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Trials Report #3 – Geological Research




In last week's report, we heard from the late Prime Scout Andrelian about an electrically charged new Orc. Today’s report comes from Prime Scout Xavier, whose drawing seems to have the exact style as Andrelian...

“What an unusual creature. Or is it a device? I can’t really tell. The little guy doesn’t eat. Doesn’t drink. Just follows orders. But it gets angry if you poke it with a spear as one of our scouts discovered. RIP Eddie. You were an idiot, but the kind of idiot everyone needs in a group. You completed us!

The Geode emits some sort of shield when activated. I wonder if the Geode itself is vulnerable to attack. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t angry when Eddie hit it with the spear. Maybe it was scared.”



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This is one of the new enemies coming in the end game update. The deflector shield that deflects projectiles. They teased about it on twitter back in December. I don't see how it would benefit us in any way. No other enemies benefit us other than dropping gold and gear. So, I guess it can benefit us that way. 

Although, that would be cool if we could stand in the barrier & be protected from ogre stomps and javelin throwers and drakkin fireballs! lol

Anyway, great report! Love the gifs for these reports, too! :-)

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