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Dev Log 71: EV2 Lands Tomorrow!

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Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

That GIF above? When Series EV2 comes out tomorrow, that'll be you. A special thanks to the RPG and RQA community groups for giving us a ton of feedback. Our team kicked ass at the 11th hour to make sure EV2 is the super fighting robot of your dreams. Can’t wait to see what you think of our newest hero!

Speaking of new heroes, the Next Hero Influence Vote is ridiculously close! As I’m writing this, the Man & Machine and the Mystic are only 150 points apart. That’s not a typo. 1-5-0. I think some crafty Defenders are trying to tie the votes. That would be extra clever of you, Team Chaos. I’m pretty sure Team Barbarian won’t let that happen when the Barb vote begins on Friday. But who knows -- maybe some Team Barb faithful like one of the new hero choices more.

On a final note, our next milestone is about to begin. The team is ramping up work on the Server Browser, finalizing the Gun Witch and making notes on how to bring the four original heroes up to par with our newest heroes. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

Brian Goodsell, Lesser Digital Guru ([[49000,users]])

That’s a wrap on Series EV2. Here, watch her explode. (Death VFX were finally applied.)


Beginning work on the Gun Witch basic attacks and making a list of the next series of bugs that need attention for the next major patch.

Currently Listening To:  “Turn the Season” by F**ked Up

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer ([[77554,users]])

The same thing we do every milestone Pinky:  try to ship on time.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

This week we are finishing up the frozen level! We need to give some more love to the background yet.



Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

Really excited about the release of the next hero! I’m finishing up the new ice level. We're having a lot of fun with the ice and snow. Hope we can develop more ice-themed maps in the future!


John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master ([[57156,users]])

Gun Witch animations are done!  For now…  

As we start building her functionality, I’ll definitely be revisiting her a few times. Iteration is key. I’ll be moving onto other things in the meantime, and keep a close eye on her development through other departments.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Excited to see EV2 get released! Hope y’all enjoy her! Now it’s meetings to gear up for the next milestone. Also, full steam ahead on the server browser.

Chris Flores, Lead QA ([[59727,users]])

Crawling to the finish line to get EV2 out in all her glory.


Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead ([[25251,users]])

A massive thanks to everyone that helped playtest and give feedback in the Remote Playtesting Group and the Remote QA teams. You fine folks made massive contributions to the state of new hero, and your ongoing help has really made an impact and been felt by everyone at Trendy.

As we approach (or stumble or crawl to) the finish line for this milestone, folks that wanted to help out with EV2 but didn’t get the chance will have a chance soon to help us out with our next hero and content. Stay tuned!

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer ([[48993,users]])

Working on a new incursion! Can you guess what map this one will be on?


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Recommended Comments

@๖ۣۜPhoenixX quote:

Give the knight His Bowling Balls!

I would suggest that the old bowling ball tower replaces the useless heavy cannonball as an uber sphere for squire. This would help your goal of making the original heroes better [[4370,users]]

In response to ๖ۣۜPhoenixX

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Wow i think i recognized the ice level...it was the broken bridge which gave it away...the fountain is replaced with an old tree though. Looks awesome, also the other pictures :)

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I'm sure the heroes will all be super fun and I know that's a big source of income so maybe that's why the focus is there but please don't focus so much on new heroes than maps hardly ever come out! I'll (and I'm sure i wouldn't be alone) pay for map packs from DD1 or new maps just as fast as I buy heroes. More maps and more modes on existing maps!!!! (mainly incursions, Onslaught etc) Give us something to use these awesome heroes on. Can't wait for EV! (And Bastille) 

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Everything sounds very good but there is only one problem though. Why does the PS4 not get any love and attention in the Dev Blog? Sure its great to hear you are trying to ship the patches on time but It would be nice if you can give us an update on the bigger picture of the game, i.e Wartable bug, text size, Why the roadmap has changed which is keeping us further away from the PC? There is so much more I can mention but I'm sure you get the idea of what I'm trying to say. Oh wait, I also forgot to mention that there is no communication between the Devs and the PS4 community and this just makes me, and probably many others sad because people are losing their sanity if you don't give them some attention now and again. Anyway, that's my structural criticism out of the way, and keep up the good work with all the updates you will be rolling out.

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Please make the monk secondary useful. I was thinking the other day that a "fa jin" sphere or legendary would be awesome. Explosive energy! Maybe more Sun Wu Kong references, too. He already uses a staff, after all.

I'm looking forward to the original heroes buff. If you all manage to give each of them 2-3 viable, desirable positions (tank, builder, waller, support, aa, etc.) we'll be set.

Keep up the great work!

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Suggestions for the existing heroes? Make their towers have more stand alone synergy. Like how the Monk Aura & huntress Geyser = stun. No spheres or passives needed. How the geyser + Monk AA = non flying knocked up & get attacked by the AA. Again, no spheres needed or passives.

Maybe do something like:

Squire Cannon Tower + Huntress Trap = Enemies fight each other for 5s 


Squire Ballista + Abyss Lord Skeleton Archer = Enemies start walking back toward their "home" for 5s.

Also, here are some ideas for the Barbarian for whenever he gets released (I posted this the other day on another thread, but since Isom is asking here it is again:

Barbarian could wield the defenses themselves!  The defense he picks up will determine his ability:


Barbarian actually fights with the tower in hand or becomes the tower himself, but a mobile version.

1 - Pickup cannonball tower = Barb now becomes a bowling ball & bowls over enemies.

2 - Pickup Squire Wall = Barb is now a moving wall & pushes enemies back with him

3 - Pickup Huntress trap = effectively becomes a kobold + could avoid dying if resists are high enough

4 - Pickup Apprentice wall = Stun enemies with each hit for 1s + Barb has slowed attack speed

5 - Pickup Blaze Balloon = Barb has slowed movement speed + Gets in a Hot Air balloon & drops fire from above + Limited movement.

6 - Pickup AL Ramster = Walking, fighting flamethrower

7 - Pickup Evie Reflect Wall = Barb is now Robot Barbarian. Gains increased resist stats + immune to projectiles. (or maybe invincible for 3s after picking up tower?)

8 - Pickup Monk SA = Barb is now the mobile version of the SA with a smaller aura & is unable to attack. Or instead becomes "Cleric Barbarian" & sends healing beams to targeted Heroes.

9 - Pickup Evie buff tower = Cleric Barb Version 2 - debuffs enemies + lower their resist stats.

Once a defense is picked up, then the defense is removed from the field (because the barbarian is using it now) & the DU used to place it is now refunded (Again, because the barbarian is now using it & not the field). If players decide to lay down another 1-2 defenses while barbarian has a defense equipped, barbarian cannot put the defense down since all the DU is used up. However, he COULD just dispose of the defense in order to pick up another defense.

When DD2 was 1st announced, one of the biggest selling points was synergy with defenses and heroes. The game seems to not have as much synergy as was boasted at the beginning. Having these Barbarian abilities would make him the ultimate synergy hero!!! :-)

iamisom, please make these things happen! You have the power!! :-)

*I do not take credit for these ideas. Ideas came from player Oitrone


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