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DDA Winter Defenderland DLC Update

[CG] Andrew



We just put out a new patch for DD2, and didn’t want to leave the DDA fans out in the cold! We have added some new Winterfest cosmetics, and will be having a login event coming up soon for those of you looking to earn even more. 

This new patch is now live on Steam and Xbox, with Switch soon to follow. We will make sure to update everyone as soon as it goes live on each platform.

New Cosmetics

The following cosmetics are all part of our Winter Defenderland DLC that is purchasable on all platforms. Like everything in DDA, anything that is purchased for the game is cosmetic only. These unlock directly in the transmog UI and can be applied to any hero.

Become the Krampus
Have you been naughty or nice? Krampus knows. Grab this terrifyingly festive costume to strike fear into the hearts of all those who have misbehaved this year.

  • Krampus Hat
  • Krampus Wings
  • Krampus Tail


Festive Flairs
While admittedly not the most aerodynamic, you can still show off your holiday cheer with these two new sets of Winterfest themed wings! 

Note: Do not attempt to eat the Candy Cane Wings.

Snowflake Wings and Giant Snowflake (this is a single version of the Snowflake wings)

snowflake wings_twitter_1200x630.png

Candy Cane Wings


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where wings would disappear in Transmog if no accessory was equipped
  • Fixed an issue where equipping a skin made wings disappear in Transmog

What's Next?

First off, we want to wish everyone in Etheria a safe and happy Winterfest! We hope that everyone gets time to spend with family, friends, and farm the occasional map during this holiday season.

To help facilitate your grind, we will be running a DDA login event from Dec. 22 - Jan. 2. By just logging in, you will receive the Santa Hat to help you celebrate the season!

This is just a slight glimpse of what we are currently working on and we can’t wait to show you more as our progress continues!

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For Etheria!
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So I have been stuck on nightmare difficulty for months like I beat every mission on nightmare and still can't advance to massacre. I have been waiting since September or before I think for a patch.

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My email is jasonsollyedward@gmail.com 

If you want to send me a message through email if I don't read a response because I barely go to your website no offense.

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