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The Spring Forward Update: Coming Next Week!



Birds chirping. Breeze blowing. Leaves growing. Springtime is here!

At least, that’s what we’ve heard. For us, this Spring means staying indoors and getting Dungeon Defenders II ready to leave Early Access (which we’ll talk about in more detail in the near future). We’re tying up loose ends, fixing the biggest issues, squashing the biggest bugs, and polishing the most visible areas. The Spring Forward Update is the beginning of this process, and you’ll see more improvements in our regular patches after the update lands.

So when will the Spring Forward Update come out? How about next Tuesday, April 18th? Does that work for you? Cool. We’ll put that down in our calendars then -- April 18th:  Make Great Spring for Glorious Playerbase Nation. Done!

Here’s what’s in the update:

Two New Chaos Tiers

We told you the next Chaos tiers would happen soon! This update adds Chaos VI and VII, and with it comes two new enemies, better loot, and most of the Shards that were disabled in Patch 19.5. 

So what fearsome new enemies are we adding now?


Hex Throwers

With their mighty javelins, Hex Throwers curse your defenses from long range! You’ll first encounter these Olympic rejects in Chaos VI.



Keep your eyes on the skies! These flying EMP Kobolds disable your defenses when they explode! You’ll first encounter what is sure to be everyone’s favorite enemy in Chaos VII.

Beyond these new Chaos tiers, we’re continuing to investigate changes to our loot system, difficulty balance and economy. Look for improvements in the coming weeks!

Tower Skins Are Coming

Finally! This was by far the biggest system we needed before our Early Access exit since many of you purchased a certain Collector’s Pack a long time ago and have been patiently waiting on certain Tower Skins. This update includes 8 sets of Tower Skins available for purchase and the Collector’s Pack Tower Skins given to owners of the pack and to our Defense Council members.


Tower Skins

Tower Skins come in Sets, and each Set includes 4 Tower Skins -- one for every defense in a hero’s kit! The first sets are for the Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice, and Tower Skins for the other heroes are coming soon! 

We've added a new Cosmetics tab in the Inventory, and this is where you'll equip Tower Skins (and eventually Costumes). In this tab, you can individually select which skin you want on which defense -- so if you want the Corrupted Poison Dart Tower Skin and the Defense Council Blaze Balloon on the same Huntress, go for it!


Defense Council/Collector’s Pack Tower Skins

On the Store Page, we said we were going to make 4 Tower Skins for the Collector’s Pack -- one tower skin apiece for the four original heroes. Well, we’re giving you 16 Tower Skins -- that’s a skin for every Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice defense! If you own the Collector’s Pack or if you’re a Defense Council member, you’ll find these Tower Skins when you login after the update comes out. Thanks for the support!

PC Controller Support

Speaking of support, in this update, we’re adding near-total PC controller support! Controllers will natively work for every command and every in-game menu except for the Options menu, which we’re hoping to get setup very soon!

Bag Auto Sorting

In this update, we’re adding an Auto Sort option to bags! When you select Auto Sort, items in the bag will re-organize by type (Weapons, Armor, Consumables, etc.), and within that type sorting, items will organize by rarity (for example:  Legendary Weapons, Mythical Weapons, Legendary Armor, Mythical Armor, Consumables, etc.) While this option is on, items will automatically sort based on these rules. If you wish to move items around in the bag, you’ll need to turn off the Auto Sort function.

Breaking the Assassin Cycle of Silence

Let me speak! In this update, we’re adding a 5-second protection between Assassin attacks while playing and a 10-second protection from Assassins after respawning. No more permanent chain-silencing!

Open Trials Matches on the Game Browser

Now you can view every open public Trials match on the Game Browser! This is perfect for finding the map to begin your win streak.


New Town Marketplace

Our world artists really went to town on the marketplace! *badumtish* But seriously, it’s amazing. New out-of-bounds scenery. New buildings. New skybox. It’s just one of those polish areas our world artists wanted to get in before we left Early Access!

The Emporium

Another feature we’ve been putting off is a unified shop, and as we’re approaching our exit from Early Access, now is the time to add it in! From this one single shop, you can find almost all of our in-game purchases. The Emporium is also available anywhere via the Pause Menu.

Crit Update

After Patch 19.5 came out, a lot of you told us that crits were OPOP. We believe you! We’re looking into it, and we think we’re zeroing in on the reasons why. We should have some changes for this in the update. Thanks for the feedback!

Bug Fixes

No update would be complete without bug fixes! This update fixes, among other things, a long-standing firing issue with the Skyguard that made itself more visible in Patch 19.5. The Skyguard was firing at 60% of its expected fire rate, but now this baby is singing. We also hear Slime Pits are affected by Defense Speed now! The full bug fix list will be available next Tuesday.


Recommended Comments

@Immortal-D quote:

With the addition of Tower skins, is the bug for multi-level cosmetics being addressed?  I'm also wondering if any of the under-performing Towers are getting some attention.  For me personally, these are Buff Beam, Slime Pit, and Blaze Balloon.  (I hear Cannon Ball isn't in a good place either, but that's as much due to Flamethrower and Ramster bypassing shields with no penalty as anything else).

What's the bug for multi-level cosmetics?

Slime Pit scales with Defense Speed now, so that should be a buff. I don't think anything specifically is changing with Buff Beam or Blaze Balloon in this patch.

In response to Immortal-D

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I have questions

Will this new town overhaul get rid of issues the makes player frozen from trying to load the town? 

Also I am looking forward to legendary loot, Like incursion and terra legendary in chaos tier? Ie Molten Brimstone, storm shard? 

Will you have tactics mode like dd1 in future,  or other mode? + new map?

Thank you

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So the new Elite jerks screw with our Defenses more than ever. Oh I am going to have breaking them.

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Zeroing in on the reason why crit is OP? It's pretty simple math. You gave it a 33% (though most of us will only use 30%) chance to do 5x more damage than DP. That means DCD damage does a whole 50% more damage than DP. There. You were in the process of zeroing in on why. I just gave you the entire reason why.

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Hoping for sexxy cups in tavern for achivements like in dd1 =D Its early for them though, but must have with release!dragon.png

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I played 10 consecutive games in ch 1 every day for three days and I buy 1 ch 1 500 DM pack every day. In total I got 67 shards. No pole smash and ghastly halbert shards.. NONE! The only 2 I actually need. Do they really drop in ch 1? Has anyone got them from there? Is this how it suppose to be, how trendy wanted it to be? How many games a day you need to play to transit from ch 1 to ch 2? Cuz at this rate  looks like I stuck in ch 1 forever. :(

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Sounds like a good update, but the assassin silence bug really need a fix asap. Can't even understand why it's still in the game, it's a super annoying bug.  It should be top priority the fix that.

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@Immortal-D quote

Stuff like Huntress Leather Dress and Squire's Cannon Shoulders have multiple 'versions' which you could select.  Since Trials, these levels are not working, and default to the base version.  

Find one that has multiple levels, select the armor item and hold left mouse button.  While still holding left mouse button, press right mouse button.  Viola, you now can choose your level of item.  I found this by simple trial and error...and angry drunken threats at my computer.

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[[15122,users]] Dungeon Defenders 2 is NOT a tower defense game. Never was. Never will be. Also good to note DD2 is NOT an action game either. Never has been, never will be.

Dungeon Defenders 2 IS an action RPG Tower Defense game. There are some threats that your defenses will be better at killing. There are some things that heroes will be better at killing. 

That said, with enough DAL's (Defender Ascension Level) you can AFK. But, it is still an Action RPG Tower Defense Game.

I am certain there will be defenses that will be able to counter these new enemies.

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@Elyssae quote:

So no news on incursions / onslaughts ? Updated Terarria maps ? 

We get...more chaos tiers...yeay.

And long range + defense disablers. what?

The more updates you put out, the more I'm certain this is no longer a TOWER defense game and my character is expected to be a Super Hero that uses scenery to block enemies on their paths.

Can't we just have a mode where the towers to the work without glitched enemies stuck at respawn (and still damaging the towers. ) ? Enemies piling up on walls and going around/above them ? Core exploding for glitched enemies going through bridges/walls ? skeletons spawning behind walls and going straight for the core? Enemies not following the path the map says they will and going rogue ? 

Is it safe to assume Chaos 6 / 7 will still have assassins ? Oh Joy oh happiness if that's the case. 

What range do these new enemies have? Cause the current Javelin's are already a pain unless you go into artistic ways to make sure they keep walking and not target the wall KM's away. 

Edit : noticed the Skyguard Fix, My bad.


"Beyond these new Chaos tiers, we’re continuing to investigate changes to our loot system, difficulty balance and economy. Look for improvements in the coming weeks!"

How about actually doing this before introducing two more chaos tiers?. It's like adding more fuel to the fire without knowing if you gonna be able to control it. That's why the issues keep happening. Fix the core first :\ 

I really wanted to get pumped for this patch. I'll guess I'll see how the new Assassin's cooldown work out before ranting...again.

It felt like DD1 to you when the Dryad came out? That's surprising, I guess we all have our preferences. To me it was like DD1 back when 25 was the level cap. I mean crit wasn't a thing, defense range & speed were fun to play with, you chose your upgrade stats, you could build the same 1 tower very differently, there weren't passives, pets were on par with towers & didn't have abilities, & It was incredibly fun just to play even if you just wanted to play with 1 character.

Imo they're overcomplicating DD2, some steps back would definitely improve the fun overall.

In response to Elyssae

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Sigh... At least we finally get our tower skins. I'm still hoping for a update to get rid of defense crit stats entirely.

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i wouldnt call this amazing. While the features are nice, emporium, tower skins, bug fixes, yeah, it's nice, i look forward to it. But i feel you are still ignoring some blatant killjoys, like a lot of other bugs, like you'd rather push more content and make more bugs instead of fixing some really game breaking things, and you seem to still not get it about enemies. The Corrupted Jav guy seems about right, he doesnt hard counter anything, from what ive heard, he seems to just nerf towers by 40% if he hits them, not so bad, chaos worthy, but doesnt outright render an ENTIRE TOWER CATEGORY completely garbage.

The EMP Kobold, have you learned nothing from the cyborcs? or the shields. Hard counters are a no go, they ruin tower building fun. Berzerker Lady Orc, Assassins(while currently broken, but ideal of), Curse Javs, these are nice enemy ideas that would add challenge without tyranny. We need more enemies like these, enemies we can essentially use any tower we want, any hero we want, we just gotta use them differently. But these hard counters? No, just no. They render entire tower categories and some heroes completely useless. What if i wanna dps as huntress? Nope, Shield Geodes and Vanguard, Huntress is complete garbage, dunno why i ever bothered making her. What if i wanna use squire towers as tower dps? Nope, Geodes and Vanguards, may as well have never bothered making tower squire. What if i wanna use mines or auras? Nope, Cyborcs, may as well never bothered making the heroes. There is no real "use the tower/hero differently" with those types of hard counters, only "dont use it at all". That is a really crappy way of making a game like this.

That said, EMP Kobold may be bs, but it does sound less BS than Cyborcs if the EMP part is essentially the same thing. Cause least with kobold it's just the 1 temporary disable if it manages to suicide the trap instead of a constant stream of disables cause teh cyborcs can spam their emp pulse. So, if the EMP effect itself is teh same, and not altered into some, much longer lastign effect, the Cybolds are a bit more of a step in the right direction, still a bit of a hard counter, but not so much as the actual full on hard counters.

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