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Calling All Heroes PS4 Update Out Now



The Calling All Heroes PS4 update is here! This update includes our first new hero, the Abyss Lord, the Unholy Catacombs Incursion update, major changes to the Hero Deck and more! For more information, check out the Calling All Heroes and Unholy Catacombs trailers below:

Here’s the best part:  The next PS4 update will include Series EV2 + the Bling King incursion, and the PS4 update after that will sync up the PS4 and PC versions! From that point on, updates will come out around the same time for both PS4 and PC -- most likely about a week or so apart.

This update also includes some PS4-specific changes like enlarged item tooltips, reduced fullscreen takeovers in split-screen, the ability to access the Inventory/Forge anywhere on the battlefield, a number of crash fixes and more!

We’re super excited to be so close to PS4 and PC update parity. Almost there, Defenders.

Here are the patch notes:


New Hero: The Abyss Lord

  • The Abyss Lord is the first of our new heroes! Experience safe-for-work tentacle action today:

    • Watch the trailer to learn about his Defenses, Abilities and playstyle.

    • Earn the Abyss Lord with Defender Medals or purchase him with gems!

      • It’s our goal to make it rewarding for free players to earn our heroes. We’re going to pay close attention to our data and player feedback to make sure this feels oh-so-good.

    • The Abyss Lord uses a new weapon type:  Tomes.

    • The Abyss Lord comes with one free Hero Slot (now called Hero Cards).

  • Skill Spheres

    • The Abyss Lord uses a new approach to Skill Spheres that, if you enjoy it, we’ll bring it to the four original heroes and to future heroes.

    • The Abyss Lord has four Large Slots.

    • His Skill Spheres are focused on interesting gameplay additions rather than purely stat increases. (For example:  Adding “Drenched” to the Skeletal Ramster’s attacks, which opens up new combo possibilities.)

    • His Spheres are purchased with Defender Medals at the Skill Sphere Shop.

New Map:  Unholy Catacombs

    • It’s the return of Foundries and Forges from Dungeon Defenders!

    • More DD1 map remakes are on the way! We hear everybody loved Sky O’ Love...

  • New Spectral Knight Incursion

    • Available only on Nightmare I-IV.

    • Complete the incursion for a chance to receive two exclusive drops:  the Squire’s Sword of Unholy Fire and the first iPWR 750 chest piece!

  • Sword of Unholy Fire (Squire)

    • Found only in the Spectral Knight Incursion. (We put this here again because we know someone, somewhere, didn’t read the bullet point above. WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU, TRAVIS.)

    • Adds a friggin’ flamethrower to the Squire’s shield block.

    • Taunts nearby enemies every few seconds.

    • Drops up to iPWR 750.

    • Scales off of Ability Power.

    • Grants +10 Charisma, which doesn’t exist in our game but you’ll swear it does when you wield this sword.

  • iPWR 750 Chest Piece

    • Found only in, you guessed it, the Spectral Knight Incursion.

    • Can roll up to iPWR 750, so not every piece will be a perfect 750.

Guardian of the Storm Monk Elemental Variant Costume

  • Show your support and help us keep cool new stuff comin’ by splurging 4,800 gems on the Guardian of the Storm elemental variant! Thanks to all of the dedicated Defenders who help support our development. Because of you, DD2 will continue to grow and improve!

New UIs

  • This is the first of our new UI Revamp. We’re updating all of our UIs to a cleaner, more split-screen friendly style, and we’ll be addressing some functionality issues as we go through this revamp. Please excuse our dust in the meantime as we transition our UX over the coming months. This pass focuses on the Hero Deck UI and the Pause Menu UI.

  • New Hero Deck UIs

    • Quickly inspect other players and their gear at a glance. Detail inspect coming soon!

    • New hero cards display your current iPWR, title, name, hero and costume.

  • New Options Button Menu

    • Now you can easily see who is in your party and who is your friend through the new session list browser!

  • The new Hero Details page is a new flow for viewing information about a hero and creating one! Check this page out regularly for hints into which heroes we are working on next!

  • Tooltips are now more readable.

New Hero Deck

  • Build With All Your Heroes

    • Bring a 5th, 6th, 7th hero and more to the battlefield during the Build Phase! All of your towers will persist, but only your heroes in your deck earn and share experience and loot.

  • Level All Your Decked Heroes at the Same Time

    • All four heroes in your hero deck now gain experience simultaneously. When your active hero gains 100 XP, the rest of the heroes in your deck will also gain 100 XP!

  • Quick Inspect Other Players’ Decks

    • Defeating the Old Ones is a lot easier when you can work together with your teammates. Use our new quick inspect UI to quickly glance at what gear and heroes other players are using.

New Summary Screen

  • Updated the Summary Screen to our new UI format.

  • This is Phase One of making a Summary Screen that doesn’t look like a hot mess. In the future, we’ll add in all of the fancy-schmancy game stats.

  • Loading Screen and Summary Screen Tips

    • Added "Pro Tips" to these two screens. Some tips are more pro than others.

    • These will be updated in the next patch or two to include tips from the community!

  • Tutorial Missions

    • Added Defender Medals to the first Daily Missions unlocked during Campaign.

Defender Medals

  • Defender Medals are a new earnable currency used to recruit heroes and purchase Skill Spheres.

  • Earn Defender Medals by completing Daily/Monthly Missions and playing maps. Victory grants more Defender Medals than defeat, and you’ll earn more Medals by playing on harder difficulties.

  • The Treasure Pirate now uses Defender Medals, and she has a new inventory of items sold for Defender Medals! Some of the additions include Pet Affection Boosters and Item Upgrade Boosters.

    • The War Recruiter has come out of retirement to sell items for Wyvern Tokens and is located near the Treasure Pirate. He’s also got a few new items to help you use your remaining Wyvern Tokens.

Daily and Monthly Mission Updates

  • Daily Mission rewards have been refactored. Missions will now generally reward Defender Medals and Gold, but they also have a new, better set of consumable rewards as well. (Item Upgrade Boosters and Pet Affection Boosters can be earned from Daily Missions if you’re lucky!)

  • We’ve cut a lot of the crappy Daily Missions. You’re welcome.

  • Monthly Missions now reward Defender Medals.

Additional Feature Notes

  • Blank Hero Cards are now available for 2,000 Defender Medals.

  • All four Hero Deck Slots are available immediately.

  • Item Enhancement Levels now gives a flat rate of 2 enhancement points per upgrade level. This is retroactive so all players will have their allocated points reset. Some items will have more points now, some will have less. Be sure to reallocate your points upon entering the game.

  • If you have an unlocked costume and you create a hero with that costume selected, the created hero will now equip that costume.

  • Lockboxes with accessories for the Abyss Lord’s default costume can now drop in-game.

  • In the first step of our Strategy Revamp, we’ve removed Lane Resistances. Learn more about our upcoming Strategy Revamp.

  • Shellium Shards are being phased out. Evolution recipies no longer require Shellium Shards. Eggs will now rot into common reagents.

  • We also simplified evolution recipes a bit, so only one tier of reagent per evolution is required.

  • You can now use Defender Medals to upgrade your gear at the Enhancement Wheel in addition to using gold.

  • The Carnival has packed up and left Dragonfall. It will be back someday! If you have leftover

  • Updated the costume shop with all of the Carnival costumes.

    • Mage of Shadows (Apprentice): 800

    • Masquerade Mage (Apprentice): 800

    • Galaxy Apprentice: 1200

    • Knight of Shadows (Squire): 800

    • Strongman Squire: 800

    • Galaxy Squire: 1200

    • Huntress of the Shadows: 800

    • Moxie Rouge (Huntress): 800

    • Galaxy Huntress: 1200

    • Monk of Shadows: 800

    • Zen Juggler (Monk): 800

    • Galaxy Monk: 1200


  • Heroes gain much more HP from the Hero Health stat. We rebalanced the amount of ‘free’ Hero Health heroes gained per level to balance this, but Items and SAS points provide substantially more HP.

  • Nightmare difficulties now give as much experience as End Game difficulties.

  • Harbinger’s Warship gives much less Defender Medals than other maps. We’re posting this now so you guys don’t have to spend time finding out!

  • Loot will now drop more evenly for all of your heroes in your Hero Deck, rather than the currently active hero.

  • Can no longer place any towers on Harbinger’s Phase 4 area.

Hero / Melee Gameplay Update

  • Reduced the speed of enemy melee attacks

    • Slower attacks give melee heroes slightly more time to interrupt them

    • Warboar, Orc, Javelin Thrower, and Drakkin melee attacks take 0.1 - 0.2s longer to animate

    • Revised Warboar and Orc damage values to keep DPS consistent

  • Increased the frequency of hero melee attacks causing knockback (interrupt)

    • Affects Monk and Squire, all weapon stances (Light/Medium/Heavy)

    • Should generally be slightly easier to consistently lockdown opponents in melee

  • Rebalanced Hero Damage for non-Huntress Base Heroes

    • Apprentice +25% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Monk +20% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Squire +7% Hero Damage Ratio

Bug Fixes

  • Severely reduced the amount of matchmaking failures and queue errors. Fixing matchmaking/server/performance issues are high on our priority list. More changes to come soon.

  • Video Player should crash less.

  • Made a change to significantly improve the issue where Green Mana on the ground would disappear if a player opened a Mana Node.

    • Now the game destroys tokens in this order:  Ability Mana, Gold Drops, Defense Mana (oldest first for each respective type).

    • So if you keep killing enemies and don't pick anything up, you'll eventually end up with the floor filled with Defense Mana (because it destroyed the other types first).

  • Fixed an issue where players joining an Onslaught match after a reward had been selected did not have a ready up or reward selector before first wave.

  • Fixed an issue where some maps would always award XP for keeping the subobjective standing even after losing them.

  • Run ‘N’ Gun Sphere is now currently listed under the Huntress, not the Squire.

  • Elemental Chaos Trap now has the same placement radius as the Explosive Trap.

  • Fixed an issue where the Frostbite Tower’s chill effect was unintendedly reducing enemy Attack Rate.

  • iPWR 231+ gear now correctly requires Hero Level 50. We swear this is the last time we’ll have to re-fix this.

  • Fixed the text tooltips on a number of consumables and pet reroll consumables.

  • Guard swing and impact sounds now play at reasonable volume levels in the taverns.

  • Flying Kobolds no longer getting stuck in the Country Home Lane Spawn location on Forest Ambush.

  • The lane wisps no longer remain during Combat Phase on Temple of the Necrotic.

  • The lightning VFX for Katkarot's Elder tier form no longer stretches and attaches to the hero's body while moving.

  • On Temple of the Necrotic, some of the barriers at the beginning of the enemy lanes now have collision.

  • Towers and Pets no longer continue attacking dead Betsy.

  • Fixed the issue where ominous scorched black areas and black cracks appeared as players loaded into the Tutorial.

  • The quest system will now inform the player if a quest/mission reward has been placed into the Scavenger.

  • G4TO Snowball pet ability projectile now properly fires.

  • The cannonball for the Uber Cannonball towers rolls across the floor instead of slides.

  • In the Heroes Marketplace, the Training Dummies in the shadows no longer have shadows.

  • Purchasing an item from the Blacksmith’s Shop or the Relics Shop no longer opens and focuses the last bag in the inventory.

  • On the Dead Road, the green lava pool near the Cemetery spawner no longer deals damage on the inner part of the ledge.

  • Speaking to any NPC in the Tavern will no longer make Training Dummies invincible.

  • Players should now be able to easily open End Game Chests on both Ramparts and Ramparts Siege.

  • Deleted old trap switch in Little-Horn Valley.

  • The shadows on items placed onto the Enhancement Wheel in the Outdoor are no longer too dark, jagged and positioned incorrectly.

  • Instantly doing damage to the Harbinger when he lands no longer keeps the cannons up. Cannons now stow properly during Build Phase.

  • Fixed the redeem success message for the Mailbox Claim button.

  • Fixed an issue where Little-Horn Valley’s minimap contained extra, unused spawn points.

  • Fixed a clipping issue in Temple of the Necrotic.

  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Strikes Aura wasn’t properly draining if the targeted enemy died upon firing.

  • Poisonous Stacks I Skill Sphere was using the Blaze Balloon skill sphere image. Now uses Poison Dart Tower image.

  • Fixed an issue where flying enemies were getting stuck on Little-Horn Valley.

  • For some reason, Skyguards were shooting at the guards and core in Throne Room. Maybe they know something we don’t…

  • Fixed an issue where having repair/upgrade/sell defense active while looking at an enemy that died would cause their HP bar to remain.

  • Fixed some issues with accessory rarity in the lockboxes.

  • Fixed a lingering magical resistance lane in Forest Crossroads NM4 Incursion.

  • Fixed a stuck flying enemy issue on Dragonfall Sewers.

  • Fixed a stuck flying enemy issue on Temple of the Necrotic.

  • The Monk’s Crystalline Twin-Blades are now purple instead of white as they should be.

  • Fixed an issue where flying lane billboards were not appearing and disappearing correctly on Temple of the Necrotic.

  • Fixed an accessory icon issue.

  • Lockbox Bugfix Pass

    • Huntress Lockbox now contains Simple Leather Dress

    • Monk Lockbox now contains Jade Fluid Harness and Barrier Harness

    • Apprentice Lockbox now contains Fancy Traveler's Hat

    • Monk Lockbox no longer contains Reaver Marking

    • Squire Lockbox no longer contains two Battle Helms


Recommended Comments

Question why did steam players get a free code for a chance to get the abyss lord or 200 defender medals but not ps4....just wondering

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  • Chromatic Games
@pagansoldier quote:

Question why did steam players get a free code for a chance to get the abyss lord or 200 defender medals but not ps4....just wondering

It's most likely because it's much easier to generate codes for the PC version.  Sony's code generation is a much more involved process where they have to approve it each time.  I'm not 100% on this, but I'm fairly certain getting codes for the PS4 stuff is harder.

In response to pagansoldier

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  • Chromatic Games
@janczo quote:

Which maps from dd1 are returning to dd2 for this moment?

Foundries and Forges is the Unholy Catacombs map.

In response to janczo

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How do you purchase the abyss lord with defender medals like where do I go I cant find the shop for him anywhere

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@A19S86R quote:

I am not able to create a new character.  I push x on the empty slot and nothing happens.  There isn't even an option  in the bottom right next to close.  I can push square to delete the non existing character but pushing x to create does nothing.

Did you go to the pause menu and then click create hero? After that look for abyss lord and try spending gems or the tokens that way?

In response to A19S86R

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Yeah if the bug fixes would ACTUALLY fix the bugs that'd be great.  Gets to the title screen aaaaaaaaaand freezes up

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@-TechNique- quote:

What button is it to quick swap heroes lol

To Quick Swap Heroes Its The L1 And R1 Button. But You Have To Press The Option Button On Your Controller Frist. In Response To -TechNique-

In response to -TechNique-

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So If i do the math right I get 25 medals for beating a nm4 map right so if I wanted to buy the abyss lord I would need to beat that map around 480 times even if I do the monthly and lets say 12 dailys I would still need to be around 300 or more maps plz someone explain y this is priced insanely hi

Link to comment

Why Is My Daily Missions Not Getting Any Progress.  One Of My Daily's Is Electric Glow. I Played For Hours To Electric Enemies. And It Stays At 17 Of 250.

Link to comment

Ohhh this update looks sick, especially the new hero. But is this update currently out or coming out soon?

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@agreen21 quote:

So If i do the math right I get 25 medals for beating a nm4 map right so if I wanted to buy the abyss lord I would need to beat that map around 480 times even if I do the monthly and lets say 12 dailys I would still need to be around 300 or more maps plz someone explain y this is priced insanely hi

Because this game is free to play, so they want people to choose between spending money, and spending time, so if they don't make you work for it, the game will implode.

In response to agreen21

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@Gwuaa Man quote:

12000 defender medals for the abyss lord gave me a stroke

medals are a different currency though. You can get like 700 medals starting off if you have 3 quests saved up.

In response to Gwuaa Man

Link to comment

When you guys gonna create a new female character? Or any black characters if that. Or maybe just focus on how jacked up the game is now that it's been updated with more bugs

Link to comment

I just came to the game a week ago and sunk a bunch of gems into buying the big pack of carnival tickets - now they are worthless? gee thx :/ would be nice if we could sell them back or something. 

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For the PS4 could you please assign the down d-pad (I believe it's not currently being used) to quickly cycle between Heroes without going into the pause menu or use (hold) L1/R1 to modify the d-pad. Thanks.

I will be posting the suggestion on the Suggestion thread PS4 as well

I would also like to report a bug: I can't get progress for igniting enemies Quests/Missions

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Game gives 99% hunter gear only whether she is in my hero deck or not. I'm tired of seeing her gear. Can't gear anyone else up because of it. Started after update.

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