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Winterfest Update 2021

[CG] Andrew



It’s been a little over a month since we introduced the Mercenary, and that means the Winterfest season is upon us! In the spirit of giving, we are giving you a little bit of everything! We have some optimizations, a new tower, some cool new cosmetics, balance changes, and much more. Let’s get into it!

64-bit Client

We are adding a 64-bit beta client for potential fixes for many different crashes and general stability. Currently, a fraction of a percent of all Steam users are still on operating systems that can only play 32-bit games. For the time being, both versions of the game will be available to play in order to ensure there are no unexpected issues that arise with the new 64-bit client on PC. You can run the 64-bit client by opening Dungeon Defenders on Steam and selecting the appropriate client on startup.

Please let us know if you experience any 64-bit client only issues during your gameplay by taking this PC 64-BIT FEEDBACK SURVEY. We will announce when the 32-bit client will no longer be officially supported. We expect this sometime in 2022.

Winter Event

The Winterfest tree has returned for the holidays!


  • Daily Present Drops:

    • Random Single Shard Pack - 100% chance

    • Legendary Winter Weapon - 100% chance

    • Bunny Hop Shard - 100% chance

    • Jolly Santolich - 10% chance

    • Frostbite Santolich - 10% chance

    • Krampuslich - 5% chance

  • Every victory chest on Chaos 8 on all game modes has a 0.5% chance to drop a Nightmare Krampuslich pet! This also applies to Onslaught above floor 99.

New Cosmetics

Krampus Flairs

Have you been naughty or nice? Krampus knows. Grab this terrifyingly festive costume to strike fear into the hearts of all those who have misbehaved this year. Happy Winterfest!

  • Krampus Hat

  • Krampus Wings

  • Krampus Tail


(This cosmetic set will also be available in Dungeon Defenders Awakened)

Winterfest Flairs

While admittedly not the most aerodynamic, you can still show off your holiday cheer with these two new sets of Winterfest themed wings! 

Note: Do not attempt to eat the Candy Cane Wings.

  • Snowflake Wings


(This cosmetic also available in Dungeon Defenders Awakened)

  • Candy Cane Wings


(This cosmetic also available in Dungeon Defenders Awakened)

Material Drop Changes

All materials will now only drop from the victory chest.

  • Chaos 1 - 5 Plain Motes and 3 C1 Amps

  • Chaos 2 - 6 Plain Motes and 3 C2 Amps

  • Chaos 3 - 7 Plain Motes and 3 C3 Amps

  • Chaos 4 - 5 Shiny Motes and 3 C4 Amps

  • Chaos 5 - 6 Shiny Motes and 3 C5 Amps

  • Chaos 6 - 7 Shiny Motes and 3 C6 Amps

  • Chaos 7 - 5 Pristine Motes and 3 C7 Amps

  • Chaos 8 - 6 Pristine Motes and 3 C8 Amps


Abyss Lord

  • Towers

    • Skeletal Ramsters 

      • Increased their upgrade  scaling to be 15% per upgrade instead of 10%.


  • Towers

    • The slimes from the Slime Pit Tower have had their damage increased by 50%.

    • The targeting and pathfinding AIs of the Slimes have been improved.


  • Towers

    • NEW TOWER: Water Aura

      • Deals AoE water damage that drenches all enemies hit. Replaces the Flame Aura for Initiate.

    • Shards

      • New Shard: Water Jet - Decreases Max Targets by 4 but increases damage by x%.


  • Towers 

    • Fissures of Embermount have had their damage increased by 18%.


  • Blaze Balloon

    • Increased their upgrade scaling to be 25% per upgrade instead of 15%.


  • Hero

    • The Fan of Knives ability can now be used while moving

  • Towers

    • Nether Archers

      • Decreased their upgrade scaling to be 15% per upgrade instead of 20% 

    • Nether Spiders

      • The targeting and pathfinding AIs of the Nether Spiders have been improved.

      • The natural death timer of Nether Spider and Slimes has been increased from 10 seconds to 20.

  • Shards

    • Explosive Spiders has been altered. Its name is now Augmented Explosions, and it can now additionally be equipped to the Slime Pit Tower as well as the Nether Spider Spawner. Its functionality is unchanged otherwise.


  • The targeting AI of pets has been revamped. They now automatically attack the target closest to the player, and can switch targets while attacking.

  • Pet damage is now affected by the hero's damage adjusting passives (Example: Anti-Melee).

  • Water Damage on pets now drench the initial target hit.

New Onslaught Schedules 

  • Arachnophobia - Includes Chaos 8 spiders and Death Weaver.

  • Carnival Extravaganza - Includes small ogres, big goblins, tiny kobolds, pie throwers, and fire, poison, and frost mages.

  • Army Of The Dead - Includes skeletons, skeleton orcs, zombie orcs, and zombie orc boss Treet.

  • Carnival Flyers - Includes carnival flying kobolds and normal flying kobolds.

  • Stabby Demon eyes - Includes Dark Assassins and Demon eyes.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where the mercenary couldn't be damaged by Goblin Siege Rollers and their rockets.

  • Adjusted Mercenary tower & Abilities descriptions to properly fit the F6 quick help screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the golden ship pet couldn't be properly evolved.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ascension health scaling on the Royal Guard Blockade was incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue where certain new Daggers were not dropping.

  • Fixed an issue where the size of the Draken Soul was incorrect on Mercenary.

  • Fixed an issue so the duration of Petrify is now correct when activated with Lingering Poison.

  • Poisoned Blades shard now correctly triggers Petrify.

  • Fixed VFX issues with the Spider enemy.

  • Dark Assassins have been removed from the Emp Zappers Onslaught lane.

  • Fixed an issue with the Mercenary Mark passive where it could only roll 1 or 10.

  • Mercenary's Mark can now only appear on Dagger weapons.

  • Fixed an issue with Nether Spiders and Slime Pit where their kill count was incorrectly incremented when a Spider or Slime exploded

  • The Tiki Mask's glowing eyes are now set correctly on the Mercenary.

  • Fixed an issue with the Heroic Boost Talent where it was increasing more than intended.

  • Fixed Single/Triple/Quintuple Chip not properly working on EV.

  • Fixed an issue where Spectral Arrows was not properly functioning.

  • Chaos 7 expedition is no longer a requirement for Onslaught floor 99 unlock.

  • The Flameburst Tower can now properly use the Flamethrower's tower skins.

  • Fixed the rotation of the elemental vfx of the Royal Dagger and the Noble Dagger.

  • Fixed issues with the Golden Dino Egg name and Amber Dragon Egg’s default quality.

  • (PC Only) Fixed an issue where GENERAL would be in all chat boxes.

  • Fixed an issue where the Mercenary did not have a bag icon.

  • Fixed an issue where Drakenlord’s Soul, Freezing Rain, and Frostfire Remnants did not properly proc Controller Servo / Chip.

  • Fixed Elvish Artillery Cannon not having a Tenacity stat.

What's Next?

We are very excited to bring these changes to you in our last update before the new year! From our family here at Chromatic Games to yours, we hope everyone has a great Winterfest season! We can’t wait to come back in 2022 and show you what we’ve got prepared for Etheria in the new year!

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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games


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Recommended Comments

I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS!!! i feel like some of my sugestions have been used!  OHH SO HAPPY!!!!!!!


however, one thing is absolutely HORENDOUS, the drops, theyre even lower now, the drops already were stupidly bad and makes people wana rip their own heads off, the least y can do to fix it is 5 amps of that chaos tier per chaos tier, 8 plain motes on chaos 1, 9 on chaos 2, 10 on chaos 3, 8 shiny motes on c4, 9 on c5, 10 on c6, 8 pristine motes on c7, 9 on c8 and 10 on floor 200+, or drasticaly reduce the prices of upgrades, because this kinda makes the game feel hardcore pay to win and i dont think thats a good idea given how people and thesedays even governemtns are trying to exterminate and create hate on pay to win games/freemium games, this is a friendly warning and i hope you do something with this

update: i cant even select 64 bit, where do i select it, oh god.... plzi beg you be more clear on it, because laucnhing dd2 from steam doesnt open the client thingy with all the boxes anymore, im reinstalling dd2 to see what happens, please i beg you tell me fast, i have suffered for years thanks to the constant bs crashes, ive been waiting for this godly update for soooo soooooo soooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo long!
update2: reinstalling worked, selected 64 bit, im going to enjoy this madly!
update 3: what have you done! winter tavern doesnt have the best ost in dd2! ;-; this is a sad day.... a truly horendous day..... plz.... return the winter tavern ost to the tavern and the town..... ;-; it was the best part of the winter times in dd2.... ive had alot of emotional baggage tied to dd2 and that ost and some of the only good times in my youth, ill do litteraly everything and im serious EVERYTHING to make this update complete, because this update is incomplete withoud that one ost
update 4: phew... its still in the tavern....  im super happy with the nostalgia! now i hope till return to the town too! :) because thats where i spended most of my chrostmass when online and then this ost ith the delicious food and with my family playing dd2 together and with my aunt and uncle and ahhhh.... memories.... one of the only few fun times i had in my life... 
update 5: i found a bug with the water aura, it has less dps then the flame aura
update 6: found another bug Screenshot_94.thumb.png.489caf5b3169ae7aa0b309dbcda5fdb3.png
i bet it shouldve been "send forth drenching water waves to drown any enemies within"
update 7: it appears the holy ost now works correctly, ty!!!!!!!!!!!! also the 64 bit client is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! MY CRASHES HAVE VANISHED! ill fill in the survey in a few days when ive seen more of the game :D thanks again!!!

Edited by quinn the wolf
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I 2nd Quinn's comments on drops in chests or reducing costs. This was a huge reduction on an already overly grindy game. Not really taking the burnout of players into account on that change.  

Still wish to see shard management corrected. Having to store up to 6 of each shard you want in a game with limited paid bag space is real pain and quite frankly poorly designed.  Come up with a way to stack shards or do partial upgrades. This has been an issue for way too long, especially as even more shards are introduced. 

I'd still like to see better MOD management.  Destroying the item it comes off of, while the game constantly changes metas is not a harmonious combination.  Make mod storage and trnsfer easier.  All my bags and vaults are constantly full, and i can't play more than like 3 maps without doing like 15 min of inventory clean up. Sucks a lot of fun out of playing.  Bag rules need evolved as well to account for mods, so i don't keep picking up every single useless item on the map. 

I greatly happy for new dd2 action. Finally after 2 years of cyro skeep, the beast has revived. But - there are issues from 2+ years ago still not resolved,  so i love the new stuff, but please address some long term fundamentals too. Love getting new towers,  but still have completely useless ones on dire need of reboot. Did great finally making pets matter.  That was a long time coming. 

Thanks for new content. If someone ever gets to my tech ticket about my hypershards vanishing,  i might get into playing this again.  

Edited by Jaws_420
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Nice Update

But Could you please fix Water Aura? When Water Jet Shard is used it somehow doesnt deal damage to more than one or two enemies and they just walk thru...

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Dint notice a fix for the forgotten ruins map!? Most of the time if a Malthius spawns on that right lower lane….he’ll high tail it back (way back) into the spawn area where you need to try your luck at hitting him with some kinda specialized projectile!? That’s if he doesn’t completely make it back to the far left corner….

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  • Chaos 8 - 6 Pristine Motes (down from 9) and 3 C8 Amps

This is a NERF making an incredibly grindy game even worse. Why in the world did you make this change? You are just smearing mud in the remaining couple of hundred players still enjoying your game. Shards are a mess, Wildest West maps still have bugged enemies in both ground and air lanes, you waste ~every third ascension point and more... And yet this is the change you decide to implement. I am astounded.

Please hotfix this, Trendy Chromatic. Don't give the remaining hardcore playerbase the middle finger.

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waw i see alot of players shit on the moronic changes to drops, and im enjoying this SO MUCH!!!!! see chromatic? we all dezire more fairnes!!!! revert back or increase the drops!

also some of the ideas ppl had here make ALOT of sence, like shart stacking or upgrading, or  STOPPING ITEMS FROM GETTING DESTROYED AFTER TRANSFERING MODS! 

afterall, y resumed development, good, now do something about these HUGE FLAWS :)

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11 hours ago, njvantol said:

Dint notice a fix for the forgotten ruins map!? Most of the time if a Malthius spawns on that right lower lane….he’ll high tail it back (way back) into the spawn area where you need to try your luck at hitting him with some kinda specialized projectile!? That’s if he doesn’t completely make it back to the far left corner….

ik this bug is horrendous, use series ev2 w ap and the proton charge ability and lazer the fk out of it >:) watch it go boom alderaan style

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16 hours ago, Ravres said:

Nice Update

But Could you please fix Water Aura? When Water Jet Shard is used it somehow doesnt deal damage to more than one or two enemies and they just walk thru...

i havnt tested it myself against enemies, but it should hit up to 6 enemies with this shard so, its definetly a bug of some kind, make a ticket here https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Edited by quinn the wolf
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Bunny Hop may be the funnest shard in the game... i spent a whole evening double jumping my Barb and just grinning.... thank you!

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Idk about slimes, but nether spiders AI is worse than before, the little spiders runs away from enemies to attack other lanes… Even with a straight single lane they just stand there giggling and shaking. They working like explosive traps but with RNG. lol 

Nether archer nerf was unnecesary, this defense requires 1 gilded shard + 2 specific mods to be useful already :(

Water aura is a nice CC defense, alot of combo options but dmg is terrible, if u pair with the own shard feels like we hitting nothing.

Besides that, is a very welcomed patch. ❤️❤️

Still hope lost temple be removed or at least skippable from onslaught, lag on console is terrible now with the addition of more mobs density…

Edit: Slimes also back up to attack other lanes, but it was definitely an improvement on both as they don't get stuck somewhere and can return to their main lanes. 

Edited by Inxquerite
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the ai works fine for me ^^ i think you experience ping lag, since my defences go nuts when theres ping lag, inc spiders and slimes, hek having a balista that shoots once every 5 seconds because of this lag is helarious but annoying XD

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