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Patch 2.4 Preview: The Sky City Bank!




Greetings Defenders,

Today, there’s some big news to unveil in our upcoming patch —  the Sky City Bank is making its way to Dragonfall! We are releasing a new way to manage your inventory, a request many of you have made, in anticipation for our upcoming new features. We are currently still hard at work on these and are not ready to unveil them just quite yet. For now, let’s talk about the new ship that is going to be coming to a marketplace near you!

Sky City Bank

The Sky City Bank is a new way to manage the many items you come across during your adventures in Etheria! It’s accessible only in town, located right behind the Emporium. When using the bank, you are presented with Vaults to store your items. Each Vault contains 64 slots, the same amount as inventory bags, giving a lot of additional storage. You even receive one FREE Vault with the update!

Load Time Improvements

This release contains some amazing optimizations that are going to greatly impact a lot of Defenders. Our Associate Producer, [[3957,users]], mentioned this in a tweet last week describing the impact applied toward one user’s account.

We aren’t announcing the release just yet, but it is not very far away! For additional sources regarding announcements and updates, give us a follow on Twitter or like us on Facebook (also you can get some awesome Apprentice and Monk costumes by doing so).

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


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Wow! I used to think that the futuristic vault doesn't look that great. 

BUT! I will eat those words back! After showing the front and top, it looks amazing! I really love how the other side looks!

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Can't have Sky City the map without goblin copters, which would be so cool to have in the game.

Djinn that unsummon your auras would be good to see again, the ultimate anti afk mechanic.

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Um... this feels like it will do almost nothing to help all the issue of people wanting to play the game. I mean your user retention numbers have been fairly horrible since 2015. I checked and out of my friends list with 12 people at over 200hrs in dd1 there is only 3 over 200 in dd2, only 10 people on my list got past 30hrs . Only 40 people touched dd2 vs 95 on dd1.  I have mentioned dd2 to people I play with now and then with none of them really that interested, all of which played dd1. Every patch since 2015 has mostly just made the game worse with some slight quality of life improvements. The reason I end up "playing" is mostly just farming which ends up just being addiction(getting medals for characters) rather than fun. I have not really had fun in the game since 2015.

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seems pretty lame...
Anything more rewards for people who helped you out since the beginning ?

And anything about this reset non sense onslaught crap ?
Still going at it?

I have zero fun in the game since 1 year...
No interesting bosses at all.
The mutators idea in onslaught is a very good idea but it came with a very bad idea of reset grinding crap system...

I would add that now it's even more awful to get stuff fast .
I play since the beginning of dd2, played dd1 and dde too a lot.

To make the reset fun, you should at least let the gear in another state like:

If you reset, you get your gear at highest loot base gear of chaos 1.
Then you need to upgrade it to max to have it to base max stat of chaos 2 when you unlock this mode.
Same thing for chaos 3, 4 , 5 , 6, 7, etc...

Instead of having to farm those crappy gear over and over and over, and hoping that the loot system will eventually accept you to have better gear.

The ipz is broken, same with money gear loot system, same with stat number.

It s a real pain in the ass.

What do you think about this guys?

I still hope you will do something great about the game.
Onslaught and reset clearly isn t at the moment.
Just looking at the stat of how many players are playing at the game frequency say that too.


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Considering amount of time i played DD games, and considering i started dd2 with its moba version while in alpha team...

I honestly expected more time i can put to DD2 and i am still expecting it to change where play and grind is fun. Lvling from 0 again and again is annoying. And honeslty i am putting such games to my blacklist in steam..

Edit: Picture URL dont work for now lollllzzzzzz (sabotaged)

DD1: 1200 hours

DDE:200 hours

DD2:600 hours

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I guess it's cool that some people are finally getting what they wanted with bank storage... I really don't know why anyone would want such a thing, but I know there are people who do, for whatever reason.

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