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Dev Log 91 – Meet the Dryad, Plus More Terraria Information



The Terraria Update comes out Tuesday, so in this's week Dev Log, we're pulling back the curtain. (And if you want to see the update in action, tune into our Terraria Devstream tomorrow at 3PM EST!)

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director (Myscha_Sleddog)

As a hardcore gamer myself, it’s a riot to peek behind the scenes of any developer’s curtain, so let’s cast that Oz barrier away for a moment. I’ve also tossed in some secrets for you at the end.

The Terraria Update update got its start back in January 22nd of this year. (10 months ago) At the time, we were mid-stream working on the Abyss Lord, along with creating a massive backlog of critical and important features and game improvements laid out for the whole year. (Such as the Game Browser, Hero Deck changes, Quick Swapping, Hero Designs, Incursions, etc.) Then we got this cool email from Ted “Loki” Murphy over at the Terraria camp.

“Greetings from the team at Re-Logic! A good number of the team are huge fans and avid players of DD2, so first off, thank you all for an amazing game that entertains our entire studio. Coming out of all of that, one of our lead coders - Yoraiz0r- has been chatting with one of your own (Blacksmith), and the topic of a crossover content collaboration between DD2 and Terraria came up.

Both parties seemed pretty interested, and so Yoraiz0r got in touch with me this evening and told me that I should go ahead and reach out to you (Blacksmith said that you were the person to contact) so that we can see where this could lead and if a collaboration could work. I know our team would certainly be on board - and we can just imagine all of the possibilities already!”

This type of collaboration does not happen often enough! Game developers all like each other, end up working together over the years, play each other’s games, and hang out together. We share cabs as E3, laugh and critique at each other’s bad GDC presentations, blow up each other’s bases, stunlock and zero each other’s kids, and cheer each other on when our games ship. This is because we are all big kids inside, dress like misfits, and absolutely love games, so doing something cool together means one thing – FUN!

A lot of the time, publishers and legal people with large mortgages get in the way of this core joy in life. (Imagine that!) They often see developers as a pack of wild Indians running amok on an island with spears, blowing into conchs to call meetings, and beating up the bespectacled chubby kid and using his cracked glasses to start a fire to dance around at midnight. (Golding, 1954) Trendy and Re-Logic don’t have big publishers getting in the way, so we were excited about doing a crossover and make it about FUN!

Terraria Secrets

Here are the parts that really make it neat in addition to all of the in-your-face-stuff you’ll see next week. The new map layout, inspired by the Terraria Forest Biome, is different from your run-of-the-mill Dungeon Defenders II map. Steve Collins added cool crafting secrets from Terraria, we have lane merges that are larger than most, double backs, three cores, and of course the entire look and feel is what you would expect if Terraria became a Pixar movie. This map has long line of sights, great sniper perches, and screams out for AoE. We offer this as Normalized and as an Incursion for Nightmare I-IV.


Play Now, Even if Brand New to Dungeon Defenders II

In Normalized mode, you play with a pre-generated deck of four max level and geared heroes including the Dryad! The Normalized mode is lovely, safe, happy, and good for brand new Dungeon Defenders II players who want to jump in and GO now! This is a great way to be part of the BIG THING. It’s also an ideal way to test-drive the Dryad hero before you pick her up with your earned Defender Medals or Gems stash.


Blood Moon Incursion

The Nightmare I-IV modes are actually Incursion versions and much tougher. You’ll need to bring your own knife to that gunfight along with your own heroes. It has the Blood Moon theme from Terraria and nasty pointy teeth. Steve has a very cool secret chest set up in the map. Who will get lucky AND be smart enough to figure it out!


Guns, Swords, Books, Bows, and Sharks

Besides all the other bells and whistles we usually do, we cranked out weapons for every one of our ten heroes as a homage to some of the most iconic Terraria weapons, all with over-the-top FUN special effects. You can buy these at different power ranges from the a new NPC near the portal in the Heroes’ Marketplace. He only accepts the Terraria currency called Souls of Night which you can find in Victory Chests in either version of the new Terraria map! (Normalized or Nightmare) Be sure you read the tooltips, because we have multiple heroes that use swords now. Each weapon is hero specific!


Gamer XSploitz, Sleddog Style

To reward you hardcore players for reading today’s entry, here is a cool tip. Each weapon always has the same top signature passive. Take the Gunwitch, for example. Her Megashark Terraria Gun Broom weapon will always have the signature Meteor Bullets passive, circled in the below image. However, the other two in the rectangles reroll randomly upon entering the Heroes’ Marketplace, so if you are really dying for a particular set up, just load a map and come back until you get the roll you want. That way you can focus on grinding up Souls of Night and spend them on exactly what works for you. Each one of these weapons have FUN and POWERFUL effects on them. Collect them all!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

Nature hurl green leaves at your putrid feet Defender!

That’s a greeting in the Dryad tongue… Not really, I just made it up. I hope your feet aren’t putrid, you should probably have that checked to be perfectly honest.

For this Dev Log, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all some insight into some of the decisions we made in this Terraria crossover. When the Terraria crossover first came to be, we had just started our hero initiative so it made perfect sense to have a new hero be a part of it. A lot of us played a bunch of Terraria and we obviously had fond memories of the different NPCs we encountered while playing Terraria.


Terraria has a lot of NPCs so we had several options. The short list included: the Witch Doctor, the Dryad, and the Goblin Tinkerer. When we started exploring what their kit might look like, the Dryad stuck out a lot. She was already a favored NPC by a lot of Terraria fans and we loved her story, theme, and aesthetic. She felt like the perfect hero that would bring a part of the wilderness and magic of Terraria into Etheria. There was obviously a lot of depth to her that we can build an awesome hero around. We then started exploring what she might look like in DD2. We did many explorations before we settled on the final version.

An early exploration of the Dryad:


Another early exploration:


Eventually we settled on this aesthetic:


We wanted the Dryad’s fantasy to be a combination of classic dryad fantasy and her characteristics in Terraria. One of the weird things about her in Terraria is how she suddenly begins to sell corrupt powder while a Blood Moon is active. This was the source of inspiration for her corrupt form in Dungeon Defenders II. We wanted the Dryad to feel like she was bringing in pockets of Terraria into Etheria so the World Tree was created. We were also hyper focused on delivering an awesome experience for all the Terraria fans out there so we made sure all her towers and abilities were themed around familiar things in Terraria. Starfall had to make its way into DD2 since we’ve all had that moment in Terraria when a falling star devastates an enemy we are fighting. Slimes and Dryad’s Blessing obviously had to exist as well. The rest of her kit was chosen based on the sort of creatures you encounter while playing Terraria that we thought would make for good defenses.

There is plenty more to talk about when it comes to Terraria and the crossover. Next week I’ll talk about how the Terraria weapons made their way into DD2 and some neat enemies as well. Tune in to our Devstream tomorrow to hear more about the update! We will have a very special guest and divulge all the details.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Greetings, Defenders!

We finally get to show off our nice new map. The team had tons of fun putting tons of small references here and there that we hope the Terraria fans appreciate. Can’t wait for everyone to jump in and explore the Forest Biome.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Hello, Defenders!

As you might know there's a new map coming to Dungeon Defenders II next week, a map we've been working secretly. So it's time to share with you some cool pics of the level. I hope you have fun playing and exploring it!




Daniel Diaz, World Builder (@Danimix1983)

Everyone in the team is really excited to show off some of the work we did and kept in secret for so long. So, if you don't have enough with the pics posted above, here's another one! I know! It's a really cozy place!


John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

I am so excited to finally show off some of the work we have been keeping so secret.  With the release of the Terraria crossover patch, we will be revealing a TON of cool stuff from the animation department.  Hopefully you have all seen the cinematic already.  If not, check it out here! Here are some of the other things we’ve been doing:





Yes that’s right!  You can play in both her Pure and Corrupt forms at will.  Transform whenever you please, and wreck face!


But of course, like all of our heroes, don’t take too much damage, or else…


Cool armor, bro...

Also, we have a new animator here at Trendy.  Jerzy Perez has been a part of this past milestone helping on a number of different things, such as:




We’re going to get Jerzy a forum ID in the near future.  You can expect to see more cool stuff from him soon!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead (Dani)

With the Terraria testing coming to an end (we still have one more final test tonight at the time of writing this on Tuesday!), the feedback of the RPG folks has been very solid and helpful as always. The bug hunting RQA folks found this little gem that they wanted to share.



Recommended Comments

The Dryad looks real nice IMO, Towers and abilities look like they will be fun to mess around with. Question though, not sure if it has been asked.. but when the Dryad is released will people that own Terraria get any bonuses? Free/discounted Dryad, handful of souls of nightmare, something along those lines? Anyway great job and keep up the great work!

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I really love the idea of how the weapons are set up for this. Can't wait to try it out.

I'll take a grind with a guaranteed finish line over RNG any day of the week.

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Am I missing something but why would you not want to be permanently in corrupted form as the defences and abilities all sound superior.

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@MaJean quote:

So us endgame players only get the NM 1-4 Bloodmoon version of the map? That´s a real shame.

Not sure where you're getting that from considering they mention NM5 in this post.

In response to MaJean

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Very nice update!   Hopefully you start releasing some Phase 2 information about the end game revamp.  As mentioned here, we see you say NM5, which is ... good?  Just need some clarity on some end game revamp details.  This new character will be good for a week or two then we'll want to know whats happening with gear, towers, mobs, PDT changes (vastly needed), volcano fixes, etc.

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!This map has long line of sights, great sniper perches, and screams out for AoE. We offer this as Normalized and as an Incursion for Nightmare I-IV.!

In response to Kambien.

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IamIsom I had some trouble running my game. I sent you a message about it, but I don't think you saw it. Basically I am missing a file, but I don't know how to get it back Any help? BTW, the file name is "d3dx9_43.dll". Plz reply.

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Dunno if you ended up seeing the dev stream today, but corruption burns her ability meter.  You need to collect non-corrupted stars to get it back.

In response to Fozzie

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