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[CG] Andrew



We are very excited to show off our progress on DDA Episode II by introducing our newest map: The Lost Metropolis! Defend your core from threats old and new in the shadow of structures from a forgotten civilization. (Bonus internet points if you spot the one true hero, Hammel, below) 

New Map: Lost Metropolis


HighresScreenshot00050 (1).png










What’s Next?

Here at Chromatic Games we will be taking time off to spend with our friends and families over the holiday season. That means tomorrow is the last Funday Friday stream of 2021! Make sure to stop by stream tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 17th 2 PM EST) where we reveal this gorgeous new map live! 

Before we go on our holiday hiatus, we also wanted to let everyone know that we have submitted a DDA build to PlayStation and are officially in the certification process! This process usually involves considerable back-and-forth, so we don't have an exact ETA but we continue to move ever closer to the release.
We still have so much in the works at Chromatic, and are very excited what's in store in 2022 for all of our Defenders!

Happy Holidays and New Year! See you in 2022!

Social Defenders

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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games

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Oh man! This map looks good! So much better than what the first teaser teased which is a nice surprise! 

Definitely dig the fusion between Egyptian and Mesopotamian styles of architecture. About map layout, someone on Twitter mentioned that this is a DD1 Palantir remake, and yeah, I'm starting to recognize the layout there. The Friday Funday Stream will be the judge of that!

Also spotted Hammel in the outer right side of the map facing the pyramid haha.

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21 hours ago, Lontra78 said:

How many episodes will there be?

They haven't said, but if the Shards from DD1 are anything to go on, then maybe 4 with some kind of special 5th thing.


21 hours ago, Lontra78 said:

Was split screen implemented?

Not yet.  Aside from DD2 and DDA features, they are focused on the PS4/5 port.  After that, they are likely going to work on trading or cross-save.

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