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Dev Log 101— The World Map Is Your Oyster




Greetings Defenders,

This be the second Dev Log for the next update in Dungeon Defenders II! As we promised ye scallywags last Dev Log we’ll be talking about even more treasure and booty coming. Ancient Power changes, War Table improvements, and a lot more await ye in Dev Log 101!

Alec “Lawlta” Saare — Community Captain

This Dev Log is still just the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming. You all have been anticipating Ancient Power changes, and we’ve got them! A lot of feedback that we’ve received on this system (just like with Onslaught) was used to help mold it into what’s coming your way. On top of this, the War Table changes (session browser anyone?), and maps are a lot to cover. This update is ARRRRRRRRRbsolutely insane, to quote a certain Jose, “hype levels are through the roof, unsustainable!”

I’ll let others dive into what’s coming. I will say that we are going to have our FIRST Dev Stream for this update next week, September 14th, at 3 PM EDT. We’ll be showing off some stuff from Dev Log 99, 100, and 101! Who knows, we might even be giving away one of our new flairs during our Dev Streams. ;)

Jose “Scaredycat Scarecrow” Villegas — Technical Designer

Hey-o everyone!

What’s promised is owed, so here are some of the new changes to Ancient Power available to you in our next update. We have heard your feedback, and hopefully these changes will make you more excited to engage with this system.

Ancient Powers
Here's a list of the changes regarding Ancient Powers specifically:

    1. We have doubled the strength of each Ancient Power. To note, since you can add each AP level together when in a party to make the buffs stronger, now we will only add up to 10 levels per Power. This means you get twice the strength when playing solo, and up to the same amount when playing with others, but this limit is reached much easier now.

    2. We have introduced four new Powers: Defense Crit Damage, Defense Crit Chance, Hero Crit Chance, and Hero Crit Damage.

    3. The amount of power you gain per level has been redistributed so the first levels of each power will award you with a greater gain than the last ones.

Prestigious Weapons
Like mentioned in the previous Log, you can now get one Prestigious Weapon every 10 floors, (20 after floor 100), at a guaranteed quality 5/10. The opportunity to earn this is reset when going through Ancient Power, so you will get the chance to earn them again.

Ancient Power Progression
Faster base ascension, and talent cap raises. Since now the progression of Onslaught will be tougher, and faster, we have increased your base gains to match this increase.

Pets no longer get reset when going through AP ;).

Starting Floor
The final one is the biggest one yet: Every time you go through Ancient Power, you will unlock a higher floor in Onslaught that you can immediately start at. Your ‘Base Floor’ will raise by various amounts, but eventually you will be able to start right away beyond the C7 Floors when triggering AP.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without raising the floor you need to reach to trigger AP again, so whenever we raise your ‘Base Floor’, your ‘Target Floor’ will also be raised. There is a limit to how much both can be raised, but you will need to watch today’s hot Trendy Fun Stream w/ Lawlta and Jose and ask me live.

That’s it for me at the moment. Hopefully next time I will be allowed to talk to you about the new hot Pirate Mods that we have been working on.

Love you,


Eric “Petire” Petrie — QA Designer

What's up Everyone?

We’ve received a ton of feedback regarding our War Table and the flow of how players get into games. Changes for the war table were two fold. First we focused on the flow of how players get into games with other players, where things were easily understood and executed, and also where they were not. Our second focus was on allowing people to know all of the options available in the game. As you progress in Dungeon Defenders II, a lot of doors open up, and we want to make sure Defenders can know where they can do, and what they can do.

War Table UI


Enter our new overworld view on the War Table, introducing a new interface for selecting what and where you play. The way we worked through this was by setting goals we wanted to accomplish in regards to getting into a game, and then finding ways to attain those goals:

  1. Change how the world is presented to players

    1. Adding a World Map that looks amazing and has distinct landmarks, helping immerse players into what they were defending.

  2. Change how players are able to get into games

    1. Adding Play Now getting players right into the game with other people who are doing the same thing. This requires less time going through menus, and gets you into the action of an appropriate level.

    2. Allowing players to filter for any combination (even content that is locked) and see those open games as well!

  3. Increase the amount of information given to players BEFORE they get into games.

    1. Giving more space to give information about difficulty, game modes, chaos enemies, and maps.

    2. Having information about rewards and what can be gained by completing the map.

Session Browser


And last, but certainly not least, a Session Browser that allows players to see everything  playable in one location. This allows players to see EVERYTHING, even locked content that they haven’t unlocked through progression! By doing all of these changes, along with improving how the party and player interaction systems handle, it is going to be a lot more intuitive to get into games and have fun playing with friends and the community at a large!

Brian “Good Enough” Goodsell — Technical Artist

Hey All,

We heard you were kind of excited about there being new maps in the game. We weren't sure, so we decided to not make any. PSYCHE! This time around we brought two maps for all of you to conquer. Hopefully you brought some dimenhydrinate, you won't want to get seasick.


Our first map we're showing has you fighting on the high seas. This map is unlike anything you’ve seen in Dungeon Defenders II to date! You’re on a stolen ship with enemies coming at you from every direction. To really put the pressure of the high seas on Defenders we needed to add threats from above AND below!

The verticality involved in this map will have you flying all over the place with the help of the catapults added (at least 6)! There’s some cool tricks for players to discover, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Our next map we're showing is the fruits of your sailing adventure. They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Well that can go kick rocks, because the destination is just as awesome as the journey! This map is all over the place, has some awesome new enemies, and some hidden secrets (one that we’re really excited to see being found).

There’s a lot to be done here, both on land and on ships. Even failing this map is pretty insane. You’ll be seeing this map in multiple game modes, it might even be the incursion *wink* *wink*.

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead

We're also looking to expand our tester pool once again. Our testers get the chance to try out our still-in development work, in exchange for some cool stuff as a thanks. They help us with balance, feedback and bugs and their contributions to our releases are very valuable.

We have two teams, RQA - our daily bug hunters (for folks with lots of free time each day), and RPG - our larger team for balance and feedback (for folks with limited free time).

Testing comes with two different Tester-exclusive rewards:

Betsy White


Parrot Wings flair


If you are interested, drop me an email at dani.moore trendyent (dot) com and ask. I'm happy to provide more information on both teams to see what best suits. A big thanks to everyone involved in the Update and the heaps of work and sweat that went into it all. 

What’s Next?

In these two Dev Logs, we’ve covered a lot of changes that are coming, and there’s still a lot more to show off. Because of this, we’ll be doing multiple Dev Streams to showcase things you’ve seen in both of these Dev Logs, and maybe some extra bonuses.

Our first Dev Stream will be September 14th, at 3 PM EDT. Be sure to come join us, check out all the pirate-y goodness, system changes, and hard work poured into this update. Oh, also, you know, maybe win some prizes coming with this update!

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


Recommended Comments

Thank you very much for adding a session browser. This is something some players have been longing for since closed alpha. Now you are making it reality. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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"We have doubled the strength of each Ancient Power." - And here is the bad news. After all, this news means that you need to spend twice the kraft of materials, spend twice the time for extraction of each of them (because unlike artifacts, they do not fall out in double / triple size if there are more than one player on the map), I'm not I'm talking about the amount of gold and medals that will need to be spent for each reset. Do at least so that you can receive several ancient powers at a time, if the "Target Floor" has already reached a high value, otherwise I do not see the point of using them at all. Because now it looks like a very bad idea (IMHO), especially for those who have chaos8 items (you understand that for each artifact you need to get 250! Pieces of material for crafting, which means THOUSANDS hours of dull farming for you), and I'm not talking about chaos8 amplifiers, which are already the rarest thing in the whole game. I'm still ashamed that I took this trick and used my ancient reset, and instead of the result I got just a wipe of all things that I got. Because now the choice is between the farm of ancient powers OR the achievement of the highest floor in the onslaught. This patch looks like a violent attempt to bind these two things, since people can not reach many ancient powers by restarting without undergoing an onslaught, and people who do not use ancient powers (since they understand that this is a loss of huge time and result) will be forced to use them as you said earlier, the onslaught will be more complicated (is it really a shame that Marcos has reached the higher onslaught so easily, huh?).
Sorry if anyone offended, but it seems to me now.

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Base ascension should also be looked at, IMO you should get +5 base ascension each reset.

Great to finally get a proper session browser like DD1 had, you know like should have come from day 1.

New powers sound exactly like we were talking about recently so good on you for bringing these in.

Pets no longer reset is good, so can you be kind enough to drop in x pet boosters per AP point all the resetters currently have to boost their pets back up?

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Sounds very exciting, the 1 map Onslaught floor is probably my favorite change.

So to wrap up - i am loving the AP reset changes being made, but as long as the reset is still wiping out my whole inventory - i will still abstain from that mode. That is a shame, but i am a collector at heart, and the only thing i defend more than dungeons in DD2, is my prized loot. 

Couldn't agree more, I don't think DD2's core principles of collecting and growing are compatible with resetting. I'll still abstain from resetting, but still very much enjoy the game.

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