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Update 1.3 Preview

[CG] Brittani



In less than ONE WEEK Dungeon Defenders: Awakened will be released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One!! We are so pumped for that release and we wanted to add to that excitement by sharing other big news from the studio — we’re also rolling out the release of Update 1.3 soon! We’re currently getting this update certified for Xbox, with our goal being to release the update for both PC and Xbox players on March 17, DDA’s Xbox launch date. Check out what’s to come...

What’s New



One addition to the game we’re really proud to introduce is the new tutorial! We felt the old tutorial had room for improvement, so we’re adding more explanations on essential game-play features (like the hero deck) and giving new DDA players a chance to experiment with different heroes and defenses. This is just the first of many tutorial revisions and additions we’ll be adding to the game to help our newest defenders learn all they need to know to defend Etheria!

PLUS, everyone who completes the new tutorial will receive a sweet reward in their inventory. We’ll share more about that at the time of the patch release ;)

Massacre Mixed Mode and Pure Strategy

At long last, we’re adding the Massacre difficulty to Pure Strategy and Mixed Mode game modes! Pure Strategy tests players’ defense-building strategies by removing hero combat from battle. With the addition of Massacre difficulty to this game mode, players will have to account for the Siren, an immunity-granting enemy. This will force players to figure out how to handle the Siren using only defenses before she’s able to boost the rest of the enemy field. In Mixed Mode, players will also see the Siren added to the enemy list, and will be rewarded appropriately with better loot drops than even Survival mode. Prepare those defenses, Defenders!

Nameplate and Damage Numbers

Like we mentioned during the dev stream last Friday, we’re making some big changes to the displays for nameplates and enemy damage numbers. These changes will add in some missing player and enemy nameplates, as well as increase the quality of the displays, including making the text and numbers clearer while dealing damage. Critical hits will feel more rewarding, with larger numbers to let you know when you’re doing that extra bit of damage. These numbers will be even bigger when you manage to snipe a weak point, so it's time to show off those skills!

Check out how those in-game differences will look after the update:





Enemy Amount Changes

Game performance is an area we’ve been tinkering with for a while. To help boost performance, we decided that decreasing the amount of enemies on screen at once would be a great way to do that without impacting game-play too drastically. Most of the enemy reductions will come from weaker enemies, so you’ll see significantly fewer goblins and wyverns, for example. To compensate for the lower number of enemies on maps, all enemy strengths will be increased. Players will have a slightly different challenge with fewer targets, but this should hold the difficulty level.

This enemy count update will impact game play on all maps and difficulties in Campaign, Survival, Mixed Mode, and Pure Strategy, meaning every player can go back and re-experience a brand new DDA!

Optimizations and Performance

With the decreased enemy counts and changes to displays while in battle, players should experience a cleaner battle, and especially so on the larger maps (e.g. Summit). Wave lengths will be reduced, and these changes will stem from adjustments to enemy release schedules and the reduced total enemy counts. Basically, we want to make sure every player feels they are being challenged, while also making sure the game runs smoothly and looks great all at the same time.

Still To Come

There are still many highly-anticipated features we’re working on and will add in future updates, including trading, cross-saves, and more. Once DDA Xbox release goes off, we’ll be able to spend more time prioritizing these features, while also working on our Nintendo Switch and PlayStation ports. We’ve shared some of the updates on these during our Friday Funday streams, but we want to get this down in writing for you all, too.

We are just as excited as you to add trading to DDA, but we needed to step away from this project for a bit to focus on passing Xbox certification. After the Xbox launch, we’ll get back to work on making sure any trade system we add to the game is fair and safe for all players. Ensuring fair trades between players is a big task, but one we want to make sure is part of players’ experiences. Once we feel the system can’t be easily exploited, we’ll work toward adding support to setup sessions specifically for trading, buying, and selling items between players.

We’re nearing the completion of the cross-save feature. It does require another separate Microsoft certification process, though, so the timing on that will depend on those outside factors. For the much sought-after split-screen feature, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to make the UI and UX work well for all players during a split-screen session. When we add additional screens, the game has to work a lot harder to give each player their own unique area of play and we haven’t been satisfied with the way it’s all working together (or not working together…). When we’re happy with the way multiplayer functions AND looks, you’ll know!!

Bug Fixes

This patch will include a whole bunch of bug fixes too! We all know players’ favorite space to place DSTs is on top of the Glitterhelm doors, but you’ll have to come up with a new strategy now. We are fixing this bug and other similar placement-related issues on other maps. Lots of previously-stuck enemies will be given new legs, so they’ll make their way down the purple path once again. Along with these fixes, we’re addressing some exploits and inaccurate damage number displays.

This is just a small preview of all of the revisions, additions, and bug fixes we’re planning in this next update, so stay tuned!

Social Defenders

To make sure you’re in the loop on all things Dungeon Defenders and to know as soon this new update drops, follow us on all of our social channels:

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Please do not add cross-saves on the playstation’s release first week. I am pretty sure that most people who are still looking forward to playing the game on xbox/ps, haven’t been able to play yet and have been waiting for a long time. A fresh ’’New game’’, at least for a week or two, after waiting for so long would be greatly appreciated.

That aside, thanks for the update. Lower mob counts is a great change if the difficulty is adjusted correctly.

Edit : A while back, I saw a couple of people say that they would use the cross-save feature to play on their Switch when they’re not at home which is why I didn’t mention the Switch.

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Glad to see these changes. Once you guys are finished with the Xbox port PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on


1. Chevron identification for TOWER RANKS

2. Porting the CHALLENGE MAPS from DD1 to DDA 

3. Adding more ENDGAME content similar to Moonbase on DD!


The moment these 3 items have been added to DDA (and bugged ogres being stuck indefinitely) this game will EXPLODE, and people from DD1 will surely march over to DDA!

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I'd really love to see you fix the tooltips, for example when trying to hover over a tower the tooltip will either not show or go away instantly half the time, it can be quite frustrating. [PC]

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yes it puts everything back, but no matter. if there is an improvement to come. What annoys me is just getting free flight and error message. us I'm doing something new since today, 2 steps before 10 back 6 criss-cross. here ladder can not set screenshots.

geometry dash

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Dungeon Defenders has been out for a while now, and it's one of those games that people either love or hate. If you're in the former group, then you'll be happy to know that the game has been updated with a new dungeon called steel citadel. I prefer https://masterbundles.com/stock-content/vector/animal-svg/peacock-svg/ source to download SVG files for free. The Steel Citadel is the first of many free expansions that Trendy Entertainment plans to release over the course of this year. The expansion will include new enemies, weapons, and abilities for players to experiment with.

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