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The Loot Update Delayed, PS4 Trophies Coming



Greetings Defenders,

The Loot Update is delayed until next Tuesday, May 23rd. As we were going through our final playtests, we felt we needed an extra week to get it right. This is an important update, and we want to deliver something we’re confident in. We know how eager you are for the update -- trust us, we are, too! -- but this extra time will truly make it shine.

With this additional week, we can also:

  • Add in more quality-of-life changes! (For example, showing an item’s max upgrade stat values on the Item Comparison tooltip. With this change, you can see if maxing out that new loot drop is an upgrade over your current gear!)

  • Add in our first PS4 trophies! We need to go through Sony’s certification process for trophies, so while we’re aiming for day & date with the PC update, it might come out a few days later depending on what happens with cert. This is just the first batch of trophies; more will come in the future!

  • Add in more bug fixes! Sweet, sweet bug fixes.

Thanks for your patience, Defenders.


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If it needs more player testing why not let your dedicated players test it? This is an early access game. I guarantee we can find the bugs very quickly just due to the amount of people that play the game. I understand that it may have adverse affects with people getting to powerful but that can be rolled back. Just my opinion....

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this really killed the excitement for me .... wish they would of let us know about this delay sooner, like maybe around the devstream on may 12. The disappointment wouldn't have killed most of the hype of this updates release,for me at least.  i was  excited for this update like a new game was coming out. now i am just annoyed Emoji_Orc.png

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Happy that they are taking the time to add QOL to the patch as I agree it is much needed. But I was super excited I just started getting max C7 gear this morning and was looking forward to play this week with the new loot but alas such is life I suppose.

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I came to the comment section to yell "NOOOOOOOOOOOO," but then I read the item comparison addition....I can wait a week.

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how about making it so the gear upgrading isn't so horrifically cost prohibitive that you can actually consider it an option?

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thanks for the info and and candidness! To battle the delayed hype, could you please consider releasing more information over the course of the week for us to nibble on and /discuss? e.g.

  • More details on the patch - balance tweaks, bugs that are fixed, the QoL changes, or anything that wasn't in the previous post.
  • Some hints towards the high-level roadmap - upcoming chaos tiers, other end-game modes, pets, map rotation, etc.

Any additional info that you can drip feed till the patch releases would be highly appreciated! :)

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r u kidding me...f my luck... really ? trophys <  priority ??? how sad  ....

i set my work for 23th dangit... so i had 1 week to grind lol now 23th i gotta work for 1 week and not home until 30th hahahahaha you really #$$#@$ me

how ironic luv you to!

welllll see you 30th i guess

next time atleast have the date correct please...you could have known this in advance with little research.. i really wanted to get online with this patch... chips!!!

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Thank you so much for paying close consideration to the quality of your patch. That reassures me of the future of this game. A quality game is worth a wait. I look forward to seeing what more this game becomes in time!

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Although delying is always hard for the playerbase it is a good sign so we see you won't release it unless you think it is ready. Thank you.

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I appreciate the reasoning behind the delay, but this weekend is a 4-day weekend during which I may actually have been able to play. Alas, poor playtime - I thought well upon you.

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