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Shard Feature Preview — Dusting and Gilding



Greetings Defenders,

The update is coming along smoothly and lots of work is being done as we speak. We released two DevLogs over the past two weeks, and there’s one more coming, but we didn’t want to leave a week without any beans spilling, so we’re going to spill a couple today. Just as an extra note, some of the terms discussed here and any content is still subject to change. Let’s go!


Gear and stat changes affect the entire game, meaning Shards are also affected. With the upcoming update, just about every Shard is going to change as a result (get ready for probably our longest patch notes ever). They should more or less retain their same power, but because of the stat changes and base damage increase on towers, you may find some Shards way more useful than before! There’s also an additional feature being added that affects Shards, what we’re currently calling Shard Dusting.

Shard Dusting

While a lot of Shards are gaining additional strength or coming into the spotlight because of tower/gear changes, there are many different Shards in the game. Very few people utilize all the Shards that drop. Some people like playing with the base four heroes and focus on Shards for them, and some like using just the Mystic and the Lavamancer. Getting Shards for the heroes you don’t use can sometimes feel like you aren’t working towards improving your own unique build. With Shard Dusting, you can now find a utility for unwanted Shards instead of just selling them for little gold.

Taking the Shards you do not want, and deconstructing them into dust, it now allows you to acquire another chance at getting a Shard you want. For a set amount of dust, you are able to go to our Shard vendor and trade your dust for another Shard container that contains a random Shard from the appropriate Chaos tier. This a feature the community asked for, and we’re here to deliver! Getting multiples of the same Shards also has an advantage as well. We know that many of you have been hording Shards in anticipation of something new to do with them, and now you can! We're introducing Gilded Shards!

Gilded Shards

Gear is getting a major overhaul and additional features to increase its power, we wanted to give Shards some attention as well. With this next update, the Shards (both wanted and unwanted) you find are going to possess more utility than they currently do. Gilded Shards are Shards whose power pushes past the current limits. When gilding a Shard, they gain increased upgrade levels, increasing their power. That’s not the only bonus — Gilded Shards do not get reset when you attain Ancient Power, alleviating some of the currency costs that come with resetting!

Now you might be thinking, “Lawlta, how do I gild my Shards?”, and that’s a great question. Gilded Shards come from combining a specific number of the same Shard. We’re not announcing any specific numbers yet, but we want to make sure this feature feels good to use, and are getting great feedback from our RPG and RQA testers. The goal for this is to allow players who are pushing in end game Onslaught to increase the power of their favorite and/or most used shards. This is our first step towards adding more goals for end game players that have long lasting impact on their power.

New Weapon Models

Professor Proteus is a man of intellect and sophistication, but also a man of style. There are more weapon models coming for every weapon type this update, and they may be attained in a special way. Here’s a sneak peek of what our artists created:


2D Concept Art by Zack Smith

3D Models by Zack Smith

There are more weapons coming, this is just a sneak peek of the awesome ones we are introducing into this update!

An Even Further Look to the Horizon!

The beans continue to flow! The systems discussed here build upon all of the things we discussed in the previous DevLogs. Believe it or not (actually just believe it), there’s even MORE coming!

The next DevLog is going to be a summation of everything we put out so far, as well as a feature that brings together a lot of the features revealed in recent weeks. There may also be a release date in there that’s sooner than you (don’t) think. It’s going to be our last DevLog before we release the Patch Novel (calling them notes doesn’t capture just how gigantic that post is going to be).

A lot of the changes that are coming give us a lot to create additional future content. Many of the changes within this huge update, including Shard Dusting, are a result of community feedback on what Defenders want. The feedback all of you provide is incredibly important. Game development is a very arduous process, and at times can feel like we aren’t listening if the changes you want are not released very quickly. These changes (and ones coming in future updates) have a heavy community influence to them. You all are great at providing constructive feedback and it helps us make sure the additions we make are something you enjoy! :)

If you want an early look (as well as helping us polish things before release), our testing groups are just for you! There’s so much coming, and every bit helps to make this expansive update great.

Want More Info On What’s Coming?

Check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

There’s even more information coming next week. We’re really excited to share the last beans of this update, and hope you enjoy what’s coming. Stay tuned!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


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Very promising. Very well written. Thank you very much.

A year ago I wouldn't have thought that, but... it really feels as if the stuff we have hoped some tim ago is going to come true.

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I'm loving these update blogs. Those weapons....they look like harbinger 2.0 weapons.
Dusting, smelting, gilding (guilding?) Crit changes...it's like DD2 is re-releasing all over again. In a good way. All happy news. I missed Trendy Friday Fun, so I will have to check that out this weekend and see if any other beans were spilled.

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@Martin Arcainess quote:

Question about the gildes shards.

The idea itself sounds great as it feels like we can grow our shards past there limits.

But the question is, will they surpass Hypershards im terms of stats or will we be able to gild hypershards too?

Good question. From what it sounds like, we need multiple of the same shard to gild them. My guess is a no go on Hyper shards....unless we are going to have ways of getting duplicates of Hyper shards, too.

In response to Martin Arcainess

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@Jaws_420 quote:

Gilded Shards do not get reset when you attain Ancient Power

This one sentence...right there. That changes everything.... Can't wait to learn more about this, but a very welcomed and great change. 

Love the new weapon models. Great stuff. 

Thank you for the info. We appreciate the effort. Can't wait to see the release date. 

NOTE - saw an Orb relic on the dev stream today being used in play.....

I'm excited for that, too. 

As for orbs in the stream today, I wasn't there, but my guess is dev hacks...unless they reintroduce them for some undisclosed reason.

In response to Jaws_420

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1) The bow looks awesome. (BTW any chance huntress can hit enemies with the bow in melee combat instead of using her arrows :> pretty please :3 )

2) Send me back in time to stop me from selling the thousands of shards I've vaporised

3) This update is making me genuinely excited about this game again

4) Deadly Strikes already outperforms Vicious Strikes on the majority of towers. You've said that defense speed and defense crit are being turned in to "makes sense" stats, can the same be done with range because it doesn't at the moment.

5) Is Onsen Bath ever coming to PC/PS4 please?

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I have a problem I have slipped out of my bag shard mass...  How to bring it back. 


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@Kopx quote:

I have a problem I have slipped out of my bag shard mass...  How to bring it back. 


Pls help me

In response to Kopx

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