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Dungeon Defenders II Out of Early Access, Update 1.0 Notes



Dungeon Defenders II is officially out of Early Access and free-to-play on Xbox One, PC & PS4! With this major milestone in our game’s history, we’re releasing Update 1.0.

Update 1.0 focuses on our New Player Experience. This update fixes a ton of bugs, adds a lot of polish, introduces more quality-of-life changes, improves our early-game experience, and gets new players through Campaign and deep into Chaos. After today, we’re spinning up on features and changes you’ve been asking for (Endless Mode says hi).

We’ve been in Early Access for more than two years. With more than 60+ updates, Dungeon Defenders II has grown up before our very eyes. It’s been exciting and, quite frankly, a little unnerving to develop a game with you watching every step of the way. Our growth and improvement is because of your support, your feedback and the dedicated members of our team who went above and beyond to drive our game forward. We’re proud of where Dungeon Defenders II is today, but launch is just the beginning. With your support, Dungeon Defenders II is only going to get bigger and better!

Here are the notes for Update 1.0:

Xbox One Version Available Now!

Brewed in secrecy, the Xbox One version is finally here! Download the game for free here.

The Xbox One version includes:

  • All of the content & features from the other versions of the game

  • A limited-time exclusive map & Incursion:  Yeti’s Revenge

    • This map and Incursion will be available on PC & PS4 in our next major update!

  • An exclusive pet

  • An exclusive weapon




The Initiate

Come on and SLAM!

The Initiate is our first gender-swap hero. This powerful Chi-wielding warrior is the gender swap of our bald friend, the Monk. She uses the same defenses as the Monk, but she comes with a suite of new abilities:

  • Chi Stomp:  A powerful slam that can be activated in mid-air!

  • Crippling Chi Wave:  The Initiate builds up a glowing ball of Chi and launches it at her enemies, which damages and debuffs any enemies hit!

  • Talisman of Empowerment:  The Initiate places a talisman on the ground that temporarily boosts the power of nearby defenses!

The Initiate is available at a lower Gem and Defender Medal price than other heroes. And don’t worry:  The Barbarian will have his time to shine soon.

Updated Tutorials

Play our all new Tutorial map and check out our new Tutorial videos with the new How To Play Menu! The new videos and map cover a variety of helpful hints, tips, and tricks that will aid in your defense of Etheria!


Updated Story and Campaign

Etheria has never felt so alive! Play through the updated story in our revamped Campaign experience and stave off the Old Ones advance. Prepare for new threats and twists that will appear. Make sure to keep an eye out during Build Phase!


New Summary Screen & Score System

At the end of each map, whether you win or lose, there’s a new summary screen that will score you based on your performance. Our new scoring system includes many different modifiers and bonuses to help you tweak your builds and get higher and higher on your personal mental leaderboard. Shortly after the release of score, we’ll add some form of score tracking for players to see!


Updated HUD & Health Bars

We’ve updated a number of our Heads-Up Display elements to make the UI cleaner while providing more information. The biggest change is the addition of hero deck hotkeys above the Health Bar. Now you can easily see which hero is in which hero deck slot hotkey, which is especially handy if you’re the kind of player who constantly rotates heroes in and out of your Hero Deck!


New Tower Skins

Check out the all new Bit Crush Dryad, Woodland Apprentice, and Hypno Abyss Lord Tower Skins! (Time for an Abyss Lord/Monk defensive DANCE PARTY! Unce unce unce #hype)


New Shard Icons

We’ve added new iconography for some of the most popular Shards in the game. We’ll continue to improve on our Shard icons after launch!

  • Channel - Icon Type Change

  • Inspiration - Icon Type Change

  • Hero Critical Strike - Minor Border Change

  • Life Leech - Icon Type Change

  • Speed Boost - Icon Type Change

  • Superconductor - Icon Type Change

  • Construction - Icon Type Change

  • Explosive Guard - Icon Type Change

  • Defensive Critical Damage - Minor Border Change

  • Destruction - Minor Border Change

  • Fortification - Minor Border Change

  • Deadly Strikes - Icon Type Change

  • Panic Fire - Icon Type Change

  • Press Your Luck - Icon Type Change


Incursions & Legendary Weapons

As part of our New Player Experience, we’ve introduced Incursions into Chaos! The goal of our Incursions is to provide variety and progression milestones as players progress through Chaos.

Each Chaos tier will now have its own unique Incursions. After completing an Incursion, you’ll unlock unique Legendary weapons at the Wayfarer! The Wayfarer will forge these unique weapons based on your highest powered hero. The Wayfarer will sell these weapons for Defender Medals, so be sure to sell those Souls4Gold when the update comes out!

As for long-term gameplay variety in our endgame, we have a number of interesting changes and features we’re going to add post-launch. Stay tuned!


New Weapons

In addition to the Wayfarer weapons, we’ve added many new weapon models to the game across many of our different heroes. Go forth and get that sweet new loot!


PS4 Optimization

This update improves PS4 framerate, especially when a lot of enemies are on-screen at once. This is just the first of our optimization updates for the PS4 -- shortly after launch, we have a litany of other changes that should improve framerate even more!

Quality of Life

  • Added a new Minimum Ascension Level host option.

  • Added the ability to rename your heroes for free in the Inventory.

  • Added controller sensitivity option on PC.

  • Revamped range indicator decals for visibility.

  • Now you can play and access everything on PC with a controller, including the Options Menu!

  • Added the names of defenses under relic slots.

  • Added Server Region display to the Main Menu.

  • Improved the Flamethrower Tower’s visual effects.

  • Added a minimap and NPC blips to the Heroes Marketplace.

  • Improved player name display with proper capitalization!

  • Added a “Hold <blank> to rotate tower” for PC controller users.

  • Improved and unified the look of many different UIs.

  • Updated the first quest in the game to have smarter text and a better UI.

  • Victory chests show up on all minimaps.

  • The War Table in the Private Tavern should now default to Private Games. Such private. Many seekrits.

  • Updated the game icon to the Squire’s Head. This was the most important change of all.



Core Health

  • Increased the core health in Chaos to protect against enemies one-shotting the core



  • Ballista - Black Arrow damage increased from 50% to 60%.

  • Cannonball - Stun Fire proc increased to 25% and stun duration from 2.4 to 3.0 seconds.

  • Cannonball - Heavy Cannonball damage increased from 950% to 1250%.

  • Earthshatter - Earth Toss proc chance increased from 35% to 100%. Knockup duration increased slightly.

  • Fire for Effect chance increased from 25% to 45%

  • Flame Aura - Encroaching Flames proc chance increased from 25% to 30% and damage increased from 40% to 60%.

  • Skeletal Archer - Explosive Arrows proc chance increased from 15% to 30% and damage increased from 110% to 450%.

  • Snakes on a Plane - Proc chance increased from every 5 seconds to every 3 seconds and damage increased from 525% to 3000%.

  • Enduring Bubble - Levels increased from 8 to 10. Buff duration decreased from +5 seconds to +2 seconds.

  • Lateral Blast - Damage increased from 725% to 2250%.

  • Mega Rock - Proc chance increased from every 10 volleys to every 5 volleys. Damage increased from 1150% to 4000%.

  • Frosty Proton Node - Proc chance increased from 5% to 25%, duration decreased from 5 to 2 seconds.

  • Gunwitch’s Hunting Blind Tower damage unchanged from 0% to 0%.


Betsy Weapons

  • Betsy weapons now have their shards locked in a shard slot to mimic their old, pre-shard passive effects.

  • Apprentice and Huntress Betsy Weapons have had updated firing rates and damage to better match our new balanced solutions.

  • Updated Betsy’s Empowered Lightning Shard description to make more sense.


Bug Fixesss

  • Fixed another magical Proton beam crash. Huzzah!

  • Fixed an issue with an endless black screen after multiple loading screens.

  • Hero Information and Currency indicators should no longer overlap.

  • Improved fullscreen and windowed game display modes.

  • Fixed another Siege Roller stuck issue.

  • Power Transfer Shard functions when equipped to Boost Aura now.

  • “Speeds” are “Orbs” again.

  • “Skulls” are “Marks” again. We have no idea how that happened.

  • This also means the Orb and Mark filters work again!

  • Abyss Lord’s Abyss Stones are now able to crit.

  • This update fixes a bug where multiplayer enemy health scaling was scaling higher than intended. Per-player enemy health scaling is now +25% rather than +50%. Go forth and defend with friends!

  • Fixed an issue where you could not drop a Shard onto a bag icon.

  • Shard Packs and Shards should go through the proper auto-collect flow now.

  • Fixed a text pop up at a really high Ascension level.

  • Jumping and using the right click dash on the Lavamancer should work properly now while dashing around the map. No more randomly hitting invisible walls! HOORAY!

  • The Ogres on the Forest Ambush Incursion thought it’d be really cool to just T-pose for fun. We set them straight.

  • The crosshair reticle should now turn the correct colors when targeting allies and other things in game. It will be colors other than red now! ADDITIONAL HOORAYS.

  • Updated several error message text to make more sense.

  • The resolution selector in the Options Menu is now scrollable with scroll wheels.

  • The World Tree now properly gets destroyed during the Victory animation if it’s too close to the Victory Chests.

  • Updated the description on the Shadowflame Dagger.

  • Updated the consumable tooltip to use the new UI.

  • Combined Power - Serpent’s Coil beams will now attack training dummies.

  • Updated the error text if there are no marked targets for Arcane Volley.

  • Gunwitch’s Snipe Critical Damage Shard no longer applies to all elemental damage.

  • Fixed the Level 50 Level Up Pop Up to show Level 50 instead of “Level 0”.

  • Renamed the default hero names to their classes.  Squire is now “Squire.”  Monk is now “Monk.”  Barbarian is now “Pete.”

  • Fixed a challenge display issue where it would render completed challenges twice in the UI.

  • Flame Aura properly calculates crit damage and chance into its inspected DPS number.

  • Fixed a matchmaking issue where if Player 2 declines, then Player 1 gets an “Unknown Error.”

  • Fiery Brimstone Shard now only works for the Abyss Lord as originally designed and fixed the critical damage scaling on the procs from 100% to 12% where it should be.

  • Unequipping items will go through the auto-collect flow and go to the bags that they should be.

  • Fixed an issue where swapping to EV2 Mark III was causing a rogue torso to display.

  • Fixed Drakken’s eyes and mouths to be glowing properly.

  • Added a notification that a party request has been sent to another player.

  • The “Could not authenticate with Steam… try again?” pop up was missing some buttons.  We gave them back.

  • Fixed a crash if you had selected Exit on a menu screen while an immediate message was being displayed.

  • Mystic’s Dark Torment damage over time critical effect is no longer scaling inversely with hero damage.

  • Fixed a billboard issue on Siege of the Throne Room.

  • Fixed an area where Kobolds could get stuck in the Ruins.

  • G4T0’s facial animations have been restored! Beep boop. Bloop.

  • Fixed a boost aura description typo.  “Precentage” is right… right?

  • Fixed small lighting issues on the Dryad Hornet’s Nest and Slime Pit.

  • Monk’s alternate attack is no longer blocked by towers.

  • Fixed the wyvern death animation.

  • The Weapon Filter on the Filter By… bag no longer has defense stat options.

  • Fixed a spot on Dragonfall Plaza where the Dryad could exit the map.

  • Fixed several small issues with tower damage challenges.

  • Fixed a massive performance issue with Shield Geodes.  Should be most noticeable on PS4.

  • PS4 - Dark Torment’s visual effects now display properly.


Known Issues

  • No “Press G to End Match” message is displayed after beating wave 4 on Airship Battle. This is only a visual problem and G still functions correctly.

  • Glaive of Storms isn’t currently purchasable in the wayfarer shop. It still unlocks and drops from the Power Surge Incursion.

  • Glaive of Storms’ unique shard is missing its icon.


Recommended Comments

Setting minimum ascension requirement does not work... I have low level players coming in to my game so we are back to the same issue.... had a player run in to core with assasin today, sad.

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Today my long-awaited craft beer delivery has finally arrived. I really had to open one while leaning back and enjoying the patch notes. (hey, it is already evening here ;-P)

Best of luck and everything... most of all... I wish you a lot of patience.

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Barbarian named Pete? I hope this means he comes in the next major update! :-)

@Professor_Valconion, I feel your pain!

Power Transfer works on Boost Aura now? I thought it already did. Do you guys mean Power Pylon? [[4370,users]] [[3957,users]]?

I'm excited about the increase proc of Proton Beam freeze effect. :-) YAY! PB + Earthshatter FTW! Sure, only 2s instead of 5s long. But if you put a Ch6-7 Orb on earthshatter, then it attacks every 1 second. Now THAT's a fast Earthshatter!

Overall, I'm excited! I have only done chaos trials 1-5 so far to unlock the incursions. Next will be Ch6-7 trials & then onto the incursions! :-) 

Later this week, I'll be starting a fresh new account on PS4 and experience the tutorial and campaign as it should be experienced. :-) looking forward to it!

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Don't tease me about the gunwitch, bro... I SAID DON'T TEASE ME!

I don't care if the hunting blind shard is 0%.  I would equip it in spite of that and then complain it didn't proc enough.

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For the PS4

For abilities that require you to aim them (like the Huntress’ Oil Flask and the Gunwitch’s Book Drop and Broom Nado) could you make it so you confirm your attack by pressing the same assigned button instead of pressingR2 to activate or at least have both options available


Huntress’ Oil Flask – Press Triangle to aim then Press Triangle again to throw.

Gunwitch’s Book Drop – Press and Hold L1 then Press Square to aim. While Holding L1 Press Square again to cast.

Gunwitch’s Boom Nado – Press and Hold L1 then Press Circle to aim. While Holding L1 Press Circle again to cast.

I find that I’m not using these abilities as much as I would like to do to the current set up and I think this would help with that as I find this much more intuitive.

On another note, could assign the beacon to Down D-pad on the PS4.  Having it accessible by a “face” button as oppose to the Hold L1 then Press R1 setup would be more intuitive/convent in hectic situations. Would it be possible make the beacon visible on the screen(like in DD1) as well as on the Mini-Map. Thanks

I would like hear peoples' thoughts on this idea.

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@NoThru22 quote:

So Xbox gets special treatment but the PS4 early adopters get kicked in the shin with no platinum trophy?  Xbox gets exclusive items and 1,000 gamerscore.  This is really vexing and frankly, insulting.

The issue with trophies is on Sony's end. They have a very contrived setup for whether games are allowed to have platinum trophies; based on a game's selling price and myriad other factors. There is a hard limit to how much "trophy XP" a game can be worth, depending on whether it's platinum or non. It's too much to go into here, let's just say it wasn't Trendy's fault.

Then Free-to-Play games are a whole 'nother issue, of course, as they technically don't cost money. F2P are rarely allowed to launch with platinum-sized trophy lists. The best choice Trendy has is to give us the set they did now, then periodically add more as the game goes along (tying handfuls of new trophies to major updates.) In doing this, they will eventually be able to have a beefy trophy list for the PS4 port.

This is unlike Xbox One, where every game at launch is required to have 1000 gamerscore. Regardless of whether it's the most substantial retail release - or a $2 indie game that you can complete in one hour. This is contrary to their XB360 achievement rules, which changed so many times between 2005-2014; they put Sony's crazy rules to shame. So when Xbox One came around, Microsoft thankfully changed their tune and just said, "A game is a game."

This is why there are countless multi-platform indie titles with much longer achievement lists on XB1 compared to their PS4 counterparts.

In response to NoThru22

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shard icon is a small quality of life improvement but shard really need to stack or something so they don't waste 4 pages of inventory space, was really hoping they'd fix that in this patch... guess not

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Good job! Just one more thing: Please go trough the Sony's trophy certification process. DD1's platinum trophy was one of the most rewarding ones (got nearly a hundred). I'm very torn about this but will not start the DD2 endeavor before un ultimate goal, the platinum trophy, is available. Wishing your team all the best!

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1st - [[39695,users]] in your face it was a icy map

then the post

Gender Swap hero... nice adition even she got a backstory same as monk ? or its a different one. well its a new hero to buy so at ramming speed i go.


  • Added Server Region display to the Main Menu.

this wasn't a feature in the old Menu?

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When are you guys gonna fix the server issues...every time i try to press start it says there is high traffic try again later it wont let me play the game everthing i do....Error code...when i go to private tavern ERROR code...when i want to leave and play another game....ERROR code...lol not really but seriously all i get is error codes plz fixxxxcore_forum_Icon.png 

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An Australian server would be great for us Aussies! Getting annoyed that we can't access any servers such as the only one there is the Europe server since the American one was removed! 

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@Jrrocio quote:

 Fix the servers please so I can actually play the game 

Yeah. the game is literally unplayble. Can't launch private tavern or any game mod, had fun running around in pub tavern. Good game.

In response to Jrrocio

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