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Trials Report #4 – Release Date!



Greetings Defenders,

Trials: The Endgame Update comes out February 28th!

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Trendy, and we’re finally putting the finishing touches on the update (gold accents, chandeliers, at least one marble statue of a mostly naked person, you get the idea). This update represents our shared vision of the core Dungeon Defenders II gameplay experience. It’s the culmination of two years of new features, bug fixes, and conversations with you about where the game should go. As a result, this update is MASSIVE. Here’s a preview to tide you over till the end of the month. Keep in mind that these details are subject to change between now and the update release.

New Systems and Changes

Shards:  A New Way to Build Your Hero

  • Goodbye Passives and Skill Spheres; hello Shards!

  • Shards are upgradeable artifacts that slot into your Defense Relics, Armor and Weapons.

  • Shards give you extra buffs, bonuses and sometimes even new functionality!

  • Most Shards can be moved between gear. No more leaving your Passives behind when you find an iPWR upgrade!

  • Defense Relics can hold up to 3 Shards and can only equip Defense Shards.

  • Armor and Weapons can hold up to 2 Shards and can only equip Hero Shards.

  • Shards drop in Victory Chests.

  • Shards can be upgraded straight from the all-new Inventory to further augment your dominance on the battlefield.

  • When you first log in, you’ll find yourself ahead of the game with a complementary bundle of Shards we’re giving all Defenders as a thank you for your continuing patience and support while we polish this update to be something truly special. You’ll also find that all the Skill Spheres you’ve previously purchased have been replaced by a bounty of gold! (Trust us, you’ll need it.)

Ascension:  Go Beyond Level 50!

  • How far past 50? Your imagination is your only limit in Ascension. That and the code that comprises the system...

  • With this update, heroes at the level cap will generate account-wide Ascension XP that accrues towards Ascension Points.

  • Ascension Points are invested on a per-hero basis in Ascension Powers that bestow additional bonuses and augmentations.

  • Some Ascension Powers are universal for all heroes; some are unique to each hero.

  • Harder challenges award greater sums of Ascension XP.

Defense Relics, Plus the Return of Defense Speed & Defense Range Stats!

  • Now you can build powerful defenses AND be a fearsome combatant at the same time!

  • All Relics are now Defense Relics and will roll with up to three Defense stats. Armor and Weapons will roll with up to two Hero stats.

  • Heroes can now customize each of their defenses’ strengths individually by attaching a Defense Relic to them.

  • Gobus will have nowhere to hide because Defense Range and Speed are returning as stats!

Chaos Difficulty and the Trials

  • Nightmare is over. Now is the time of CHAOS!!!

  • This update scratches the surface with five levels of Chaos, but don’t get too comfortable because we have more Chaos levels in store. (queue maniacal laugh track)

  • As you descend through the levels, new threats will appear and combine to lay waste to your heroes and defenses. Following us on social media may or may not give you some indication of what’s to come. (SHAMELESS CROSS PROMOTION!)

  • Chaos is unpredictable and can only be thwarted through conquering the Trials.

  • In the Trials, the Knight Commander assigns you a defense commensurate with your power. Survive enough Trials at a specific difficulty and you will accumulate the experience, gear, and resources needed for the Knight Commander to deploy you on even more dangerous fronts.

  • If certain Trials prove to be too much initially, you can perfect your strategies by practicing on any map at any difficulty. Remember, though, that the Trials are the only path to glory, gear, and gold (among other valuables).

Five New Enemies

  • The Siege Roller was just the beginning. Whatever horrors Chaos brings, rest assured that they will push you to experiment, adapt, and overcome. You will need to achieve perfect hero/defense unity to best what awaits you in the Trials.

New Inventory

  • Everyone (and we mean everyone) is getting a brand-new inventory UI!!

  • We’ve streamlined the loot management process by: putting more stuff in fewer bags, consolidating item management to a single UI, and bringing hero and item management under one roof.

  • Additionally, we have expanded the item sorting and management options to empower you to interact with, compare, and save/sell loot more easily, efficiently, and expediently.

  • Added the ability to lock items on PC and making Locking do what it should have done in the first place on PS4 (oops).

Item Enhancement

  • Now you can enhance your loot (and Shards) without leaving your Inventory (or putting on pants)!

  • Also, no more silly “plus 5 pieces of loot in” nonsense. Just upgrade with Gold or Defender Medals!

Siege Roller Updates (Because we listen and care deeply about you)

  • We’re reducing the maximum number of Siege Roller spawns. This applies to both solo and multiplayer matches.

  • Siege Roller rockets can no longer damage the core. The Siege Roller must hit the core with the roller to hurt it.

  • The hitbox on the weak point is being adjusted so that melee heroes and certain defenses can hit it more easily.

Balance Changes

  • The entire game has been rebalanced. No… really, we didn’t just nerf PDTs and call it a day. Dan and Brett have been doing nothing but re-balancing since New Year’s. Well… that and shards and eating and I think sleeping? Maybe?

Bug Fixes

  • Check! And the update after this will have even more.

Quick Hits: What’s Happening To…?

The Skill Sphere System

  • We converted most of our old Skill Spheres into Shards.

  • Some Skill Spheres were turned into Ascension Powers.

  • Some Skill Spheres were removed from the game.

  • Those who’ve purchased Skill Spheres with either Gold or Defender Medals will receive a Gold refund when the update comes out. Our goal is to make sure that your choice to invest in your hero’s power is translated over into this new system -- you’ll need all the Gold you can get to upgrade your Shards and your Loot. We’ll have the exact figures of how much Gold you’ll receive on release day.

The Passives System

  • Passive have been changed into Shard Slots on gear.

  • Many of the bonuses previously offered by Passives can now be found in Shards.

  • Others can be found as Ascension Powers.

  • A select few item-specific passives have turned into special LOCKED shards that come with the item and cannot be removed.

  • Some Passive effects were lost along the way (the flu hit really hard this year).

  • The exact details will be listed in the patch notes on release day.

The Stat Allocation System

  • The current Stat Allocation System is retiring.

  • You will be able to find many similar options in the Ascension system and level them to the MAX.

Nightmare Difficulty

  • It’s gone to make room for new better things.

My Inventory

  • Bags are being consolidated to fit more items in fewer bags.

  • Converting to this system has been constructed to ensure that you will receive the same if not more item slots when you log in for the first time.

My Current Gear (In case you missed it in all the previous stuff)

  • Most Passives are turning into Shard Slots; some weapons will keep their unique passive as a locked Shard.

  • Relics are now used for Defense stats. Weapons & Armor are now used for Hero stats.

  • Medallions and Totems will retain their primary stats and gain a random secondary and tertiary stat. Rings will be rerolled with defense stats.

  • Weapons & Armor with hero stats will remain the same. Weapons & Armor with defense stats will be rerolled into hero stats.

  • Loot XP boosters are going away, so use them now!


  • A handful of balance changes, otherwise the same… for now!

Terraria Weapons and Wayfarer

  • The weapons are still in the game, but the way you acquire them is something we’re still discussing.

Guaranteed Drops

  • The only guarantee in Chaos is your doom!!!


  • Will remain in game as a fun way to earn Defender Medals.

  • For the time being they will only be at Campaign Hard difficulty.

    • Will these be updated? Only the shadow knows… and Jason because he sets the schedule.

Wyvern Tokens

  • Wyvern Tokens were disabled last May, but with this update, they’ll be fully removed from the game. Spend them now!


  • Onslaught is finally taking the rest we’ve been talking about. In the future, we have plans for an Onslaught revamp or a new system to take its place. It shall be reborn!


  • We’re sorry, Billy. Grandma left us yesterday. But don’t worry, she’s having fun in nice big Vegas upstate where she can spend lots of time with other grandmothers and play slot machines all day! No, sorry, we can’t go see her. We’re not allowed back in Vegas. No I can’t explain why honey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Recommended Comments

@Juicebags quote:

Checklist for Monday Feb 27th!

  1. Nyquil or some form of sleep aid.
  2. Massive amounts of caffeine waiting to be brewed for what awaits Tuesday.
  3. Some form of anti anxiety medication. (maybe more Nyquil)
  4. Alarm clock set for 3 hours earlier than it should be so I can check every 2 minutes to see if the update is live yet.
  5. Send wife to Vegas with Billy's Grandma as she wont see me for a while Adept.png

I'm dying right cant wait for all the new videos

In response to Juicebags

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i really hope u fix bugs like the thing where not everyone in the game sees the same dmg numbers on defenses, the constant fighting about who has the best defenses is really annoying, also maybe start showing which abilities/defenses scale with which stats and how much in the character sheets? a big update like that is nice, but i think u r rushing too fast, u r acting like the game is already released when u should focus more on the details that still make the game seem raw and unfinished... also i really whish i didnt waste so much defender medals on mystic spheres in the past week when i could have been saving them for new heros instead since i will only get gold now^^

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So are we getting random shards, fixed starter shards or we will get shards 1:1 to passives on our farmed items (if such passives still exists in new game as shard)?

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@DanN.Y O_o quote:

This will be amazing. But I think this game need more than 50 lvl. Something about 99. And need more stat points to spend :-)

oh yeah, sry

In response to DanN.Y O_o

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Going the way ARPGs do certain things (which is clearly where you are drawing many ideas) will only benefit the game; however, you have yet to announce what balances are coming to towers.  You still have MANY towers which are null and void due to the siege roller.

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@Mikeb41672 quote:

What is going to happen with stat points on heroes that players have at level 50 already ?

They will still be there but turn into ascension points. I'm guessing

In response to Mikeb41672

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Wow...you're rolling this out on the exact same day as Horizon: Zero Dawn, and also Overwatch Season 4. >_<

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Definitely curious to try out the new update.... Absolutely LOVE DD (played the crap out of it during the original) and have been a supporter of DD2 since as long as I could. Been stuck on PS4 at iPWR300-400 for a while with no clear direction on end game stuff (what difficulties to play/what gear to use) so hopefully this streamlines some of that along with the ascension XP to make things easier to understand! Also a HUGE supporter of the upgrading now, no longer needing the spare loot to infuse.

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