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March Check-in w/ LAWLTA



Greetings Defenders,

We’re getting closer and closer to the next Dungeon Defenders II update! Our focus is on taking big strides to make this update as player-centric as possible, with even more player-centric changes coming out in future updates. Currently we’re working on Dungeon Defenders II and Dungeon Defenders: Awakened (check out the Kickstarter here), so we’ve been super busy and working at 385% (real metric). We have a lot to go, and this intro is long enough, so let’s get into it!

Shard Vendor

We’ve seen so much feedback on Shards for so long, and we’re able to now do something that makes it easier to receive them and farm for them however you want. Our primary goal was trying to get the vendor into an easily navigable menu while easily seeing as many shards as possible. Here’s what you can expect to see:


We went through a lot of ways to figure out how to make them easy to get. We looked into shard dust, but then you’re still limited to farming a specific chaos tier to actually be able to earn a specific shard. We looked into ways of converting shard dust into different versions, but the ability to make that easy to do was very messy and hard to use (very frustrating), created a ton of technical difficulties for us, and ended up requiring more inventory management. Eventually we ended up landing on making them purchasable with Defender Medals. We currently have an RPG test going (contact dani.moore@chromatic.games if you want to join the test, are 18 or older, and can sign an NDA) testing this specific feature, but we do not have a specific price set yet. Going with Defender Medals allowed us a way to provide players a concrete way to earn them in multiple ways. If you want to farm a specific tier, you can still do that to maybe increase your chances a little more; but if you want to keep progressing while playing engaging content or just do dailies, you are now able to do those things while working towards a specific reward.

Oh, and one last thing. This badboy has search functionality in it as well. It’s pretty dope.

Chaos VIII Shards

We’re bringing back Chaos VIII Shards. These are a slew of shards that will be obtainable through higher floors of Onslaught (similar to Chaos VIII Ampuoles). Because we want these shards to feel special and rewarding, they will not be purchasable with the launch of the Shard Vendor, but will be making a debut at a later date. We have some veteran Defenders who have held onto these for a long time, and the majority of these Shards are going to be re-enabled. There are two Shards that we are removing as they cause either tech issues (making mobs get stuck, lowering performance, etc). They are Harbinger’s Exile and Elemental Chaos. We’ll have a comprehensive list of these Shards with the update notes.

New Mod — Poison Mod!

We’re keeping good to our word and adding in Poison damage! There are certain towers that have Poison damage, and there is a Poison Damage Chip as well that can be applied to weapons. There may be a new weapon or two that comes with it by default…

Also what would elemental damage be without any kind of combo? We’re currently adding our first Poison interaction. This one is pretty awesome. Combining poisoned enemies with earth damage now petrifies them. It’s like turning your enemies into a work of art.

New Weapons

We’re adding a slew of new weapons that you can earn while playing through Onslaught. At various tiers within Onslaught, you have a chance to receive an additional treasure that contains a random new weapon from that tier. Some of these weapons a few Defenders have seen before, but we’ve got a ton of new weapons that players have never seen, here’s one:


There’s a lot more info on these drops and when you get them (you do get guaranteed drops), but we’ll have more information on these new weapons in our update notes.


Campaign Gating

Currently we’re working on changing up some of our campaign progression. This is to focus on letting Defenders play together as soon as possible. Our focus is to make this process feel as good as it can be. With what we’re able to do here, this could affect different areas in the game for future updates.


There’s more coming as well, but this is a sneak peek, so we can’t talk about everything. We’ve been hard at work, so give us a little longer and we’ll get a quality update for you, our GLORIOUS Defenders!

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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Sounds like a lot of great stuff. I am very excited. 

Question - will damage done by a Poison chip/servo automatically cause positioned status on enemies? Doing elemental damage and inflicting an elemental status are two different things in DD2 right now. 

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Awesome! This sounds great! Definitely can't wait to dive in collecting those weapons! (Cannon Sword!? Wow! O-O & I see you there, Teddy Bear Shield! Haha!) Looking forward to seeing more! I'm really glad and really appreciate too that there's going to be a shard vendor. Totally fine with using def medals, still better than RNG! :D

And finally, earth damage actually mean something now! :D

Also, I'm very glad too that there's news regarding the next update, Thank you for that! And take your time, a quality update would certainly be awesome! If this is the sneak peek, then I can't imagine what's the full update's going to be! O_O


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Super excited for poison combo!

Lawlta, is there any hope that frost dragon would get removed from onslaught?

Asking for a friend.

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