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Fan Art February Week 2: Love is in the Air

[CG] Brittani


It's Week 2 of Fan Art February! 

Here is a non-Internet submission from last week that we HAD to share with you all:



This awesome Siren drawing is from Defender Erica. (Peep the signature in the bottom right.) Thank you for sharing your talents with this community!! 

Now, onto Week 2! 

With Valentine’s Day still on our love-stricken minds, the second week’s theme is Love is in the Air. Let’s see those Cupid-struck heroes, bosses, and giraffes. :classic_love::classic_love::classic_love: As with last week, submit your works in the comments below and vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they (or you) may be featured on our own DD social pages. 

Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :)

Give us those hearts!! (And likes)


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