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Dungeon Defenders II - Spring Cleaning Update

[CG] Brittani



The Dungeon Defenders II update you’ve been patiently waiting for is here for Steam and Xbox (with PS4 releasing after we pass certification)! In our update preview post, we let you, our glorious defenders, in on some of our juicy secrets, but of course we had more up our sleeves. It’s time to throw away those parkas because winter is gone—don’t worry, though. Ol’ Peepers will be there to spread the gift-giving spirit YEAR ROUND. We also fixed a ton of bugs, nipped a bunch of exploits in the bud, and introduced lots of new bundles for heroes and items. Now, let’s get into all the deets!!

Winter is Over

The great thaw has begun and we will finally see an end to the polar vortex that ran amok on the Town Hub of our beloved Defenders. The Winterfest Tree and Father Winter have gone into hiding, the snow has finally melted away, and there appears to be a new character who has taken up residence here.

New Daily Login Rewards and Ol’ Peepers


Ol’ Peepers is a long-time friend of the Etherians and is finally ready to venture into the urban lifestyle this update. He’ll be delivering daily gifts and consumables for the low low price of 1000g to the good Defenders visiting the Town Hub ALL YEAR LONG. Along with the gifts you all normally expect to see when you log in daily, Ol’ Peepers will also have a chance to drop Carnival consumables. What kinds of Carnival consumables, you may ask? Check them out:

  • Trust me Disguise
    • Gives the player the ability to deal 1.25x more damage for a limited time.
  • Lucky Bunny Mask
    • Gives the player the ability to jump 1.5x higher for a limited time.
  • Rainbow 'Fro
    • Gives the player the ability to spawn cat projectiles for a limited time.
  • Snow Liger
    • Gives the player the ability to go 1.25x faster for a limited time.
  • Imperial Grin
    • Gives the player 25% extra damage resistance for a limited time.

Introducing Two New Shards and a New Pet

Keep an eye out for the Lava Warrior Shard and the Boosted Beam Shard, newly added to the game. The Lava Warrior shard generates additional lava charges on successful melee attacks, bolstering the abilities of our Lavamancer. While the Boosted Beam Shard will increase the damage boost given by the Buff Beam, an exciting addition to EV-2’s arsenal.

Also, hidden among the loot of the Wyvern Den Prime Incursion is a Crystalline Betsy!

New Bundles


Let’s get pumped for some ridiculously awesome hero bundles! We felt our current offerings didn’t meet all defenders’ needs, so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a more player-focused approach to bundling that will get you more bang for your gems. Have you ever wished for the Dryad to magically pop into your hero inventory, or had your younger sibling spend all your gems behind your back without adding the must-have Gunwitch? Well, you’re in luck because our All Heroes Bundle will get you both the Dryad AND the Gunwitch AND so much more.

If you’re adding new heroes to your plate, you’ll definitely need some skins to customize your vibe. There are several new hero skin bundles to choose from now, including “Heating Up” with Molten skins and “Out of This World” with Galaxy skins. Here is the full list of new bundles:

All Heroes Bundle

  • Contains the Abyss Lord, EV2, Gunwitch, Lavamancer, Mystic, Dryad, Initiate, Adept, Barbarian.
  • Available for 3,200 gems for a limited time.

Hero Skin Bundles

  • Legendary Guardian Supporter
    • Contains Guardian of Fire Huntress, Guardian of the Molten Citadel Squire, Guardian of the Dead Apprentice, Guardian of the Storm Monk.
  • Technological Upgrade
    • Contains EV2 Mark 3, Techwitch Gunwitch, and Cybermancer Lavamancer costumes.
  • Heating Up
    • Contains the Molten Master Abyss Lord, Molten Juggernaut Lavamancer, and Doomfire Regalia Adept costumes.
  • Out of This World
    • Contains Galaxy Apprentice, Galaxy Squire, Galaxy Huntress, Galaxy Monk costumes.
  • Very Far Away
    • Contains Dark Disciple Squire, Arcanatrooper Apprentice, Galactic Assassin Huntress, and Dark Shawl Monk costumes.

New Tower Skins

You asked for more tower skins, and we’re delivering with this Hypno Tower Skin bundle! We teased these on our social page yesterday and they’re now ready for defending. Look how perrrrrty they are (pic below) - how could you NOT grab these, like, right now? The bundle will include skins for all towers and defenses, so no excuses allowed.


We know defenders are yearning for more tower skins. Rest assured, we’re experimenting with other fun looks and hope to keep the good vibes going with more new tower skins in the future.

New Shards

The addition of the Shard Shop was such a huge success that we wanted to bring even more player-requested bundles to this space. Introducing brand-spanking-new bundles for the most in-demand shards in Etheria! Which bundle are you most excited to grab first?! That’s a serious question—we can’t decide which one to grab first for ourselves.

  • Starter Defense Shard Bundle
    • 5 Destruction, 5 Fortification, and 5 Defensive Critical Damage Shards
  • Advanced Defense Shard Bundle
    • 5 Deadly Strikes, 5 Defense Rate, and 5 Defensive Critical Strike Shards
  • Starter Hero Shard Bundle
    • 4 Speed Boost, 4 Construction, 4 Worm Scarf, and 4 Bulwark Shards
  • Advanced Hero Shard Bundle
    • 4 Critical Strike, 4 Inspiration, 4 Channel, and 4 Jackpot Shards
  • Golden Destruction Bundle
    • 11 Destruction Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Fortified Bundle
    • 11 Fortification Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Damage Bundle
    • 11 Defensive Critical Damage Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Speed Bundle
    • 11 Defense Rate Shards + 300,000g

Persistent Tower Option

The excitement is real with this new quality of life update. With the Persistent Tower option, you can summon, upgrade, and sell towers by only activating each button once! We tested this out in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and it’s been a huge success with the community. It was kind of a no-brainer for us to add it to DD2, as well. Can’t wait to hear how much you all love it!


This option will be on by default, but for those players who want to maintain the original tower placement/upgrade/sell experience, there is a menu option in Options under Gameplay called “Persistent Tower Interaction” that you can uncheck.

Balance Changes

We love hearing from the community about the good AND the not-so-good because it helps us make Etheria as enjoyable as possible for as many defenders as possible. With this, we’ve been listening to your feedback and fixed a bunch of bugs and issues reported by our dedicated defenders, and added in some fun elemental combinations to keep the game new and exciting for defenders of all levels. We also toned a few things down that were a bit too strong from overwhelming player feedback.


  • Maps
    • Onslaught
      • The Draken Lord no longer appears in Onslaught.
  • Mods
    • “Anti-” Mods
      • Damage has been reduced by 23%.
    • Controller Servo
      • Damage reduced by 16%.
    • Shocking Revelations
      • Is now “Stunning Revelations”
        • Now deals Magical Damage instead of Storm Damage.
        • Damage has been increased by 200%.
        • Now stuns for 2 seconds.
      • You can now include servos while using this mod.
  • Shards
    • Draining Strikes
      • Damage reduced by 75%.
      • Is now Multiplicative instead of Additive.


    • Pet damage now scales off Gear Score.
    • Rebalanced ALL pets!
      • Upgrades have been buffed.
    • NEW Crystalline Betsy Pet!
      • Can be found in The Wyvern Den Prime Incursion

    Elemental Combos

    • Fire and Oil Elemental Combo
      • Now melts enemy armor, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 25%
    • Ice and Earth Elemental Combos
      • No longer require crushing damage.
      • Hitting a frozen enemy with earth damage increases the earth damage dealt and also stuns them for 2.5 seconds


    Abyss Lord

    • Fiery Brimstone
      • Damage increased by 200%.


    • Defenses
      • Hailstorm Tower
        • Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime.


    • Abilities
      • Siphon Stance
        • Base healing value reduced by 50%.


    • Defenses
      • Harpy Tower
        • Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime.
      • Hornet’s Nest
        • Increased the number of hornets on a single enemy to 6 from 3.


    • Abilities
      • Piercing Shot Cast animation time reduced by 35%.
    • Defenses
      • Explosive Trap
        • Reduced damage dropoff by 35%.
      • Geyser Trap
        • Radius increased to 800 from 400.
    • Shards
      • Explosive Surprise
        • Damage radius updated to reflect Geyser Trap buff.


    • Shards
      • NEW Lava Warrior Shard
        • Lava Warrior Shard generates lava charges on successful melee attacks.

    Series EV-2

    • Defenses
      • Buff Beam
        • Increased the collision radius by 100%.
      • Reflect Beam
        • Damage done reduced by 80%.
        • DU cost per node is now 10.
    • Shards
      • NEW Boosted Beam Shard!
        • Increases the damage boost by the Buff Beam.


    • Shards
      • Unholy Fire
        • Damage increased by 81% and now scales off of armor.

    Bug Fixes


    • We have fixed several game-breaking exploits to make the DD2 world a better place. Like a lot of them. Like building way more than you should, getting too many hyper shards, upgrading exploits, and more.
    • Fixed an issue where Grave Infection and Frostfire Remnants were stacking.
    • Fixed an issue where players could kill other players in Hubs.
    • Fixed an issue where locked mods could be moved to other weapons.


    • Removed Gilding for Hyper Shards.
    • Fixed an issue where Grave Infection was dealing too much damage and dealing a second set of 1 damage ticks.
    • Fixed an issue where the Shackled mod did not work on normal Assassins.
    • Fixed a bug where the Geyser trap’s VFX was not scaling properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Ancient Power no longer resets Hyper Shard progression.
    • Fixed an issue where defenders could not play Floor 480.
    • Fixed an issue where Harpy Tower would continue to fire after being stunned.
    • Fixed a collision issue with Material Conversion Vendor.
    • Fixed Ascension Monk’s Boost percentage.
    • Fixed an issue where Oil Geysers were slowing Friendly players.
    • Fixed an issue with the shard shop persisting tooltips when the page changes.
    • Fixed a performance issue when using items with passives.

    Social Defenders

    To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels:

    For Etheria!
    Chromatic Games

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    Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs. 

    I am not against meta change (even in a grind intensive game like dd2) but I literally don't know how to play high floors anymore with one fifth of the damage I had before and no options that could realistically replace the reflect beam. 

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    RIP reflect beam builds and legacy WMs... 😥

    Ouch on anti mods. Lot of nerfs going on without much buffs elsewhere. Don't see any towers getting damage buffs apart from a few mods/shards. 

    I'm curious as to how temp items work when you can't access the menu during gameplay. 

    Not sure i understand how persistent tower works. Upgrading, building, and selling are fairly easy commands, so will have to see how this improves that. 

    Great to see pets get an overhaul. Can't wait to see them in action. 

    I'm not clear about Drakkenlord. Is he just not spawning as a miniboss anymore, or is his stage no longer every "4" map?

    Love seeing 2 new elemental types added. Going to have to start using oil traps a lot more! Especially since they work on air lanes. 

    Poor Barb, siphon nerf hurts. But Dryad hornets may now come back to builds...

    I don't mind meta shifts too much, but there is one aspect of DD2 that needs to evolve - make moving MODs no longer destroy the item it came from. Having to overwrite a 10 mod because of a meta shift will make for very unhappy players. 

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    Good bye reflect beam era, welcome back Hornet nest

    Nerfs are fair enought, but I expected buffs in exchange. Most of the towers are unusable and we have to rely in defenses that cant be destroyed by a random ranged or explosive flying moob

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    17 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    Not sure i understand how persistent tower works. Upgrading, building, and selling are fairly easy commands, so will have to see how this improves that. 

    So it's like instead of selling, placing or repairing towers once and you'll have press the command again to repeat the action. You now just press the command button once and you'll always be in that mode until you turn it off by pressing the command again.  

    17 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    I'm not clear about Drakkenlord. Is he just not spawning as a miniboss anymore, or is his stage no longer every "4" map?

    I've heard from Discord that it means that whenever you enter DFK in Onslaught, you won't have to face that freezing dragon that the Drakenlord rides. I've yet to enter onslaught I'm not sure on the specifics beyond that.

    The me in 2019 would've been very happy about this haha! Right now, I kinda wish for more maps with this kind of challenge as a DD2 drought has left me willing to take a DFK 2.0.  Still, a small part of me is actually happy that I won't have to face that accursed dragon in Onslaught haha!


    Overall I'm pretty happy with this update. The marketplace being normal is something that I've been wanting for ages! So far I've haven't dive deeply into messing around with the meta shift, but I'm liking the shake-up. Definitely looking forward to using pets now too!

    Now with the Hypno Towers out of the way, I'm really looking forward to more cool tower skins CG's going to cook up!

    And most certainly looking forward to future heroes that the new all-heroes bundle's hinting! Oh yeah!


    Edited by Paloverde zfogshooterz
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    The nerf with anti mods is in my opinion not so good. Okok fire and oil combo balanced that.. 99%players play fire aura and but some oil in towers but what is with the other stuff? 


    I would like the blockages to be strengthened and... Maybe continue with auras, traps, towers 

    Angry nimbus : get the tower rain water dmg back, again!? 

    Slime bit weak weak waek

    Flametower : not playable a tower with close range and 1 hit down etc 


    The list is long but maybe please Please do more to improve the other towers.

    The moss hornet nest buff is a good beginning 

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    Dude no you cant just nerf anti mods and reflect beam by that much it wont be able to be any good now for alot of ppl like me or my friend thats is trying to reach floor 999 DarkMatter#9305 or Badrashiny currently at floor 953 rank 19 on the xbox onslaught leaderboards

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    I am big fan of these nerfs. Noobs cannot easy climb anymore. Good JOB.

    New meta will begin and people need to be creative now.

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    Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf lol.

    Just typical Tactics to close a old game down to get the players to move over to the next game.

    ByBy DD2/(Chromatics games)

    Fortunately there is a lot of other games out there.

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    20 hours ago, Ogger said:

    Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs. 

    I am not against meta change (even in a grind intensive game like dd2) but I literally don't know how to play high floors anymore with one fifth of the damage I had before and no options that could realistically replace the reflect beam. 

    Its time to make new builds or dust off old ones. I totally understand what you mean but you can take this chance to become independent from a single defense. And if youre a veteran at very high floors, i mean, whats the point? you've already beaten the game long ago, at least now you can play the game in different ways.

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    To all the people sad about the Reflect Beam nerf saying that theres no way to "play" or replace it, i'd like to ask you:
    "Have you even bothered to play with other defenses and more than 2 defenses? have you played multiplayer?"
    Juicebags himself makes a lot of builds, even at high floors. Also, theres a difference between something working and an overkill. Theres been buffs as well, but youre so isolated in your bubble that i think you did not realise it.

    I like the changes and i *Absolutely* expect more changes to come, theres plenty of stuff that have not been touched and both balancing and changes require time to be tested, i imagine these are not permanent changes or the only changes. Im happy that someone is working on the game to begin with, DD2 has been in maintenance mode for a loooong time.


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    Is the ingame TavernKepper report system under chromatic control or should i report bugs somewhere else? 

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    • Chromatic Games
    1 hour ago, Barnowear said:

    Is the ingame TavernKepper report system under chromatic control or should i report bugs somewhere else? 

    In-game bugs should be reported to Chromatic

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    On 4/7/2021 at 1:23 PM, Jaws_420 said:

    I don't mind meta shifts too much, but there is one aspect of DD2 that needs to evolve - make moving MODs no longer destroy the item it came from. Having to overwrite a 10 mod because of a meta shift will make for very unhappy players. 

    I've been thinking about this and yeah, I do have to agree with this. Would certainly be great to have a relic solely for the purpose of MODs storage. We would need a new function in Prof. Proteus so either items (Storage Relics and Defense Relics) doesn't get destroyed when using those. It's also a great way to repurpose Orbs or Marks to have actual functions too.

    That way, it would help that whenever CG does constant rebalancing, players won't feel that burned if they have been focusing or overinvested in certain builds.

    Edited by Paloverde zfogshooterz
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