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Double XP Weekend & Last Week to Get Your Free Bundle!




Double XP Weekend!

The Double XP Weekend has begun on Xbox One, PC & PS4! From now until Monday at 4PM EDT, get 2x the experience from winning!


Get Your FREE Beat the Heat Bundle Before It's Gone!

Login before August 10th to get free, exclusive items! You’ll find your free bundle at the in-game Shop (accessible through the Shop menu on the Pause screen). The bundle includes:

  • A free 4,000 Defender Medal gift!
  • An exclusive Purrville the Helicatter pet!
  • An exclusive Squilbur the Squid hat for the Squire!
  • An exclusive PAWS the Corgi shoulder pal for the Squire!
  • An exclusive shirtless beach Squire accessory!
  • An exclusive Squire beach shorts accessory!

Once you redeem the bundle, you'll find your medals in your Inventory as an item. WARNING: Make sure you have fewer than 8,000 Medals before redeeming or you will not get the full 4,000 Medal gift! To find your accessories after redeeming the bundle, go to the Costume Shop, go to the Wardrobe, select the Squire, choose his Default costume, and you'll find his new accessories in the appropriate slots!

Enjoy the weekend, Defenders!

The Trendy Team


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Hey trendy appreciate the double xp, I got to ascension 500 this weekend. I've been streaming your game for the last two weeks and I've had a blast. We've created a community that loves your game. I would love it if you guys stopped by sometime and just checked out the stream. Keep up the great work.

Love, albinorhin0o

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