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Holiday Check-In With Elandrian




Greetings Defenders and Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has been enjoying our most recent update, Drakenfrost! It was definitely a new experiment into how we deliver content, and I can’t wait to see all the feedback about it. How did you feel about our recent release of the Drakenlord? Let us know your thoughts in this thread!

I didn’t come here entirely for feedback… I may have an ulterior motive… to deliver some tremendous news!

I have recently been promoted to Creative Director on the Dungeon Defenders team!

I’ll be leading the direction of Dungeon Defenders into the future with the help of our amazing team!

We’re going to make the changes that you, our Defenders, want to see. We’ll also be able to make even more exciting new content and features for Dungeon Defenders II than we ever have before.

But what does this mean for the players?

Well let’s recap a little bit. I started as a community member, Caster’s Guild streamer, and Dungeon Defenders player. My tenure at Trendy started off with an internship that grew into an Associate Producer position, where I was eventually able to mold and shape some of our most recent updates - for example Protean Shift, Isle of Dread, and the Drakenfrost update.  

Josh comes into all of this with deep knowledge of the original Dungeon Defenders title, the aspects of it that players enjoyed, and is a master of the technical arts.  

Our primary goal and focus is to build upon recent successes through continuing to evolve DD2 into the game we all know it can and should be.

So what are some of the things we’re thinking about?

We’re looking at our pain points:

We’ve been improving Ancient Power since its release and we know that everyone is still not as stoked about it as we were hoping.  In 2019 we will continue to iterate and expand upon this feature until it hits the mark we’re all hoping for.

We also know there are some Inventory pain points that players have with stacking Shards, amount of free space, and clunky navigation. We’ve already made significant improvements to finding Mods and sorting your inventory, but we’re always looking at doing more to make it easier and easier.

In the near future:

We’re looking at expanding our elemental combo system. The goals for this are to add intuitive and interesting combinations between damage types, setting you up for some mad alchemy with new and beefier elemental interactions (what if poison exploded when hit with fire damage?).  Elemental interactions entered Dungeon Defenders II before our Free-to-Play launch and while our old plans to expand upon them have grown dusty on the shelf, I have never forgotten how excited they made me about the potential for DD2. We want to rekindle that excitement and realize this feature’s potential.

We’re also looking at acquisition methods for all of your loot and rewards in the game. We know people are looking for specific Shards, 10/10 Qualibean™ MODS, crafting materials, re-roll items...basically all the things. Our new Lead Designer (Mark Telfer) has made appeasing you his primary goal in life and loot acquisition is where he’s decided to start. Much like with recent changes to MOD roll and drop rates, your feedback will be essential to this process — so keep reaching out and letting us know your thoughts.

In the slightly farther future:

We’re looking at creating a better “purpose for play.” Some people call this a “chase” in a game. We know some people enjoy getting to high floors of Onslaught, and some enjoy getting fully kitted out with Chaos VIII gear, Gilded Shards, all Ancient Powers, etc. but we also know that we can do even better than that.

We want our players to have a more meaningful reason for getting all the new loot and levels in our progression systems. One avenue we’ve been playing with is an “ultimate boss” style encounter. The Lost Eternia Shard DLC packs proved the concept for the franchise, and we are currently exploring ways we can hit that emotional high-point in the contemporary DD2 format.  Modern MMO’s and RPG’s have taken big strides when it comes to designing boss fights and we’re looking to mirror their modern, elegant style.

There’s also an ongoing conversation about adding additional ways to acquire heroes and premium currency via gameplay. We really want to make sure that all our players are feeling adequately rewarded for playing our game. We’re going take a look at what our Gem purchases and pricings are like, and evaluate ways that we can make these more “player-first.”

We’re here to make a dope experience for you, and we’re going to double-down on that as our direction moving forward.  (My first act as Creative Director was to declare “we’re going to make dope s***” as the new modus operandi.)

Real Talk:

We have a small, but dedicated team working on delivering Dungeon Defenders to everyone in the best way that we know how. We’re people (just like you!) making a free to play game, so there will always be monetization and occasionally we’ll make some mistakes with features.  Additionally, change does not always occur at the speed at which you wish it would. We have processes for improving, but they remain what they are — a process. That being said, our ultimate goal is always to make a game that you guys want to play, and to continue to experiment with finding new and interesting content and release methods.

Do not forget that each and every one of you are an essential part of DD2 now and the shape of what it becomes in the future. Continue to give us all your feedback, opinions, and ideas using the appropriate methods.

We’ll do our best to fix bugs, add content, and provide new features to the game as we keep developing in 2019.

Join me, and the entire team, in making Dungeon Defenders II, and all our future Dungeon Defenders games, into the best games they can possibly be.


Colin “Elandrian” Fisher and the entire Dungeon Defenders II Team.


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Just an idea, but I would like to see a weekly shop that has random items from defender packs, possibly even 1 from each rarity, that can be bought for gems. It would solve the problem of opening multiple defender packs and not receiving the item that you want.

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so uhh
what happened to killing flyers through freezing them? Is it a bug that it doesn't deal damage anymore? Or was it removed intentionally?
(talking about how a Frozen Flyer will ht the ground, taking crushing DMG, thus instakilling it in most cases)

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@TheMask6781 quote:

Just an idea, but I would like to see a weekly shop that has random items from defender packs, possibly even 1 from each rarity, that can be bought for gems. It would solve the problem of opening multiple defender packs and not receiving the item that you want.

oooooh, i like this idea!

In response to TheMask6781

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Many congrats to Elan and Javahawk! So excited to see the direction these two bad ass individuals take the game! Looking forward to 2019!

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Happy Holidays Guys! 

But I have to say I can’t stand the update, you put an Incursion Map on my Favorite gameplay Onslaught, so now my favorite game and my favorite game style is ruined.

No more Prestigeing or much of DD2 until that’s gone , guess RDR2 is Finally going to get played.

And I have to say the game was better before elemental combos , it came at too high of a cost. While I can Deal with DR somewhat, I can’t deal with Incursion on my Onslaught...  

This update was along the lines of Mortal Kombat Annihlation or Last Jedi, Awful. 😄👍🏻

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You talk about the chase and I agree that DD2 desperately needs this so here are some ideas worth chasing…

Armor tier sets

Weapon tier sets

Tier bosses to defeat

Imagine a new tier set every quarter


Oh also elemental combo, steam “water and fire”

Make elemental combos and world environment work together “think forest crossroads waterfall and lightning tower”

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I would like to see an increase in drop rates for materials in C1-C6. At least 12-15 Plain/Shiny motes per game and double the material drop rates from victory chests like clusters, leathers, scales etc.. It would be really good so players that reset AP doesn't need to spend hours and hours farming materials to upgrade gear again, plus a bonus for starting C1 players that needs to progress through without the long farming 😊🙌Brillaint game so far!!


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My wife use to play this game a lot with me we played DD1 and DD eternity and well after you guys did the chaos rework its been harder to play. maybe lower the bonus from 4 maps to 2? honestly I didn't even know there was a multiple run map bonus until juicebags said it in one of his videos because we only had enough room in our bags to do 1 maybe 2 maps before we would sit in the tavern and I would sort out all of the trash gear from the maybe 1 sorta upgrade. It's very hard for us who can only play 1 to 2 maps a day to actually get anywhere in this game now.

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This gives me a spark of hope. With recent updates, DD2 is being slowly destroyed. I need a reason to push onslaught and be able to use my favorite setups without being in constant fear of them getting nerfed into oblivion, with the poor excuse being itll make making future content easier for the team. I hope you are the hero that we need, for if you aren't, we won't be logging in and we wont be able to pay you for your hard work. We need to feel strong in a pve Tower defense game when we have earned it. Slap some sense into people over there. 

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MC you all.

so there is 2 thing i like to ask. 

1. pliz give as  a pity timer for shards grinds. after like 50 shrads on the same lvl we get to pick the one we want.

it fell REAL BAD when you spend over 8h to get a destruction shards . and you dont get it.

2. make "endless waves" a game mod agian. its very fun . and make the grind a bit easyer

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The game is good, i like the update the combo element was perfect for me. The new boss is a good challenge.

Like a lot of ppl, maybe the endless wave will be a good way and less painful grinding like in DD1.

And a speed X2 or X4 will be an alternative for grinding, its just in a lot of tower defense we have the option.

But so far i enjoy the game I just don't have endless gaming hours to spend in the game.

Thank you

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Congrats Elandrian! Thank you Trendy Team for continually improving the game! Happy Holidays all!

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I honestly think you guys painted yourselves into a corner with Ancient Power. There is no way in heck I'd ever consider resetting all my characters and gear back to 0 after spending hundreds of hours building them up in the first place, especially when the "payoff" for this reset is a handful of trivial bonuses.

On the other hand, if Ancient Power bonuses were really good and necessary to progress, I'd feel resentful for being "forced" to reset all of my progress just to be able to progress again after making up all that lost effort. It's a no-win situation, as "prestiging" really only appeals to a fanatical sliver of any given game's userbase.

As for what I'd like to see: Bring on Chaos VIII, IX, and X. Reactivate those deactivated Shards (my Mystic has been relegated to masonry (wall builder) since Tempered Anger got turned off). You've already introduced new enemy types outside of proper Chaos tiers, so it's about time to start following your own blueprint again and give us Chaos VIII expeditions with Frosty enemies, Chaos IX expeditions with Magma Orcs, then come up with some new minion for X. Just PLEASE don't repeat the mistakes of DunDef1 with the Spiders, Djinns, Sharken, and Copters completely neutralizing defenses and requiring constant Hero/Summoner intervention. You've already filled that niche with the diverse minibosses.

Lastly, bring on Man and Machine! That's the only new hero I've been interested in, yet he keeps getting pre-empted by redundant gender-swaps (which should be much cheaper than unique heroes) and niche appeal things like the Barbarian who I will never buy because I hate everything about his concept.

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Zendor166 citation:

Le jeu est bon, j'aime bien la mise à jour, l'élément de combo était parfait pour moi. Le nouveau patron est un bon défi.

Comme beaucoup de gens, la vague sans fin sera peut-être un moyen efficace et moins pénible de moudre comme dans DD1.

Et une vitesse X2 ou X4 sera une alternative pour le meulage, c'est juste dans beaucoup de tours de défense que nous avons l'option.

Mais jusqu'à présent, j'apprécie le jeu. Je n'ai tout simplement pas des heures de jeu infinies à passer dans le jeu.

Je vous remercie

oui j'ai besoin de vague sans fin j'aime that In en réponse à Zendor166

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Hi I would like to know if you plan to put an interface in Portuguese I do not speak much English I love this game it is difficult to see the mods without speech that if it had an interface in Portuguese it would attract a lot more people to the game than an inclivel game

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First of all... congratulations on the latest update! It brough me back to the game and I'm loving it.
Please consider that, there are 2 very importants items pending to this (lovely) game.

1. Translation to other languages. Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, for example. I do speach english, however my friends that join me don`t. This makes their playing very challenging. So if additional languages would be available it certanly will bring new players to the game.

2. Last but not least, and even more important... the game is very bad optimazed for consoles (At least at PS4). The game crashes all the time and has a really bad Frames Per Second experience, causing an experience if the game was laging, even more when we`re facing a lot of mobs.

Your help to fix this will be more than appreciated.

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Hi there, first of all am really loving the game and the attention to the development of DD2.  My better half had a suggestion or something that she wished was in the game and I thought was rather brilliant.  If the game had a house that you could customize and own much like the tavern but yours.  I am not a gamer that cares about that I enjoy the grind of the game and the challenge but I could see myself having a hefty credit card debt from her making her house "pretty". Keep up the good work guys!!! Cheers

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Hello LAWTA, 

  Let me begin with saying "Cudos!" to you and your team.

Great game play in one of the best graphic games ever! I've been playing since 

the 80's and love what I'm seeing. I was also a avid DD player so seeing these upgrades is

fantastic. The addition of Drakenfrost is also wonderful and a thrill. Job well accomplished, I know

that this game is still evolving and it's shaping up better as it does. I have nothing but good to speak toward

your hard work and efforts, mostly because, like I told my wife and children (whom btw also play) this 

wasn't about finance as much as it was about the playing aspects and the fans. I only wish all four of us

could play on one system. Otherwise Great Job, Thanks!

   * I pointed out to my wife how well the shadows and the colors are mastered 

in a free playing game, so good! Please put in more flash and lights for the defense and weapons it's a

super draw. I would gladly spend more for the flair. Keep up the good work folks.

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It can’t be that hard to give console players options to disable anitmations or SOMETHING to give us more frames!! I just want to play already I’ve been waiting years for you to fix console lag!!!!

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