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Dungeon Defenders Awakened — Switch Key Delay

[CG] Brittani



For our Nintendo Switch launch, we’ve just received word today on a few issues for our Backers that we want to be transparent about and offer some solutions.

North American Backers:
For those who filled out their information last week, we are currently working with Nintendo of America to get your keys to you by this weekend. This is unfortunate, but we’re doing everything we can to get the keys as quickly as possible.

European Backers:
Due to unfortunate circumstances, Nintendo of Europe (NOE) gave us notice today (August 3rd) that we need to submit tax documentation in order for our studio specifically to purchase keys as a company to distribute to our backers in Europe. This form is called a 6166 Form and can take 4-6 weeks to process through the IRS, alongside the additional forwarding and work with NOE. As a result, we are unable to provide the keys from Kickstarter and BackerKit backers until that time has passed.

People waiting to purchase on Switch:
The Nintendo Switch version of Dungeon Defenders Awakened will be available for purchase and should not be hindered in any way. The Lycan’s Keep, Episode 1, update will be available to all of you as soon as it passes through certification. Again, only our ability to distribute keys to backers directly is hindered.

Solutions for NOE Backers:
We’re wanting to make sure we can do right by our backers, some of our earliest supporters, by providing multiple solutions:

  • Option 1: Wait it out (may take 5-8 weeks).
  • Option 2: Be provided a North American (NOA) version of DDA that requires you to region change in your Switch’s settings in order to play (may take up to 1 week). Please note that it will take a few days for us to procure more North American keys. For information about switching your region, please visit this website: https://bit.ly/NintendoRegionChange
    • Note: Any money in your Nintendo wallet will not be available in the new region if you swap regions. You will also not be able to play games outside of the new region until you swap back to the previous region.
  • Option 3: Change your key to a Steam/PC key (can be done in 1 business day).
  • Option 4: Write in to support@chromatic.games and request a refund for the value of the game you purchased (i.e. if you purchased a $16 tier, we’ll be able to refund the $16). We’ll get it back to you, no questions asked.
    • For Kickstarter backers that backed a tier over $30 specifically, we can offer a $30 partial refund to ensure you still get all your rewards and then use that refunded money to be able to purchase the game through the Nintendo eShop.
      • We’re unable to provide partial refunds to BackerKit backers as it is a technical limitation through their service.

If you are an NOE Backer and wish to select one of the first three options above, please fill out the following survey. https://forms.gle/RCGkU6f5ktfHUzJs6 If you are in the NOE region and do not respond to the survey, we will assume you are okay with Option 1 waiting it out.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, as well as the late notice, as we’ve been looking for any other solution we can with Nintendo’s aid before getting this message out. We’re getting the word out as fast as possible, reaching out to every backer for Kickstarter, BackerKit, and Xsolla that this would affect, and are continuing to do the best with what we have. The Nintendo Switch version will launch and be purchasable as scheduled, just the ability for our studio to receive keys and distribute them ourselves at the moment is hindered, but we’re moving as quickly as we can to correct this issue.

Chromatic Games

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It really is issue after issue with the kickstarter...

Why was this not checked beforehand? You had years knowing keys where to be released why did you only find out the requirements needed to distribute the keys now?

Why are we finding this out only now?


I'm going to wait... I want my switch key and was really looking forward to having it on that system. Turns out the cost of backing is now watching others play the game while I wait possibly weeks for a key promised ages ago, slowed through non stop delays and development changes. This has been so incredibly messy. I thought we were past all the problems now.


Really dissapointed and it is sadly not the first time.

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Im not sure what this means. Is the key they are talking about a free copy of the switch version? Is it a way for us to link the steam and the switch accounts together? What?

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2 hours ago, krsans78 said:

Is the key they are talking about a free copy of the switch version

Yes.  If you backed on Kickstarter and selected Switch as your platform, you will not be getting your key until later.


13 hours ago, LemonyNebula said:

Really dissapointed and it is sadly not the first time.

It is disappointing, but I'm not sure all the blame can go to CG here.  After all, they did Steam and Xbox keys without issue.  Sounds like this is more a Nintendo issue.  I mean, how can it take the NoA several days to generate, at most, a few thousand keys.  Surely they've sold that many digital copies of a game within hours of it's release before.

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Just wonder what it mean with that patch.. .hope they will release it tooday... and will not wait for switch...


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I'm confused it says purchasing on the switch isn't impacted at all but the game isn't available to buy on the eshop?

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The Switch version will receive an update on April 10th with a patch that includes the following features: - A new class, The Monk - Three new weapons for each class, along with new abilities and skills to customize them and make it easier for them to visit https://www.assignmentholic.co.uk/our-services/case-study/ site for educational help. - Five additional maps for players to defend, including all-new locations like the Arid Sands, Old Sewers and more. - Increased level cap from 15 to 17, introducing four brand-new skill tiers.

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