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Dev Log 73: The Bling King Update




Before we begin the Dev Log proper, we’re excited to announce our next two updates for PC!  

  • June 7th:  The Bling King Update

  • Late June:  The Buried Bastille Update

The Bling King Update includes:

  • The Bling King Incursion:  The Kobold King is extorting Little-Horn Valley, and it’s up to you to meet his demands for gold or he’ll destroy the Inn!

  • New Huntress Weapon, Bling-O-Midas:  This iPWR 750 bow drops exclusively on the Bling King Incursion. This weapon slows enemies and turns them into gold! 

  • Bonus Missions: As part of our effort to increase the earn rate of Medals, Monthly Missions are becoming Bonus Missions. Get a new Bonus Mission every week. Bonus Missions are completable in 1-2 play sessions and give more Medals per playtime than our previous Monthly Missions.

  • iPWR 750 Gloves:  Similar to the Spectral Knight Incursion, an iPWR 750 loot piece will drop from the Victory Chest!

  • EV2 Medal Cost Reduction:  When the update comes out, Series EV2 will go down to 10,000 medals!

  • New Abyss Lord Costume:  The Depth Lord!

  • And other bug fixes and changes!

Learn more about The Bling King Update on our Devstream this Friday at 5PM EDT! We’ll have more details on The Buried Bastille Update soon. Stay tuned.

Also, beginning this weekend and running every weekend in June, we have a new Weekend Event:  3X Medal Weekends! Earn triple the amount of Defender Medals for every wave and match completion. This event will give more medals overall than our Mission Madness event for players who login and consistently play during the weekend.

Here’s what we’ve been working on this week:

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

The Monthly Mission is now Bonus Missions. We’re in the process of adding additional ways for you to earn larger pools of Defender Medals, and one of those is by shifting the previous Monthly Mission to a Bonus Mission. This gives us the flexibility to add these types of missions whenever we wish without irritating some antiquated calendar or the ghost of Pope Gregory the XIII. Our goal is to make these available for you once a week at a minimum and then shift them to something relevant to our current release like a new Incursion or updates to loot or enemies. We’re also shifting away from some of the more obscure requirements and back to simpler things that build up your Defender Medal pool.

Speaking of enemies, a few months ago, we challenged ourselves with trying to improve the core gameplay of Dungeon Defenders II, something we feel is way overdue, and especially now that the game is no longer just an ensemble cast of four default characters. We started by having Steve and Brett tackle this with no programming support. They developed some very interesting changes to how enemies behave, group, and a rock, paper, scissors method to some degree on how the towers work against those groups. We took this to extensive testing and soon realized that a lot more is needed to really reach our goal. The great part was with what they did, we got to play with how that would feel for many weeks and that helped us start brainstorming a LOT of areas to make the game much cooler by focusing on depth. Here’s a snapshot of one of those sessions for fun.


Right now, Dan is tackling what we can do with enemies with a deeper dive into the menagerie (be sure and read his posting below.) The long-term plan goes beyond this but know that one of our big goals internally is to improve the core gameplay to be more fun, provide more tactical options for your Hero Deck, with harder challenges and greater rewards. A game like Dungeon Defenders II must provide fuel for the player-driven goals, and those goals must be never ending. Beyond more heroes, Incursions, and UI updates, know that we are working towards big picture goals, too!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)


Did you know we had 60 enemies? Even if I remove some of the enemies we have not released yet, we still have more than 50 enemies in Dungeon Defenders II. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, I’ve taken on the Strategic Revamp. Before I came up with answers, I wanted to make an investigation across the entire game. One thing I did recently was grab every single viable enemy in DD2 and put them in a test map. When I realized we actually had that many enemies but they all feel the same to fight, the answer became clear. I then took about half of them and redesigned their functionality. As an example, if you notice in the top right section, the Dark Mages have shields around them. What if the Dark Mages have a shield that neutralizes projectiles? They spawn in the middle of a squad and protect them from your defenses. This is where melee heroes can shine by charging in and taking those Dark Mages out so your defenses can deal with them! What if the shield also disabled nearby traps and auras?

I’ve done about 30 enemy redesigns so far, and the goal is to take each enemy and give it unique characteristics and integrity. If we succeed at doing this, we will then start designing squads of enemies! Higher Nightmare difficulties will combine enemies in much more difficult and challenging ways! Each squad then poses a unique encounter and challenge, and I hope that the game starts to feel a lot more entertaining and exciting. This is still a ways away and we are still figuring out if this is what we want to do but overall it is what I’m most excited about.


I am also trying to figure out what a mage would do with a Halberd. Leave your ideas in the comments below! Look at how sad that ghost is on the right… Isn’t he sad? Must have had a hard afterlife.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

As I mentioned in my last Dev Log, I’ve been working on a thread that showcases our recent development and offers a look ahead to what’s next for the game. That post is now complete! You can check it out here.

This regularly updated post provides a look into the near-future of the game and a list of our recent updates. This is not a comprehensive roadmap but a look behind the veil into our current development. Of course, everything on it is subject and likely to change, but now there’s a one-stop shop to find out everything we’ve been talking about in our Dev Logs, Devstreams and other communication. I hope it’s helpful. If you have any feedback on this post, please let me know in the comments!

I’m also working on some forum organization to bring the conversation together. Sometime in the next week or two, we’re combining the Suggestions, Game Feedback and Looking For Group subforums into General Discussion. To be clear, we absolutely want to hear your suggestions and feedback. You’ll just share them in the General Discussion sub now. Most of our forum community visits General Discussion and stays away from the other subs, so we want your suggestions and feedback to get the most visibility possible (which is very helpful in listening to a greater portion of our community). We’re also going to make the Game and Community News sub visible on the forum homepage because I bet most of you didn’t even know that existed.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Got a solid test in on our latest Incursion. Thanks to some awesome feedback, we are making some pretty good changes to improve the experience as a whole. We are also moving forward on updating another map, and I can't wait to share the theme of this new map. :D

Brian Goodsell, Technical & VFX Artist (bgoodsell)

Finishing up the Depth Lord skin. Same old death, brand new VFX.


Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

A lot of hours have gone into PS4 since last week, and it looks like we’re going to be releasing Calling all Heroes on PS4 this coming Thursday! (Unless something awful happens.) There are some definite rough spots in the build, but rest assured that we’re already mobilizing to get an improved build out the door.

Live Team is working on weekend events and crashes. I know things have been a little crashy recently. We have a hotfix coming out on Thursday that should improve the stability of the game (hopefully) drastically. In the meantime, keep sending client logs, crash dumps (if you have them) and repro steps for crashes to supporttrendyent.com so we can get to the bottom of the major remaining issues.

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to (and successfully) fix crashes on the PS4 build that were related to UI.

Also continuing work on the Midas bow with Brian and Derek to make this thing awesome!

I’m also collaborating with Javahawk, Haddad, Phil, and others on how to improve inventory management. I think some good changes are going to be coming down the pipe real soon.  Can’t wait to dig my hands into that!

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Since the Ice level is pretty much done, we are working on a new level this week! I can't say much more at this point but we are really excited about the theme of this level. It makes me feel like drinking some "Belize Rum Punch.”

Jokes aside, I'm looking forward to share some pics in the next Dev Log!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

As already stated, we’re moving on to a new and really ‘fresh’ level. Really excited with the theme and visuals. Will have some pics for ya next week!

Oh and the level is another DD1 remake. Which one do you think?

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

I’m full swing on the Lavamancer currently. This guy is a beast and a half, and I can’t wait to see him shredding through goblins and orcs with fire and lava.  

I also find myself returning to the Gun Witch every other day to make tweaks and small changes as we build her in-engine. She has been, easily, one of my favorite things to work on in a very long time.

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead (Dani)

We’re helping work out the kinks in the latest Incursion. Whilst it’s still shaping up, the experience so far has been quite been golden. Showers of bugs have gone through in a cleaning of the house for older bugs as we anticipate the need to make room the bugs of the near future.

A big, huge thanks to my wife, Ellen. After eleven or so years, we finally tied the knot, and I just wanted to thank her for putting up with me for so long and lovingly tolerating the obscene amount of Dungeon Defenders that has invaded our living room over the past few years.


Recommended Comments

Like the sound of enemy squads. 

Coming up with their own tactics to take down the heros will be great.

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i was imagining the kobold king as a Money thrower thing when he is standing throws coins everywhere "trap coins and buff coins for his slaves and whip his kobold karrier with a Whip coin and shoots coins with a coin gun

when its defeated fall from his seat and his kobold run away

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To confirm my thoughts:

Bonus Missions: As part of our effort to increase the earn rate of Medals, Monthly Missions are becoming Bonus Missions. Get a new Bonus Mission every week. Bonus Missions are completable in 1-2 play sessions and give more Medals per playtime than our previous Monthly Missions.

Does this mean that we will have no more monthly missions and does that mean that there will be no june montly?

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Great work trendy. An insite towards thoughts within the design are great.

Cant wait to see the time when the idea becomes reality.

Love the idea of each enemy becoming unique and seeing how the squads of enemys will come at our defences.

I see a sneaky spider there better get the boot ready to squash it 😁

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Loving the the attempt to make all the enemies unique, even with unique squads! And making something like a dark mage that is immune to ranged towers is pretty cool. Though I really hope you don't make it immune to ALL towers. To me that feels kind of like the ghosts of the unholy catacomb, where I'm just running around doing a menial task for no real reason other than I have to, rather than because its challenging or interesting. Just my two cents though.

Loving the progress since the change in reigns! Keep it up!

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A mage with halberd does the "great cleaver chop" sending out lightning in all directions ... ogre-attack with magic

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Ha ha congratz on the marriage.... a wife that can put up with obscene amounts of dd is a keeper. cheers!

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As a mage, I'd magically turn it into a foam halberd and duc tape it to my staff to make me more intimidating to the enemy of course! Just like Gran Master taught me :D

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The triple medal reward is more towards people that can play on the weekend. It's also a more grind oriented event, which i believe we were trying to get away from/avoid? The mission madness was good for me because even if i work all that day, at the end or beginning of day i can quickly do all my stored dailies and still participate. This 3X rewards for just doing a map might give more but it also takes more time to get that reward out of it. We shall see either way if it works better or not. BTW weekends start on fridays soooo..... Yea.

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@FnordRaccoon quote:

Pretty sure a mage would throw the halberd into the tornado spell.

how about in a tornado with the 2nd ability so they first do a lot of damage as melee and then become ranged bcs of homing thingies

In response to FnordRaccoon

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Maybe the mage with the Halberd is the ghost of Pope Gregory XIII. And he will now hount the Trendy office forever because you messed up his calendar with your would-be-monthly missions.

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Halberd mage = spinning with it to do magic and physical dmg in a massive arcane tornado, or you know chop things with altering elemental magics on it as the combo progresses.

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