do moving forward. We have two options available to us right now (though things can change drastically as we do this work that may shorten or lengthen the timelines):

  • Option 1: Delay the release of PlayStation until Q2 (May/June), releasing it with our updated Multiplayer Systems.
  • Option 2: Release on PlayStation potentially sooner without Multiplayer Systems in Q1 (March), and release an update that enables Multiplayer Systems as we get the work finished and approved through the certification process.
    • This is not something guaranteed that we can do, we’re just wanting to get feedback if it’s something players would want before we investigate it even further.
    • We may be able to release with a Day 1 patch that includes multiplayer. It’s all dependent on the certification timing. Our goal will be to get multiplayer running as soon as possible.
    • Kickstarter/BackerKit/Xsolla Rewards come with the multiplayer/online systems patch.

The survey that our PlayStation players will be completing is going to be a major factor into which route we go with. We might hit some great momentum and get everything we want out within the timeline we had planned, but we would rather be transparent about this now and potentially pivot if it’s what our players want.


We’re a small team and are focused on providing everything we can to our players. With something of this nature, it’s important to make sure that what players receive is something they agree on. The surveys should be going out via email with the listed addresses through Kickstarter/BackerKit (this includes updated email addresses if you contacted support to have that information updated). Once we get the results, we’ll let everyone know the direction we’ll be taking to keep you informed.

For Etheria!

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I say we wait and release with the multiplayer, the main reason i wanted the game was to play with my group so i wouldn’t mind waiting. 

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To me it seem better to get it now. At least we will have something to do while we wait 4 multi-player 2 b added.

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I say we try it now without multiplayer and see how it turns out. To give players a chance to see what it’s like to be without multiplayer and we give feedback about it later on.

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Is the non-multiplayer option the same as offline play, meaning anyone wanting to play online would have to restart when it is available?


Love the transparency and asking the player-base, by the way.  Huge improvement.

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I really wish you would put more focus on getting local multiplayer working, I don’t even really care about online.  

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