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Patch 19.4 for PC & PS4




Patch 19.4 is available now on PC & PS4! Thanks again for all of your feedback so far, and we'll continue to make adjustments to the game in our forthcoming patches. 

Here are the full patch notes for 19.4:

Chaos Enemy Spawn Changes

Here's our Chaos philosophy: For each Chaos tier, we want to introduce enemies that counter certain defenses and strategies. Based on that, we want to reward you for recognizing and countering that threat. Each Chaos tier should have its own counters and strategies, and the build variety should be in the ways that you can counter them. Not everything should be effective, but there should be enough things that are effective to keep things interesting. Before this patch, the combination of Chaos enemy spawns muddied the enemy and defense counterplay. There were so many types of defense counters happening that there was a very narrow set of counters you could use, especially in Chaos IV and V. These changes are aimed at expanding the viable set of defenses per-Chaos.

Chaos II

Cyborks are an anti-trap/aura/node enemy. If you’re attempting to take down Cyborks with these defenses, you’re going to have a hard time. If you’re building around the Cyborks, we want to reward you for that behaviour. We don’t want to spawn enemies that also counter the defenses you would use to destroy Cyborks, so in Chaos II, there are no longer any Vanguards from the previous Chaos (Chaos I).Vanguards are replaced in the rollouts with standard enemies. We adjusted some of the support enemies (Dark Mages, Kobolds, Witherbeasts, etc.) in the same manner of reinforcing the Cyborks.

  • Removed Vanguards from Chaos II

  • New Chaos II Enemy List:  Cyborks

Chaos III

Chaos III is all about the Shield Geode and blocking projectiles, so having Cyborks show up in this Chaos impairs your ability to counter the Geode. Again, we don't want to punish players for countering the Chaos enemy theme; however, Vanguards support the Shield Geode theme of projectile blocking, so you will still see them in Chaos III.

  • Removed Cyborks from Chaos III

  • New Chaos III Enemy List:  Shield Geodes, Vanguards

Chaos IV

This Chaos is centered around the Berserker Orcs. Berserkers are all about being fast and dealing high damage upon reaching defenses, so using things like stuns and knockups to slow them down are your main counter for this threat. Cyborks counter most of those kinds of effects, so you won't see Cyborks in this Chaos tier anymore.

  • Removed Cyborks from Chaos IV

  • New Chaos IV Enemy List:  Berserker Orcs, Shield Geodes, Vanguards

Chaos V

Chaos V is all about Dark Assassins. We want players to work together to get those pesky Assassins off, or if you’re solo, we want your defenses to have a clear line of sight on them to prevent them from teleporting and healing. So having Shield Geodes and Vanguards disrupts that, so you won’t see them in Chaos V anymore.

  • Removed Shield Geodes and Vanguards from Chaos V

  • New Chaos V Enemy List:  Dark Assassins, Cyborks, Berserker Orcs

Once you try out these changes, let us know how they feel. We’ll continue to make tweaks to the experience based on what we’re hearing!

Siege Roller No Longer Destroys Traps, Auras and Nodes

Rejoice! The Siege Roller caused players to never build certain defenses out of a certain crushing fear, and we figured that with our Chaos enemies providing enough counterplay, we can remove this.

There's also a bug where more Siege Rollers are spawning than intended. We're looking into a fix for the near future.

Item Comparison Change

Now you can more easily compare two pieces of loot in your Inventory, even when the items are equipped. Pick up an item and hover over another item to compare those two items directly against each other. More Inventory UI changes coming soon! (Note:  For now, the default Relic comparison popup is disabled.)

Multiplayer Enemy Scaling Reduction

It looks like the multiplayer enemy scalar was dramatically increasing the difficulty in multiplayer matches, so we’ve reduced the multiplayer enemy health and damage scalar from 35% to 25% per player. For multiplayer scaling, our goal is not to punish you for your playing with your friends. Our long-term goal for MP scaling is to increase enemy stats for each player added to ensure the content isn't trivialized and to increase the rewards you get per player added to encourage MP games. For the time being, we have reduced the enemy stat scaling per player added until we can make those changes.

Thanks for the feedback on this issue, and we’ll continue to make adjustments!

Campaign Changes

We’ve been monitoring progression from Campaign into the Chaos difficulties, and we’ve found we agree with player sentiment that the initial ‘jump’ is a bit too awkward to make. The goal with these changes is to make breaking into Chaos a bit more sensical and easy, by providing more Chaos-ready loot in the final few Campaign maps. We'll continue to monitor this and make adjustments as needed.

Secondly, we wanted to put an end to players blitz-farming Harbinger’s Warship as a way to get easy XP. While this wasn’t much of an issue for players at the appropriate difficulty, players with very high-end gear could clear the map much quicker than desired. As a result, this map now provides much better Campaign loot, but provides no experience after the first clear.

  • Assault on the Throne Room can now drop the highest power items in the campaign, the same as Harbinger’s Warship.

  • Harbinger’s Warship only provides experience on the first clear, and subsequent clears provide almost no experience.

  • The Harbinger himself drops over double the number of items (on average), making killing him far more rewarding for players gearing up for Chaos 1.

Construction Shard Update

We love the Construction shard, but we felt the repair rate bonus was starting to trivialize some encounters. A number of strategies started to evolve around repair-stalling enemies at blockades rather than building defenses to counter enemies earlier in-lane. We want to ensure that Construction remains a valuable shard, but as we move forward, we very much want to see key enemies engaged prior to reaching the blockades. As a result, Construction has lost some of its punch, although it remains a significant time saver when it comes to repairing blockades.

    • Base bonus decreased from +125% to +25%

    • Max bonus decreased from +205% to +75%

Ghastly Halberd and Lunar Portal Revisions

The summoned halberds came out of the gates a bit too high on the DPS. (That’s putting it mildly. Turns out it was the best weapon/shard in the game, for like, forever.)  As such, Ghastly Halberd underwent major revisions to bring its power down enough that you might actually find upgrades that will replace it in later difficulties. Coincidentally, since everyone was blinded by the Ghastly Halberd’s total OP’ness, we also noticed Lunar Portal had similar issues (to a lesser extent), so this has received minor revisions.
  • Ghastly Halberd

    • Max Summons 5 -> 3

    • Halberd Damage scalar decreased 350% -> 150%

    • Halberd Attack Rate decreased by 50% (attacks only 2x per second now)

  • Lunar Portal

    • Max Summons 5 -> 3

    • Portal Damage scalar decreased 350% -> 300% (attacks 1x per second)

  • Descriptions of both of these effects now documents their damage, attacks-per-second, and lifespans.

Bug Fixes

  • Dark Assassins were unintentionally being instakilled by shattering and other instakill effects. (Next on our list is looking into the Frostbite fast-freezing bug.)

  • Worm Scarf now properly reduces damage taken, instead of increasing damage taken. We had thought that dying faster was going to provide an advantage on some maps, but it turns out we were horribly, horribly wrong, and we should have realized that players generally don’t want to die faster by equipping expensive shards. ;)

  • Goblin melee units had somehow starting equipping themselves with Armor-ignoring cleavers. We’ve discovered their treachery, and have forced them to start using their normal cleavers once again.

  • Gunwitch’s hands have become quite frostbitten, and she will no longer sometimes double-fire Ice Needle as she warms them up.

  • Enlightenment, a mythical Apprentice Magic Staff, is now equippable again, and will once-again generate as a random mythical weapon skin.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad came back to life with 1 health if she died in Corrupt Form.

  • Fixed collision issues on Unholy Catacombs.

  • (PS4) Fixed a bug where the Victory Screen wasn’t fully visible while in split-screen

  • (PS4) Fixed a bug where, while in split-screen, picking up or equipping an item would make it appear twice in the Inventory.

Known Issues

  • We’re taking a deep dive into the stuck Siege Roller spawns that are being reported to us. If you see a stuck Siege Roller, please report the map, lane name, wave and difficulty on our Siege Roller reporting thread.

  • EV - Shield Geodes moving over EV nodes cause the nodes to create a visual Shield.

  • Looks like a set of Vanguards and two Shield Geodes manage to sneak their way into Chaos 5. We'll nuke them.

  • We’re also investigating changes to our loot system, Shard drops, gold gain and more. Keep the feedback coming! <3


Recommended Comments

What about the Frosty Bind Shard apprentice_small.png Currently, it has the same reverse effect as Worm Scarf did.

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Make range shard a normal shard (campaign), it's as useful as destruction shard yet elusive as a leech life shard. Increase Gold gain.
On the note of quality of life improvements, please allow us to continue the chaos trials journey and not return to town because someone chose to go back.

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Love these changes!  Keep it up!

The next big step is the loot/shard/gold revision, can't wait to see what awaits us there.

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Good changes!!!!! thank you for hearing us! 

there are a couple of things to continue checking: 

- better loot 

- Increase gold rewards

- sorting items on bags

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I have a bug: So the with Apprentice's Frostbite Tower, when you equipped the shard that should strengthen the slow by max 40%, it decreased the strength of the slow by the same amount. As far as I understood the lower the number the better, and the shard only increased the number instead of actually strenghening (lowering) it. Thanks

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i feel like the frostbite tower not realy doing anything and i even put on + 40% slow shard on it. or im i going crazy. i feel like it might be make them faster lol.

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@fask0 quote:

What about the Frosty Bind Shard apprentice_small.png Currently, it has the same reverse effect as Worm Scarf did.

Yeah, waited for the  to fix too!

In response to fask0

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Seems to be more negatives sadly,

Nerf - Halberd/Portal 

Nerf - Construction Shard

Nerf - Harbinger ( Can't complain on this one definit needed)

Nerf - Seige Roller (Nice change)

Buff - Multiplayer 

In regards to weapons with their own passives will we ever get them in higher Chaos drops

Will Frost shard ever be fixed

Will there be a way to get gold faster

Defence Shard - Drop rate Change?

Will the Shard System be changed- 4 bags of shards and counting

The new system will have to see after a few days , It does look more entertainin other then now need more shards.

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@Krexi quote:

I have a bug: So the with Apprentice's Frostbite Tower, when you equipped the shard that should strengthen the slow by max 40%, it decreased the strength of the slow by the same amount. As far as I understood the lower the number the better, and the shard only increased the number instead of actually strenghening (lowering) it. Thanks

We're working on it! Thanks for the report.

In response to Krexi

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@๖ۣۜPhoenixX quote:

Seems to be more negatives sadly,

Nerf - Halberd/Portal 

Nerf - Construction Shard

Nerf - Harbinger ( Can't complain on this one definit needed)

Nerf - Seige Roller (Nice change)

Buff - Multiplayer 

In regards to weapons with their own passives will we ever get them in higher Chaos drops

Will Frost shard ever be fixed

Will there be a way to get gold faster

Defence Shard - Drop rate Change?

Will the Shard System be changed- 4 bags of shards and counting

The new system will have to see after a few days , It does look more entertainin other then now need more shards.

i think you forgot the most important:

- remove of some chaos monster in the different chaos tier (more easy)

i don't know if you characterize that on "buff" or "nerf", but i think it's a buff, a VERY BIG BUFF

In response to ๖ۣۜPhoenixX

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Not everything should be effective

So, why is the game is designed to have ineffective defenses? Why do those defenses even exist? Are they purely there to try to trick people into using them until they learn that those defenses are ineffective and then move on to using effective defenses?

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Ouch Ghastly halberd. Looks like another RIP. I guess they had to mix in some pain in an otherwise good patch or they wouldn't be trendy.

Back To AL i guess.

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Dear Trendy, please fix the bug when MOBS IGNORE WALLS completely.

So, still, no talent fixes (frostbite slow), no shard fixes, no fixing the ridiculously low drop rate of MUCH NEEDED defence range. I mean I upped 100 lvls and, you guessed it, STILL 0 RANGE SHARDS. This is apsurd. They shouldn't be that rare, when you need like 10 of them.

And can you enable relic/totem drop for the Gun Witch? I want to use her, but I cant cuz there's no tower item drops.

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please fix the shards that affect "primary attack" for the abyss lord.  i'd really like to use that Haunting Shard i just got.  Thanks. 

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Great update!

Map Balance

Chaos 4 / 5

The Bastion is unplayable or at the best very high risk for the same reward as the other maps.  It's not fun. The solution is not to make the other maps harder. The answer is to either balance the Bastion to make it similar to other maps or significantly increase the quality of loot droped while playing The Bastion to make the extra challenge worth it (this would be preferred). 

Return to Tavern

Can we please, for the love of god, get Continue to be the default and the "to Tavern" button replaced with "Leave Session" so it just takes out only the players that wish to return to tavern. I don't play pub games anymore and this is 75% of the reason. Please, please, please. As someone who spent a decent amount of money on this game this is a feature I would even be willing to pay additional for.

iPWR Game Join Restrictions

We seriously need a barrier to keep people from joining games where they aren't welcome. For example I was in a Chaos 5 public game and I guy came in with Chaos 1 armor (500 stats) and refused to leave. This kept happening and nobody could kick the joiners. We know that loot drops scale and there is no point for them to be there, but they do not seem to care and it has ruined several games. The previous mechanic to create an iPWR minimum when making a game wasn't perfect but it was a widely used feature that I wish we had still.

Assassin Quantity

Can we tone it down on the simultaneous attacks? I was just in a 2-person game and I was simultaneously attacked by 6 assassins on wave 4 while the other player was also attacked by 3. Despite stuns and ice and other CC attempts it just wasn't feasible to get them off and kill them when there are this many attacking. It wasn't like we were ignoring them and letting the numbers build-up either, they all came at once. I don't mind the attacks as I built up health but being perma-disabled isn't fun.


What are these good for? I've tried out every combination of crit strike / power transfer / 20 points into crit chance ascensions / etc... Yet 0 of the defenses seem to do better damage with these than the defense power-based medallions.


Can we please get some way to regain molten power that doesn't require DU? This class is unplayable as Hero DPS unless you find some way to incorporate fissures into the defense, which most people don't want to do because of the low damage. I suggest it regaining while burrowed like health does.

Standard Shards

Can we remove these as loot drops from Chaos maps? Or at the least Chaos 2-5? I mean the actual pre-RNG item that has to be opened up. Since these drop from incredibly easy campaign maps and Chaos shards also have a chance to turn into Standard, these are redundant. The grind is real. Please either replace the loot drop of Standard Shards with more Chaos shards or make it so Chaos shards cannot open into Standard shards.

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WONDERFUL PATCH very very nice. as for the changes to the weapons they are NOT NERFS they are fix to broken things. i place 5 halbard in the back of the roller left it to die with no worries. if that is not broken i don't know what is. on the side note i am still waiting on some kind of hint that you guys might be looking at the AA tower. many have stated before that it is was completely usless and still is. i still rather use my PDT with range shard on it over the AA even with the range shard.

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Thank you for caring and fixing some of the issues. However the Chaos-enemy-change sounds more like a temporary fix to me.

The announcement that each chaos tier introduced an additional enemy type sounded great and promising. It also sounded logical and allowed to add even more chaos tiers. The problem was that the new enemy design was not fully thougth out. As [[31834,users]] had already stated in a thread some time ago, these enemies need their very own weaknesses.

  • What we now have is:
  • Chaos 1 adds enemy type A
  • Chaos 2 adds enemy type B but removes enemy type A.

I understand why you did it that way. Otherwise the players would become too frustrated over time. Please consider a reworking of enemy weaknesses/strengths in regards to a long-term solution. The way it is now has lost the logical part of additional tiers.

In my opinion it is ok for enemies to be immune to certain types of traps (although cyborks being anti-trap makes me wonder what they think about geyser traps with all the water in it) but they should never destroy it like the siege roller did. Thanks a lot for that change.

For me the most awesome step would be status effects/elemental combos as being talked about 'some time ago' but I don't think you're going to do that now. ^^

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PS4-This list has some requests and will be updated as bugs arise 

Is it possible, after completion of a map to have the ppl who choose to continue or replay, actually, not get placed to the tavern if jus 1 person wants to go to the tavern? It gets annoying. If ppl want to go to tavern let them go & not take everyone who doesn't with them i.e If 1 person wants to replay and 3 want to go to tavern let the 1 person replay and the 3 go to tavern. Seem illogical that its not this way.

Also when ppl want to continue it splits everyone up on the next map i.e 4 ppl press continue and all 4 are at the next map solo. 

And please fix the forever stuck on loading screens problem and can we have a screen scaling option and can the maps that are super loud even tho the sound has been manually lowered actually be lowered? (only some maps are super loud like on some sewer maps.

Group lead likes to hop around person to person.

Power Surge doesn't start sometimes when everyone is ready.

999 still shows up as ppls names sometimes.

You're Appreciated, BlackCobra3000.

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@zsolesz79 quote:

Still getting multiple siege rollers in the same wave while playing solo. Is it intended?

Not intended. That's currently bugged. We're looking into it!

In response to zsolesz79

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@Charr Legion quote:

I'm so confused. Why are we seeing NERFS to the few things enjoyable in the game and no buffs for anything else? Ghastly Halberd? Really? Jesus christ. And the nerf to construction is required; but Trendy, you seem to misunderstand that nerfs don't have to take something from one side of the spectrum to the other. Just make them gradual. It's not difficult lmao. 

HAHAHA the FEW enjoyable things in the game? and the ghastly halberd is one of those few things? LOL omg HAHAA they should rename the game to "Ghastly Halberds Defenders 2" SCRUB learn to use things other then what is the strongest and claiming that its the only few fun things in game. 

In response to Charr Legion

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