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Welcome to Chromatic Games



From: Colin “Elandrian” Fisher, Creative Director

What’s up, Defenders!  Welcome to our first post as Chromatic Games!  If you’re new to the community, an extra helping of “welcome” is in store for you.  If you’re a veteran Defender, then welcome back. Let’s get right to it!

It’s been a wild ride these past couple months, but the cat’s out of the bag now!  There’s been a lot of news about our rebranding, new Kickstarter campaign, and what all of it means for you as a player.  I want to just take a brief moment to provide a little extra context about what’s going on. We’re #indieAF now, so it’s time to get the info straight from the horse’s mouth!  (Or maybe it’s beans time? Company beans? Who knows. Let’s do this.)

So What Happened To Trendy Entertainment?
For the more official take, you can check out the press release here.

For the realest take, keep reading!

In December of this past year, Augi Lye, one of the original founders of Trendy, came back as CEO to help return Trendy to its indie roots.  

The development team and I worked with him to figure out how we can have a good plan to move forward and start creating Dungeon Defenders games in the way they were meant to be made: for our players.  One of the things we wanted to make clear was that Trendy was no longer really Trendy.  There’s brand-new leadership, a new creative direction, and new energy at the studio that was just waiting to be released.  So we decided that we’re not really Trendy anymore.

Chromatic Games is our final form.  We’re over power level 9000 now, and we’re ready to rock.

We’re not answering to external people anymore.  We’re in control of our own destiny. We were able to keep the majority of the development team around, but we had some people move on to newer pastures. We’re so grateful for their years of service.  We love and respect all of our previous Trendy family, but now the Chromatic team is focused on the future — and that future is to keep improving DD2 and crafting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.

What Does This Mean For Dungeon Defenders II?
Dungeon Defenders II will keep going!  Development is going to slow down, but we still plan on maintaining limited updates and content.  What do I mean by limited updates? We’re going to be focused on smaller quality of life updates, bug fixes, improvements and some occasional new cosmetics.  When I say smaller QoL, I mean in the development time aspect — we still plan on our quality of life features to be super impactful for players.  

We’re going to be releasing an update soon on all platforms that will have a vendor where you can get the Shards you’ve been looking for or looking to gild — a highly requested player feature!

There’s some extra morsels of dopeness in that update as well.  Most of the changes are gameplay related. We’re trying to make the fixes and improvements that everyone has been asking for.

Supporting Dungeon Defenders II will still continue to support the team at Chromatic and support our ability to continue to patch and grow DD2.  Our team is dedicated to figuring out how we can keep evolving the game in the right direction.

We’re going to keep making Dungeon Defenders II better and better, just as we’ve been committed to doing in the past.

So Why Dungeon Defenders: Awakened?
I’m just going to begin by addressing the elephant in the room:

“Elan, Dungeon Defenders: Eternity already happened.  Isn’t this just the same thing?!?”

The short answer is no. The long answer is HELL no.  DD:E was a different product entirely. We have no plans to repeat history when it comes to that.

We came up with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as our first smaller-scope project as a new team. If we want to remain employee-owned/controlled (which is the dream!), we needed to prove that we’re the capable stewards and re-earn that trust before diving right into Dungeon Defenders III (which we have SO many slick plans for).

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened started as a plan to do a modern remake of the original Dungeon Defenders for the Nintendo Switch, but then it evolved from there.  We didn’t want the game to feel like some sort of weird attempt at Dungeon Defenders: Eternity again. We wanted to make a new game, a new experience, a new story.

As we began looking into what we could build with Unreal Engine 4, we found that we’ll need to rebuild a lot of the systems and code that supported the Dungeon Defenders games.  Fortunately, our engineers are rockstars. We’re taking a lot of the hard lessons we learned about building games over the years from DD1 and DD2 and now have the freedom to make these systems in newer, more optimized and scalable ways for DD:A.

We don’t just want the game to look better in UE4 — we want it to run and feel better.

We want controlling your character to feel “crispy.”  For some context on what that means, you should check out Ben Brode’s PAX Keynote from last year.  We love to draw inspiration from other games and developers, and that is one of my personal favorite talks that describes some of these key aspects of making games have that polished and responsive feel.

Then when it comes to content, we’re exploring ways of using and importing some of our existing content in new ways that we can use as a springboard to accelerate development.  

This is one of the things we show off in the Kickstarter.  Deeper Well is definitely still the same map effectively, but it has a completely new look and will play a little differently.  It will still be a familiar and recognizable location, but there are new things going on in these familiar spots and new gameplay that comes with it.

This is what will allow us to make our aggressive October timeline.  By using the content and assets that we’ve been developing over the years, the content team can go CRAZY and make the game look and run amazingly well while our design team focuses on bringing the gameplay into 2019.

Our goal is to bring Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to as many platforms and players as possible.  We want to make a game that everyone can enjoy, and enjoy together. It just takes additional support to get there, and that’s why we have our Kickstarter campaign.

Why Go To Kickstarter?
We JUST became fully independent again.  We want to build the game in a way that we can fully be in control of.  Obviously going to a publisher is an option that we can explore to get additional funding, but there’s always a bit of “loss” associated with that.  We’re really trying to move forward and make new games. We don’t want to have a publisher — we want to make Dungeon Defenders games that are fun, weird, engaging, meme-tacular, challenging, charming and magical.

By going to Kickstarter, we can maintain FULL control over development and the future of the Dungeon Defenders franchise.  Your support here is VITAL.

The “dream” is to add as much content to this game as possible and to make a game that you can enjoy as a solo player or as a co-op player, strategizing against new challenges, maps, defenses, and gameplay.  We love it when people make interesting builds that even baffle our internal designers. We love when people find cool ways to make defenses and heroes more powerful than we ever could have imagined. We want to give you more of that.

So we need your help.

In Conclusion
We’re here to make a game that communicates our passion for Dungeon Defenders. We want to fulfill the expectations of our followers both new and old.  At this moment, we’ve had about a month of focused pre-production development time so far, and look how much progress we’ve has been made already!

We can’t wait to give people more news and updates about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as we make more progress. We’re focusing on having a player-first mentality be our driving force at Chromatic.  

We’re here for you, if you’ll be here for us.

Support our Kickstarter, spread the word, help us make the dopest Dungeon Defenders game of all time.


As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter:  @LordElandrian

Welcome to our community.  Stay a while.

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Congrats on the new freedom CG! Many of us are really excited to see what you can do. So glad to see DD2 will go on. I am happy something new is coming in OCT. Great to see that DD3 was mentioned as well. So excited to have more DD to play!!!!! 

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Guest Gamer


Super happy this is coming to the switch!!! Can’t wait!!!

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Guest Freddz


If you're using everything people love from DD1, DDE and DD2, then you'll have a very good ground to start from!

My biggest concern is that I dont want endgame to be increasing in fake-difficulty (a.k.a. just increasing numbers on everything both loot and enemies, and call that difficulty increase). You've done a good job so far, and I believe you can do it much better. Increasing difficulty should challenge the way people build, think and play, and in DD2 this was achieved by introducing very different enemies with different abilities and so on. Very good job.

I have a suggestion for an Idea that might or might not work, and that is a system that works as the Fountain in the game Heroes of Hammerwatch, where you can get different buffs and debuffs to your playthrough, and tipping the scale to either side costs some sort of currency (If tipped in favour of the players), or increased exp and gold gain (If tipped against the players). If you added some ingame currency (as a drop or completition bonus or something alike), and some way to limit this scale, I think this feature could at a lot to the game.

i.e. Buff: "[Insert enemy type here] wont spawn on this map" (X points), but at the same time the Debuff "Enemies deal Y% increased magic damage" (2X points).

This would give the players really hard magic enemies, and one typ that wont spawn, but that type may have been a weak physical enemy, and thus the scale tips against the players, awarding them with, as an example, Z% more exp and higher chance of increased item level of drops.

I think you get the idea. Hopefully you like it and can figure out a way to implement and test it.


Go Chromatic!

Cheers! Freddz

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The message you guys have going here? I absolutely love it. I have high hopes for CG and DD:A :)

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You guys are doing great on the kickstarter. Im stoked to find out what Mark you will reach. 

Looks to beat the 250.000 more easy than I would have thought. 💪👍👏

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ye thats what most devs says when they have a new ''project'' 

if i had the money then id bet a bilion whit someone to prove that after ddes release dd2 will fall into disarray, decay and will disolve from the inside since its unfinished as fk...

please think twice before doing anything stubborn... 

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Definitely doesn't hurt to say again! ;) Congratz on the new rebranding and also being able to be the masters of your own destiny! Like Jaws I'm glad that DD2 will keep going and I am sorta excited to see the new direction this will go!

And yes!!! A new vendor for shard that we want?! No more RNG?! Oh yeah! Thanks big time for that! Looking forward for more news when it comes! :)


Edited by Paloverde zfogshooterz
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20 minutes ago, Paloverde zfogshooterz said:

Definitely doesn't hurt to say again! ;) Congratz on the new rebranding and also being able to be the masters of your own destiny! Like Jaws I'm glad that DD2 will keep going and I am sorta excited to see the new direction this will go!

And yes!!! A new vendor for shard that we want?! No more RNG?! Oh yeah! Thanks big time for that! Looking forward for more news when it comes! :)


And if the currency required for that vendor is gems, all hype destroyed.  Cash for shards.....let's hope they don't go there.

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4 minutes ago, jaden198 said:

And if the currency required for that vendor is gems, all hype destroyed.  Cash for shards.....let's hope they don't go there.

Damn, that didn't cross my mind, But since the company isn't Trendy anymore (aka those investors), hopefully that isn't the case indeed. At best that we can think of is shard dust and/or medals.

Edited by Paloverde zfogshooterz
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19 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

 Great to see that DD3 was mentioned as well. 

Y'know the more I think of it, I am actually quite looking forward to that too. Wonder what crazy stuff to explore. And also hopefully it's going to be quite different from DD1 too, love the DD2 art style (and of course I want that game to have a great conclusion first before going into DD3.)

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i made up my mind, everything changes over time

so i decided that i want to donate, ofc for the rewards too :P

aside from that, is there a way to do it via ideal? im no creditcard user and i never will (i hate having a debt on my name)

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Guest Joseph Pace


Yes!!!! This new Awakening is going to be absolutely fantastic! I'm super excited! I think this will be even be better than DD1 or DD2. I can't wait to play Deeper Well, especially! I know tons of people like me are happy about this. :)

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Guest Auranim


So hang on. You made DD1. Then you made DD2 and DD:E (which is basically DD1). Now you're making DD1 again, but with more stuff and switch compatibility?

That sounds weird. No bad, I think, just odd. But if that is the case, can I just make one request? One tiny little request?

PLEASE give me back my ability to DYE MY CHARACTER. I absolutely loved playing with colours and, while skins are awesome, they're also limiting. Best of both world would be skins AND dyes. Hell, make dyes craftable, if you want, but please don't force me to look like everyone else.

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Is it still possible to get  dd2 tower skins (defence council)

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Congratulations on the new found freedom and rebranding!

I have countless memories of playing DD1, and staying up far too late, with my college buddies - that feels like an age away. Today, I have redownloaded DD1 and DD2 (for the first time) and I am excited to dive back in!

I have already backed the Kickstarter and I look forward to future projects.

Edited by AndrewsBase
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Guest NeoBlade


On 3/5/2019 at 4:32 PM, Guest Gamer said:

Super happy this is coming to the switch!!! Can’t wait!!!

I don't think I understood what I read correctly but i'am hoping its on the PC too.

DD is my Favorite game and this Kickstarter made me love it even more, and just knowing the potential that the new devs have makes me feel excited.

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13 hours ago, Guest NeoBlade said:

I don't think I understood what I read correctly but i'am hoping its on the PC too.

DD is my Favorite game and this Kickstarter made me love it even more, and just knowing the potential that the new devs have makes me feel excited.

Its means its also coming out on switch but not just switch.


Ps4, xbox, switch and PCare all getting realses 

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I was really surprised when I saw the news, but it's good to see that you are moving forward.

I never really got into DD2 - although I tried it several times and a few hundreds of hours - because a game like Dungeon Defenders stays and falls with the loot system. DD:E was just too easy and I do not like the stat system of DD2 at all. DD1 was so close to perfect in this regard. The loot frequency and rarities made grinding worthwhile and most important the stats system was nice. Simple numbers, but easy to read and to compare. You could tell in a fraction of a second if an item was good or bad and seeing that yellow or blue or whatever colored dot on the map was always exciting. And that's a really good indication of a good loot system. So I really hope you take the loot system of DD1 as a base without major changes. In addition to this I would like to see trading being back of course - maybe even with a global auction house / market place like Diablo 3 had (of course not with real money but using the ingame currency or other items) and server-based loot only to prevent any kind of manipulation.

Basically a DD1 with the features above and some other improvements like being able to walk while repairing or building and other QoL improvements, a better interface for certain things (search, filter functions and so on) would already fulfill my wishes.

In any case I wish you all the best for the new project!

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I’m glad to see a new release for DD! I fondly remember hosting events on PS3 way back when and I’m so happy to play another entry of this series! 

Looking forward to it! :) 

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Outside of the update to UE4, what sets this aside from DD1? I was an early buyer of DD2 and it ended up flopping compared to DD1. Looking at the kickstarter, the first 8 points brings nothing new outside of Switch support. New bosses and new maps means nothing given the DD1 development team has brought both of those. The next points just indicate bringing DD2 features to DD1. My main concern is that the last time stat improvements happened, we got DDE and DD2 where stat benefits were garbage. The last point that I want to bring up is 'tons of quality of life'. It seems useless if it's about returning to DD roots and the other points are useless. This seems like nothing but a cash-grab to get funding for DD3.

As a side not, will this also include insane amounts of microtransactions that force players to spend additional money to get full access or will it allow players to earn new characters/towers in-game?

Edited by curtisgk
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