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The Embermount Update Preview

[CG] Andrew



It seems like forever ago that we introduced you to the Mercenary, somehow it has actually only been 3 months?? Today we want to talk about the next major update to DD2 - The Embermount Update! We covered this on our latest Twitch Stream, so if you'd like to see the VOD, click here!

New Hero: Countess

If you have ever wanted to harness the power of Siege Weaponry, Fire, and Dragons then we think she may be the hero you've been waiting on!



  • Fury - Basic attacks also launch phoenix projectiles that deal fire damage to all targets in a line. Scales with hero damage.


  • Flame Surge - The Countess slams her shield into the ground, summoning ethereal dragons that travel forward in a line to burn everything in their path.
  • Call to Arms - The Countess rallies allies near her, increasing movement speed and damage dealt. Nearby towers also deal increased damage!

  • Valiant Charge - The Countess charges forward, becoming immune to damage and heavily damaging all enemies in her path.

  • Holy Fire - The Countess creates a barrier of fire around herself, healing her over time and reducing damage taken.



  • Flak Cannon - Launches debris in a wide but short cone with concussive force that knocks smaller foes away.

  • Oil Catapult - Launches arcing flasks that damage and oil enemies in an area.

  • Dragons Nest - This nest is home to several baby dragons that seek out and attack nearby enemies with fireballs

  • Elder Dragon - Summons a unique and powerful dragon that burns all enemies in a huge area dealing high initial damage and even more over time.

Countess Hero Shards/Mods

  • Melting Point (Weapon Shard) - When the Countess deals fire damage to an enemy, there is a change to ignite their armor dealing damage over time.

  • Flame Eater (Weapon Mod)- Increases damage to ignited enemies.


New Skins


  • Countess Skin - Dragon Commander

  • Squire Skin - Commander Armor


Black Market Dealer

  • Goblin Item Insurance - A relic used at Professor Proteus to save your gear from total destruction when tinkering.

  • Exclusive Cosmetic Top Hat - Golden top hat flair. Only purchasable with gold. Only for the fanciest of Defenders.


Chaos 9

This patch also comes with +1 Chaos! That's right, after Chaos 8 you will have even more content to take on in Chaos 9. This includes a new map, new enemies,  and more!


  • New Map

    • Embermount

  • New Enemies

    • Elder Wyvern - They may no longer be able to fly, but these Wyverns can empower nearby enemies, granting them resistance to damage and status effects!

    • Ancient Wyvern - The bigger, badder, MiniBoss version of the Elder Wyvern. Think you can defeat it?

  • New Shards - Here's a sneak-peek at 2 of our upcoming new shards!

    • Hasten - Increases attack speed

    • Electric Arcing - Increases the number of targets for the Lightning Strike Aura, but reduces the damage

  • New Hyper Shard - Unlike C8 Prime Incursion, C9 Prime Incursions will NOT reward another full set of hyper shards for completion. However, there is one new Hyper Shard for completing all C9 Prime

  • New Equipment: Rings

    • Obtained on Prime 9 Incursions. Each prime tier (1-7) has its own ring that drops on any map in that tier. Rings hage 1 guaranteed locked mod, and do not support any other mods or shards. Rings can be upgraded with gold.



We are currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on all of this hot Embermount content. Remember, this is just a patch preview and we will be releasing it in full in the next few weeks. We hope you are as excited as we are!

While we are very happy with how the Countess turned out, we aren't resting! We continue to work hard behind the scenes to create even more new and engaging content for the Dungeon Defenders franchise. We can't wait to show you what we have been hard at work on here at Chromatic!

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Oh man I think, out of these recent updates, this has got to be my favorite yet! A new hero that went above and beyond expectations, great features, very awesome costumes, with a dash of Chaos 9! So looking forward to this!

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Wow, awesome content. Goblin insurance could be a real game changer. I'm very excited.  

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Please release local co-op mode, my brother and I are waiting to play together. 
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On 1/31/2022 at 11:33 AM, Bugo said:

Please release local co-op mode, my brother and I are waiting to play together. 

Do you Mean on DD2? If so it already has it.

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Could you please add a "Check" on prime incursions? At this point I dont know which I have completed. 


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The wording is misleading. Those of us played Prime when it was C7 don't get another set (3rd) by completing it as C8 following the C8 update.

Also, the Des Pylon bug (giving for Prime 1 after reset) is STILL in-game.

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Wow, fantastic content. Goblin insurance has the potential to be a game changer. I'm really looking forward to that drift boss

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