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October 22nd PTR Patch Notes

[CG] Andrew



Based on your feedback, we have made the following updates to the PTR. We expect this to be the last round of changes, and look forward to bringing these changes to the live client soon!



  • Updated tooltips that item effects and set bonuses that affect Primary Attacks also affect Secondary Attacks.


  • Added cosmetic rewards (Raven Lord Wings) to the Test of Lycan completion




  • Shield Throw (Secondary Attack)

  • Damage increased to 350% of Weapon Damage up from 300%.


  • Bowling Ball

    • Increased AOE Size of Bowling Ball by 100%.


Test of the Lycan King

  • Nerfed the Lycan King's damage on Medium

  • Gave the Rogue a Genie on Medium and Hard to help with mana (Hard genie has lower stats)

  • Buffed Rogue and Warden damage on Medium

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Skeletons (both summoned and mixed mode) respawn with 0 hp when they resurrect.


What’s Next?

We’re looking to get this PTR out as the live version very soon, with some spoOoOoky reward as well! Alongside that, in the coming weeks we’ll be updating you on some PlayStation porting work, showing off some Episode 2, and releasing a Dungeon Defenders II update. We’re doing it all!


Social Defenders

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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games

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Ooh, looking forward to the reveals of episode 2 and definitely the gourd-like spooky thingy too (when that was mentioned on-stream hehe)!

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