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Trials & Shards Feedback Survey!




Update:  This survey is now closed. Thanks for the nearly 3,000(!) responses, and thanks again for your feedback!

Greetings Defenders,

We’ve created a survey to gather more feedback about Shards and Trials. This survey also contains some ideas we’re discussing on how to improve these two systems, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on them!

Click here to fill out the survey!

Thanks for your feedback, Defenders!

The Trendy Team


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Anyone that doesn't take the time to do this is banned from complaining Emoji_Goblin.png

Thanks for taking the time for the survey Trendy. Please use it well : )

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Just took a whole hour to answer all the questions and make suggestions and explain my point, I'm glad that you actually ask your players what they want, for once, instead of just assuming and making it crap by choosing by yourselves. I hope you guys will listen to us, and that maybe I'll get to give the game another chance.

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Thank you Trendy Team for listening to a very simple request!!

DD2 has always had great potential and it's awesome to see you aren't afraid to ask for a little help when necessary.

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survey complete! what a great idea to ask for player input. surely this will help put this game in the right direction. very excited to hear how they handle the feedback

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I see from the questions you have been listening to many of the complaints on the forum. 

Makes me feel better about your future direction.

I love challenge but hate frustrating mechanics. I am getting the feeling of being cheated a lot rather than I made a bad strategic decision when I fail a level. 

One question not asked is about the chest at the end of a level.

I wish the end of level chest colour is rewarded on perfomance instead of randomisation. A simple points/scoring system would be great and if the players points reach a certain threshold rewards a better chest.

For example. 

How quick the wave is cleared: quicker=more points.

How quick mini bosses are killed.

Bonus for each wave a secondary objective survives.

Desfense/ability combos giving bonus points e.g. Monk knocks into air, anti air tower kills enemy = X2 points for that enemy. Oil plus fire, water plus electric/cold etc. Would encourage stylish and deversive play using variety of defences and heroes. Build up that combo (no I am not an orcs must die fan, this is an age old game idea).

It would bring back your original idea of having these combos in games. Seems to have fallen by the wayside.

This way it would be easy to get a gold chest on a Chaos level you have mastered but hard for the next chaos level up instead of hoping for a random reward.

The game feels too random with many elements. I know many modern games use the RNG to prolong play time but I prefer it when skill and imagination is rewarded. 

Call me old school or even a minority on this idealism.  

Not dissing your game entirely, I do have fun playing but sometimes feel frustrated also.

Thanks for listening.

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Trendy Team needs a better team, and a better management system. First off Shard RNG is unfair yes, but not broken. so why are you guys focusing on something that is NOT BROKEN instead of fixing things like, Broken gambit passive, rollers spawning 2 at once in chaos 5, Rollers and other bosses getting stuck in spawner resulting in a force of leave sessions, geodes and vangaurds spawning in chaos 5. INFINITE loading screen, Crystals randomly exploding. Mobs ignoring barricades and walking straight to crystals. these are just to name a few things that ARE broken and can be game breaking. The shard is RNG if you're lucky you get 10 if you're not you get none its unfair yeah but its not as important to be fixed as the things i menetioned above.

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This is a good sign, I am very pleased this was offered to the players. I took my time with my suggestions and hope it is read. Keep it up Trendy. This looks promising.

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i hope trendy fixes the enemy ignoring blockade bug.

enemies easily pass behind defenses and sometimes can pass from above if u use a defense or skill that bring they to the air.

i hope some blokades have a enemy taunt again in order 2 save DU cuz people are putting two blockades in every lane.


Good job trendy and thank u for the updates.

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For players that are having problems with random core explosion i suggest u guys to build defenses far away from the core(because maybe javelin trowers are destroying your cores).

If that doenst work try to change the map,some maps have a lower chance for this bug to happen.

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